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Progressive Web App (PWA) – Ideas and Importance


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What Is Progressive Web App?



Progressive web apps are websites with all information and abilities to provide you an app like feels.

Firstly, The progressive web apps are those apps that do not require any native technologies to drive it. Particularly, These progressive web apps are driven using HTML and CSS as well as JavaScript and are rendered in the mobile web browser of your smartphone.

Using modern web technology it delivers you an app-like experience while using your browser. Therefore you may call it a browser-based application with alternatives to native mobile apps.

These progressive web apps are known to provide all the features and functionality of native apps, as they run inside a web browser.

Progressive web applications will run like regular web pages or websites but will provide you all the user functionalities that are available only on the native applications. The benefits as well as the advantages that are offered and can be used for modern-day apps are immense.



One of the major benefits that is provided by progressive web apps is that you do not require to download and install an app as required by native apps. Some times it happens that the performance provided by progressive web apps is superior compared to native apps or hybrid apps.


The benefit Progressive web applications provide is that, without downloading any mobile app user is able to access all the information that is available.


Progressive web apps also successfully play a highly beneficial role in your business. Increasing your page visits and session lengths it gives many advantages to increase your business.


Some of the other major advantages progressive web apps provide are:


  • Takes less loading time
  • Push Notifications
  • High Performance
  • Uses less data
  • More Reliable
Advantages of Progressive web app ideas
Advantages of Progressive web app ideas


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Why Build Progressive Web Apps?


Progressive Web Applications solved many problems of application developers. Along with reliability, fast responsive nature, and immersive user experience it earned many web platforms advantages.


The occurrence of Progressive Web Applications supported web applications with many extra smart features. Including push notifications, add to home screen and many more without giving up the reach of the web.


Using this web app developers create applications on which users can work offline and store all their information. Not only shows potential for a new wave of non-mobile applications but they compete with mobile apps on a large scale.


Progressive Web Apps Ideas

Here are some of the ideas that are employed by different companies, these ideas can be re implemented and used as required.


flipkart progressive web app

One of India’s largest e-commerce sites updated its mobile site to a progressive web app called Flipkart Lite. if you are popularly running your business globally around the world inconsistent connection is a very common problem you will face. To provide a solution to this thing Flipkart provided its solution under the name Flipkart lite.

With suboptimal connectivity, Flipkart reached its success and was never again got interrupted by lost connections.


We all know and are aware of what Flipkart is and does, By implementing its basic functionality into a light progressive web app, Flipkart is able to provide a seamless experience to all its users within India. It competes with the major likes of Amazon and Snapdeal.

Combining the best of both the web and Flipkart’s native app, it provided fast and streamlined experiences to mobile users. With less data usage it provided the business higher rates of conversions.


Twitter Lite

Twitter Lite Web Progressive App

A new Twitter Lite app has been released in 2017 to improve the previous mobile web experiences. Since many of its users were located in conditions where network connections are low and poor. Twitter wanted to improve mobile web experiences by making it more fast and engaging.


Adding PWA features it made Twitter Lite more fast, reliable, and easy to access the app. Generating more than millions of push notifications it massively increased its engagement by allowing users to add the progressive web app to their home screens.




The AliExpress website is a popular e-commerce progressive web app owned by Alibaba Group. When they brought selling their e-commerce products online they faced lot many issues.

However, they tried to convert the non-app users into app users. But it didn’t work out well for them and their website failed to deliver the experience they wanted on mobile.



After this, they entered into the progressive web app and received huge success by improving the overall performance of their website.





BookMyShow is another best example of progressive web app idea of booking tickets online in all over India. With the help of this user can book the tickets for any event without taking the burden of going their personally for booking.


Presence of mobile phones making each work so easy helped people drive their work easily without consuming much data. After replacing their mobile site its progressive web app idea highly increased their conversion rates.

Solving all their problems it gained maximum profit without becoming a burden on memory capabilities.



starbucks Progressive Web App

By launching a new PWA ordering system on web Starbucks allowed customers easy access to their site. With the help of this users can browse the menu, customize their order and add anything in their carts. Giving a similar experience of the native app it even has the capability of running it offline. Once the user is online they can locate their place, exact pricing of all the order and can deliver at their place.


Online progressive helped Starbucks in gaining a vast number of customers. Making it easier for the customers to browse the menu and order even when your internet connection is not so good.

Strengthening the name of its brand using progressive web app idea it started providing highly fast and responsive performance.

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From the above-given examples, you can clearly see how the performance of the web app plays a huge role. Higher the performance of your web app the more progressively it works. Progressive web app ideas set high standards for web app developers. Belonging to various categories it helps you upgrade it by recreating your site as PWA.


Hope this blog helps you understand what progressive web app is and what impact it creates on your business growth. We at Nimap Infotech (one of the leading outsourcing software development company) outsources the best mobile and web app, developers. For any queries relating to development solutions contact us.