Simple Steps to Hire Developer from Nimap Infotech

Simple Steps to Hire Developer from Nimap Infotech


To begin with, hiring a specialized team of developers is an excellent answer for large-scale, long-term projects, which is why, many businesses globally choose this form of collaboration for their Mobile App Development. Therefore, in this blog, we have tried to mention all the comprehensive Steps to Hire Developer and more!

At Nimap Infotech, we provide a specialized team approach that takes into account the demands of each client. 

Moreover, this blog will walk you through the whole process of why to Hire Developers from Nimap Infotech & Steps to Hire Developer

To begin with, as an IT-based company, we have developers working on more than 30 technologies and which several years of experience. We have a lot of Developer in various technologies, including Android, iOS, Swift, Kotlin, AR, React Native, Flutter as well as Xamarin, Ionic, Front End, AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS

We also have a fulfledge team of MEAN, MERN, Back End, PHP, Laravel, Asp .Net, Java, Python, Flask, NodeJS, RoR, Golang, Django, CodeIgniter, Software Tester, VAPT Tester, Automation Tester, Meteor, WordPress, Javascript, UI UX Designer and HTML5, etc.

However, hiring a developer is a rapid and cost-effective solution to finish your projects in less time. When trying to Hire a mobile app development team, it’s crucial to search for Developers with the following critical abilities and technical talents.


Here are some of the soft skills a developer must instil:


  • Good communication skills:

Check communication skills is one of the vital steps to hire a developer. Communicating in a Developer team is critical therefore, to ensure that each employee can express their thoughts and information effectively and accurately to both technical and non-technical individuals. A project will not be able to realize its full potential unless this is done.


  • Team player:

To begin with, the ability to work well with our team is a desirable trait in any job. However, communication is essential throughout the project to guarantee that it is completed effectively, clearly, and accurately. It is also critical for the individual to have solid working relationships with other employees and teams inside the company. Developers, for example, are frequently expected to connect with Marketing or eCommerce departments. 

So, whether one wants to Hire a team of Developers or just one, the ability to operate within a team is something to look for.

  • Capable of operating individually:

While collaborating with a Team of Developers and other staff is essential, the ability to work productively independently is also required. Both experienced and entry-level Developers must be self-assured enough to take the initiative and pursue work on their own. Hiring a developer with autonomy and a proactive approach will boost your company’s production.

The Advantages of Hiring Nimap:


  • Our Developer Ability or Ideal Team Size/ Bench Size:

Our bench strength exceeds 300+ developers, which is neither too little nor too large to overwhelm but is ideal for your project’s requirements.

  • Reasonably priced:

We never take shortcuts and consistently deliver the best of our developers in any technology, who are dedicated to keeping things honest and process-driven at an inexpensive price that is 67% less expensive than the market.

  • Experts Working on Your Time Zone:

We offer resources with expertise working in a number of areas that are not bound by time zones.

Unparalleled quality

With our significant technological skills, we therefore provide high-quality projects while adhering to worldwide standards.

Here are a few services we Nimap Offer


  • 400+ Developers on Board:

To push the envelope, our objective is to provide cutting-edge materials inspired by creativity, enthusiasm, and innovation.


  • TaaS:

Using our widely regarded Team-as-a-Service approach. Further you can construct your devoted dream team in only 3 days. Hence We provide On-Demand Resources to kick-start your project and providing 100% customer satisfaction.


  • RaaS:

We supply our clients with top-tier developers as well as other resources through our Resource as a Service approach. Hire within one hour, with flexibility in work. Leading local and international companies to rely on our recognized resources.


Team of Mobile App Developers

Get dedicated developers and developers teams to handle all of your mobile app development needs at exceptionally low charges and work accordingly to your time zones, and receive the most excellent professional skills.


Team of Web Developers 

Our professional Web Developers staff is outsourced to a pool of highly competent, dedicated applicants. Hire passionate, knowledgeable web developers on an hourly or full-time basis with established hours and high quality work.


Why Choose Nimap?

By reading all the pointers below, you will find by Nimap is the best choice for developing your projects. 


