Social Media Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Online Sales

Social Media Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Online Sales


For any company that looks at increasing its sales revenue, the online world has always been a land of opportunity for them. It is essential that companies have a social media strategy on par these days. It is not okay to go forward with a meager budget and some vague list of goals.

The social media market has now been very saturated with many brands that try and reach out to customers. One in every 10 purchases that have been influenced by social media, you cannot afford to risk losing business by having a poor social media presence or none at all.

In this article, we are going to discuss with you how you can effectively use Social Media Marketing Strategies to spark and ignite your social media presence for your brand and increase your sales opportunities by multiple folds.

1. You should focus on your audience’s favorite platform:

There have been many platforms nowadays: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and many more. There have been hundreds of online social platforms that you can choose from. So how you can use your time effectively to craft a social media strategy that works for you. The viable answer is no, you don’t.

The trick for all these platforms is that you need to find the platform that has the highest concentration of audience and then you use your content marketing strategy as well as targeted advertising for these channels. According to studies, it is rightly affirmed that it is better to use one or two best platforms that work best for your digital media strategies than to use five or six in the hope that it will work out.

2. You need to create a compelling identity:

You need to use social media feed such that it can identify your brand’s presence.

By constantly interacting with your audience and providing them with content to chew on, you will be able to increase your brand’s presence over time. You can use your social media feed simply as a place to humanize your business. You need to interact with your customers in a way that best fits your overall brand image. Start conversations, make jokes, share many breaking news stories that easily align with your set core values, and let your colours speak about you. Most of all do not be scared or intimidated to woo the wrong customers away.

You can also use promotional services for sites such as Instagram, Spotify or YouTube that help you grow your following naturally. If you are interested in this method, then you can read more on The Small Business Blog here.

3. Publish exceptional content:

Another Social Media Marketing Strategies is to publish exceptional content. Good e-commerce marketers should be concerned about producing good and quality content that manages to stand out in 2020. So what does exceptional content look like? For starters, it cannot be a highly targeted ad with a “Buy Now” call to action. This might get you a few sales numbers, but exceptional content is able to warrant a bookmark for a return visit or a share. Instead of ads or product pictures. Consider sharing more useful content like product demonstration videos, as well as gift ideas on Instagram. You should also consider that regardless of the type of post, you want to get optimum engagement. Sometimes you might need a little boost to get the reaction you like, so you could choose to buy automatic Instagram likes. This could therefore increase the amount of organic likes you’re getting, so that those gift idea posts are as popular as can be! Also, sharing your posts gradually throughout the day or week by using an instagram scheduler could be a good idea to not overload the audience with your content but give them little bursts, which would be enough to keep them interested.

4. Don’t Be Tool Crazy:

The number of tools that can be used to formulate digital marketing strategies has reached about 3500 in 2016 compared to 150 just 8 years ago. It has now been important to manage your social media feed and use them for mentions but with more than 3500 marketing tools that are available now, all looking to grab your attention and competing to become your GO TO tool. It is easy to muddy up your website with too many tools. You need to be selective and stick to tools that improve your customer experience as well as your life.

5. Retarget your Satisfied Customers

The best leads that you have are from those who have had a positive experience from using your products. Use your favorite CRM tool to analyze customer buying behavior. YOu can send them reminders about their interesting products. You can also retarget customers who left your store without buying any product. Use social media in order to tempt them back to your website with products that get them interested, to alert them about a product that they found useful goes on sale.

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6. Use messaging apps for providing great customer support:

If you are not using messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Messenger, for your social media marketing then you are missing out on a big opportunity to connect with your customers in real-time. At the moment businesses are finding these apps very useful for providing 24/7 customer support. Messaging apps have been found to be prolific and are widely used today. Over 2 billion active users monthly and these numbers are consistently increasing. Soon messaging apps will become much more essential like electricity, needed for everything we do in our lives.

7. Get Familiarized with chatbots and AI:

Studies have proven that using chatbots to interact with customers has now become a favorite of all companies. Humans now prefer to interact with a chatbot in order to get their product issues solved. Chatbot also now have been highly efficient in helping out a customer who have problems with products or services.

How do you use AI depends on your business but you should not invest in them just for the sake of following a trend. Think of common needs that customers could have such as finding prices and comparing products and build a bot to serve these customers needs. Make sure that you build a bot that is backed up by solid customer research

8. Showcase your customers and employees on social media:

If your company is filled with employees who have a genuine interest and love your brand then employee social advocacy has now been a powerful piece of social proof. A bunch of enthusiastic employees who speak to customers and talking about your brand is a great form of maintaining connections. You should engage customers with your brand by posting their experiences with your products on social media. As this can serve as a powerful testimonial in promoting your brand and spreading awareness.

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So there you have some of the Social Media Marketing Strategies. Indeed having a robust and determined social media plan always works to get sales for the company’s products and services. Using these techniques you can gain valuable sales for your products and services. If you liked our article then do check out our other blogs as well.