Python vs Javascript

Python vs JavaScript


Firstly, Python is an interpreted high-level programming language with dynamic semantics and object-oriented programming designed to be easy to read and implement. It is a scripting language like Perl/ruby and used for creating web applications too. Java-Script is an object-oriented programming language which allows you to create dynamic web pages and got standardized in ECMA Script language specification. Java-Script supports different programming paradigm as object-oriented, functional, and imperative programming but not procedural programming.


Python has long been a programming language that is used for various kind of statistical applications and uses. It has a simple English like syntax that is helpful for developers and programmers to create simple and complex web applications. The Python programming language supports various upcoming technologies such as Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. Many technological companies such as netflix, alibaba, and others have used python in their product bases.

The python programming language is simple as well as easy to learn. Many beginner or novice programmers find it easy because of the simple english like syntax statements that python makes use of. This language has attained a definite maturity and the applications that it supports is huge. Many applications are created on top of the python programming language due to the sheer number of support that it offers.

What is Python?

Particularly, Python supports different programming paradigm as object-oriented programming, functional programming, imperative programming, and procedural programming. It came up with huge built-in modules and packages. It allows programmers to use different program styles for simple and complex programs.  now we will discuss the Python vs Javascript.

What is Java-Script?

Secondly, Java-Script is an object-oriented programming language. It is highly used in browsers to provide dynamic functionality which we cannot achieve through normal HTML and CSS. It has support for standard applications with text, regular expressions, and dates.

JavaScript has long being used as one of the languages that is used to provide interactivity and responsiveness in websites and web applications. It was created with a sole purpose of allowing and facilitating validation of user input for the web programming languages such as HTML, CSS. Nowadays there are many frameworks that are written and developed using the JavaScript as the base language. Many technologies such as Angular, React and others have developed using JavaScript as their base language.

Javascript also provides an exhaustive and detailed documentation for programmers and developers to use.

Lets us start with the comparison: Python vs JavaScript


Direct Comparison




There is the concept of REPL(Read-evaluate-print-loop). We get it with the installation of Python.` JavaScript does not support REPL directly. But we can perform REPL by installing Node.JS.
Python has mutable and immutable data types JavaScript does not support mutable and immutable data types
In Python, the source code is ASCII by default, unless we specify any encoding format JavaScript is encoded as UTF-16 with no support for manipulating raw bytes
In Python we have different numeric data types such as int, float, fixed point decimal, etc. JavaScript has only floating point numbers.
Python has in-built hash tables called dictionaries, sets, etc which can be used in hashing providing keys and values. JavaScript has no built-in support for hash tables.
Python uses class based inheritance model JavaScript uses prototype based inheritance model
Python makes use of indentation JavaScript makes use of curly brackets
Python will raise an exception, if a function is called with invalid arguments JavaScript does not care if function is called with invalid arguments, extra arguments gets passed as special arguments.
Python has two similar data types, list and tuple. Pythons list and JavaScripts array are quite similar. JavaScript has inbuilt array type.
Python allows to define an attribute using descriptor protocol, where we can use getter, setter functions. JavaScript objects has properties which can be composed of underlying attributes and it lets you define a property.
Python calles itself a batteries included language as it comes with a wide range of modules JavaScript comes with very few modules, and it has the functionality available through the host environment.



Key Differences between Python and JavaScript

In summary, lets us see some of the points that shows the Differences Between Python vs JavaScript

  • Python is strongly typed – no implicit conversion between types whereas JavaScript is weakly typed.
  • The synchronous and blocking code is standard in JavaScript whereas python as de-facto as default.
  • JavaScript can be used to run on frontend whereas python is on server side programming or backend.
  • Python has procedural programming whereas Java-Script does not have.
  • Java-Script has; as statement terminator whereas python has a newline.
  • is a better-designed language which makes it easy to maintain whereas JavaScript is poor.
  • is not good for mobile development whereas Java-Script is good.
  • Python is slow to run comparatively to JavaScript.
  • provides huge standard library whereas JavaScript has a limited standard library.
  • heavily relies on assignment with no difference between variable and assignment whereas JavaScript doesn’t relay.
  • has many libraries for scientific computing, data analytics, and machine learning whereas JavaScript does not.


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  • Python has support for many numeral data types like int, float, fixed-point decimal whereas Java-Script mainly works on floating point variables.
  • Python has inbuilt REPL whereas JavaScript does not have.
  • JavaScript runs on both browser and server whereas python is mostly used for server-side programming.
  • Python is easy to get started comparatively to JavaScript.
  • The Python language is easy to find new jobs comparatively to JavaScript in this year.
  • Python object-based is nearly equal to JavaScript and python supports programming style which uses simple functions and variables.
  • JavaScript is most complex modern programming language comparatively to python.
  • Python and JavaScript both use a lexical scope with small differences.
  • Python has a Self-argument as the first argument for each method whereas JavaScript has accessed the object using “this”.
  • Unlike JavaScript, python does not have a way to inherit from instances.
  • Python is good if we do data analytics, machine learning or math-intensive operations whereas JavaScript is good for building a website or native applications as it took less time for UI work.


Python VS JavaScript- Comparison


JavasScript has been around for about more than 20 years now, and Python has been around for more than 25 years

Javascript has been preferred when it comes to web development and enhancement, while Python is a general-purpose language that is suited for any task.

Python can be used for data science and machine learning applications, while there are many frameworks that utilize JavaScript

Python has a simple and clean syntax that resembles the English-like language statements. JavaScript uses object notation and the . element is much favorable to JavaScript

There are both many libraries and tools that have been developed utilizing these two languages. Python a full fledged platform whereas JavaScript is a scripting language.

JavaScript provides now both front end and backend development. There are various tool available now to support backend development.

JavaScript can be used for a wide variety of web programming and designing tasks that make the web a better place.

Python can be used for numerous purposes as it is a general programming language. This language also supports Object oriented programming and development.



Python can be used for a variety of different purposes, while JavaScript can be used for all round web development due to it numerous tools and frameworks.


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