Pointers Freelancers Competitors Why Nimap
Onboarding Time Hire Within a week Hire Within 2-3 days Hire Within 24 hours(1h)
Cost of Project Lowest cost Average Cost Reasonably Low Cost
Project Guaranteed Completion No Guarantee Depends on Expertise Guaranteed Reliable Expertise
Developer Backing out Support No Guarantee Overhead for newer developer onboarding Guaranteed Developer Support
Dedicated PM Not available Depends on Project Size and Preferences Provided Dedicated Project Manager
Flexible Contracts — (No flexible Contracts) No Flexible Contracts Flexible Contracts
Management Level  Difficult to manage May or May Not (Depends on Company) Guaranteed Customer Centric Approach.
Client Side Work OnSite —- (Not applicable because Work From Home) May or May Not (Depends on Company) Flexible for Client Side Work (OnSite)
Project Completion Support Depends on Developer Preferences May or May Not (Depends on Company) Guaranteed Project Support after Completion
Project Time Longest Variable Guaranteed Lowest Time


Resources for Domain Experts

  • Insurance and Healthcare
  • Finance and banking
  • Telecommunications and information technology
  • Government eCommerce and Logistics


How long do you require the Developers?

The length of time you need to engage Developers relies mainly on the scope of the project or projects you have planned.


Long-term development initiatives:

If you are recruiting for a series of large as well as continuing projects and require to Hire a Developer for an extended length of time, it may be worth exploring a 3-month temp-to-perm placement.


Hence, this will assist in ensuring that the individual is a good fit for the work before they complete their probation term and become a full-time employee. You may learn more about how things function on our to hire a well experienced and skilled developer.


Hiring Developers for Quick Projects:

Do you have a one-time Mobile App Development project that requires extra help for a year or two? or, Maybe you need to employ Developers for your startup. Moreover, Are you looking to Hire Developer who has the experience, and is specialized expertise to grow your business by starting an application in the tech savy and Digital world for your Mobile App Development? 

Hence, hiring on a short-term contract may be pretty advantageous, for Nimap Infotech. Therefore, hiring a team or single developers may benefit both sides; the top Developers for hire as well as for, who are ambitious and determined, are even frequently on the lookout for their next employment opportunity.


Here are Simple Steps to Hire Developer from Nimap:


1. Screening:

The initial and significant thing we do is provide you a list of all the developers with profiles who can be useful for your company operations. We hire developers by assessing them for experience and knowledge. Therefore, we conduct extensive examinations to gain an understanding of candidates’ knowledge and experience. After the adequate screening, we place them on the bench, because to assign tasks as it is necessary.


2. Assignment:

When a customer’s needs are presented to us, here we send highly competent developers to work on them. And therefore, we collect requirements for all projects and further the are being allocated to begin their work.

You have a wide selection of developers from whom to choose to handle your project. Every project is assigned a project manager who will oversee the project’s progress and provide you with frequent updates on its development.


3. Development: 

Development on your project has begun, and periodic updates keep you updated.


4. Demo: 

After completing the project, we will furthermore present you with a functioning demonstration of your product.


5. Handover and Training: 

We will be handing you on the entire project, we will teach your existing employees how to use it, according to your NDA requirements.


6. Create your own Tech Evaluation Interview:

We understand that finding the top talent may be difficult, moreover clients can schedule a brief tech-evaluation interview with one of our skilled and knowledgeable developers. We have streamlined the whole recruiting and review process to make it as easy as well as flexible, and convenient for you as possible. Hire our bench developer candidates who you believe are ideal for the rest of your project’s requirements. We always value our client’s feedback.


Conclusion- Steps to Hire Developer: 

With our Experience in Assisting in Hire Developers, hence we have brought together over a thousand and a half developers professionals across various technologies.


We specialize in giving your developments all the primary benefits required for your business, hereby we promise that no matter how tightly focused the project is or how sophisticated the technologies utilized in it are and we will identify professionals for you and manage work amongst them to produce the best possible outcome.


Here are some helpful hints for Hiring a NodeJS Developer for your company. Moreover, these pointers will help you find the best developers for you. Hire Angular JS Developer in any software language to help you develop your website and make your business more profitable. 


We suggest you not struggle more and be intimidated to Hire Developer from us today. That’s where Nimap Infotech comes in and we’ve got the best resources for you to Hire Developer at a low cost to startups and businesses. Hence don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team regarding your needs, further, we will get back to you as soon as possible.