The Captain of all OS X till date EL CAPITAN

The Captain of all OS X till date EL CAPITAN


The Captain of all OS X till date- EL CAPITAN

In last year’s OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Apple included major features such as Continuity, which allows for better cross-device app use, better iCloud syncing, improved Spotlight search and also more streamlined user interface. Yesterday, with the new OS X 10.11 you can expect better multitasking, Web surfing and even improved graphics support and faster performance. Here are all the most interesting and improved features coming to Apple’s next update to OS X, version 10.11 El Capitan.

Featuring Spotlight

Spotlight makes it easy to find any stuff you need with the help of natural language. So if you require anything, just type it the way you said it in your own natural language and it will be shown in no time. On top of it, the spotlight is more flexible which means you can resize it anytime to anywhere on the desktop. How cool!!

Smart Safari

All of us have some websites that we use on a daily basis. Now El Capitan with its best browser has added some new tools for surfing which will make internet surfing more easy and versatile. You can just pin the websites that you use regularly or more often and then you don’t have to navigate every now and then. Just click on the pinned sites and here you go.

With too many sites open at the same time, it can also be tedious to find that one tab on your browser blasting you with sound. But now, with your latest updated browser Safari, you will get to know which tab is making noise, so you can find it and turn down (or off) the volume.

Improved Note

El Capitan has made the note app additional noteworthy by permitting you to form a listing of your to-dos alongside an image or a map or address if necessary. You’ll be able to even draw a sketch along with your finger within the notes app that makes it additional attention-grabbing. And due to iCloud, all the newest changes created by you to your notes are going to be updated across all of your devices and on Therefore you’ll continually keep updated along with your latest notes in hand.


New options for Mail embody the flexibility to possess multiple tabs open once composing emails, or drag and drop pictures from alternative messages and into your current message. Apple has also introduced some more new gesture support to Mail, therefore deleting or archiving associate degree email is as simple as a swipe on the track pad.

Split Screen

When you have lots of apps open, it is to a small degree troublesome to keep things organized. With El Capitan, you’ll be able to drag apps to the highest of Mission control to form them into a full screen. You’ll be able to additionally drag different apps onto existing full-screen apps to form a “Split View” mode that mechanically adjusts the apps to suit on your desktop.

High Graphic

The graphics API that debuted with iOS 8 is now coming to OS X, offering what Apple claims is 50 percent faster rendering while using 40 percent less CPU power. Metal also boasts improved battery life and increased performance for games, photo & video editing apps, and casino apps such as mega888 918kissmalaysiaapp. All these apps depend on high end graphics, visuals, and smooth performance in order to deliver an excellent experience to Apple device users. To demonstrate this performance, Apple demoed Epic Games’ multiplayer Fortnite game, which runs Unreal Engine and uses Metal to reach high frame rates even on computers with only integrated graphics solutions. Team this with the increased speed and multitasking functions and it makes the ideal platform for multiplayer online battle arenas. Just visit to try this out for yourself with League of Legends.

There are also a number of smaller improvements in El Capitan, such as making the mouse cursor larger upon wake up so that it’s easier to find. But the best thing about El Capitan? It will be available as a free update later this fall.

Overall, OS X El Capitan looks like it will make life much easier for Mac owners.