The NEW era of iOS with iOS 9


After looking closely Apple just updated several of its applications for both IOS and OS X with the usual stability improvements and bug fixes. The latest update from Apple is iOS 9 which is far more better and improved than the previous versions of iOS. It is packed with new attractive features that makes it look refined and makes it more fascinating. For example, phone users can turn on their Bluetooth and use Enacfire future plus wireless earphones to add to their experience.

iOS 9 comes with some newly added features which have proved so useful for the people in their day to day life. What iOS 9 predominantly stands for are not only the new features, which is always the focus, but rather speed, optimization and stability this time. Apple made major changes to iOS an edition ago, completely redrawing the interface, and then adding features galore in iOS 8. While iPhone and iPad users largely welcomed the changes, some balked that Apple is losing the edge in the smooth and fluid operation of its mobile OS that it is famous for.

Powerful Built-in Apps

iOS 9 has many built-in features that not only help you in your day to day life but also make things easy or proactive before you even ask for them. The powerful built-in apps in your iOS are being designed for the important daily things you use for every day like mail, messages, web browsing, maps, making notes, and so much more. iOS 9 comes with a power-packed key enhancements to several of these apps, and introduces a brand-new one that will change how you experience news.

News made interesting

iOS 9 comes with a new news app in your iOS which collects all the latest news, the top read news based on topics you’re most interested in – so you no longer need to wander from app to app to stay informed. News also combines the rich and immersive design letting you enjoy precisely penned articles just how the publisher intended. Also enjoy news enriched with photos and videos to make the writing more interesting and engaging. Select the topics that interest you and bookmark them, so that you don’t have to search and read your news interest with just one click.

Note app made worthy

The notes app in iOS has always been important to make a checklist or to just write down something you need. iOS 9 has made the note app more noteworthy by allowing you to create a checklist of your to-dos along with a picture or a map or URL if necessary. You can even draw a sketch with your finger in the notes app which makes it more interesting. And thanks to iCloud, all the latest changes made by you to your notes will be updated across all your devices and on So you’ll always stay updated with your latest notes in hand.

Split it

The long-rumored split-screen multitasking is finally a dream come true, but Apple has a completely different approach on it than, Samsung on Android phablets or smart phones. The split section is evoked with a simple swipe from the side, called Slide over, and you can scroll simultaneously in the two apps, opened at the same time, or do four-finger gestures to switch between apps in each window.

Smart Siri

Siri is now more intelligent and smart, so you can ask things like “Remind me to gift Jennifer on her birthday or search a particular photo or a video for me,” because Siri knows exactly what you want.

Proactive Assistant

Apple is introducing something called Proactive Assistant, which can start playing your tracks in the morning, knowing that you usually workout at that time, as soon as you plug the headphones, and the player will appear on your lock screen. You can ask it to search for some notes, and it can show you your photos, for instant, at your request.

Apple Wallet

Now you can use Apple Pay to make purchases with your Discover card or store credit cards, like Kohl’s Charge or JCPenney Credit Card. Add reward cards, like Dunkin’ Donuts DD Perks, Walgreens Balance Rewards, and MyPanera, to your Wallet app and receive and redeem rewards using Apple Pay.

Improved installation & battery life

Moreover the free storage needed to install the new iOS update has considerably reduced making it convenient for all the iOS users. Also, the battery life and power consumptions have been improved. Moreover, standby and other power consumption optimizations bring over an hour of battery life extra from your iPhone, while a new low-power mode will add up to three hours extra.