Positive and Negative Aspects of Node.js

Positive and Negative Aspects of Node.js Web App Development


Firstly, with each technology stack invented for programming and development. It goes hand in hand with solving real time problems of the user. In this article, we will discuss the Positive and Negative Aspects of Node.js. Why should you use it for building realtime web applications and web programs? Secondly, it is great to recognize the true potential of node js as it helps developers build awesome web applications with all of its features and functions.

Positive Aspects of NodeJS



This is a fact that Node JS applications scale with ease and without any hurdles. This is for applications written using nodejs that are able to provide high performance throughput. That goes with each server or infrastructure added. Developers find it very easy to scale the applications by utilising and inputting nodes for both the vertical and horizontal directions. The applications are subject to scale by adding nodes in the vertical direction to the existing system. Moreover, node js also provides you the ability to add any additional nodes to any existing system that you already have in place. Node JS infrastructure is able to provide better capabilities when compared to any other JavaScript based system framework. When scalability is under the question, there is no other language or framework that comes even close to the performance and handling offered by NodeJS application. If a company wants to scale their node js applications, then they can do so by the addition of nodes or infrastructure in their environment very easily. They can scale up their demanding applications depending on their required workloads and traffic demands.

Easy to Master and learn

Because JavaScript is a popular language among developers and programmers. The majority of the front end developers already have a good understanding and grasp over it. This makes it easy for developers to start and implement the use of node js in their backends. The concepts of node js are easy to understand and developers can start using these implementations right away. Node JS has been a very user friendly and a beginner friendly framework that any novice or beginner can get used to. There are several tutorials and learning tools on the internet that any beginner can use and gain mastery over in just a little amount of time. Of course it takes many years of practice to become a professional or an expert. But that is the case with every programming framework or language. Isn’t it?

Single Language Multiple uses

Node JS offers the flexibility to developers to use the language for both the server side applications as well as the client side applications. So this means that there is just a single language. This is to manage both the front end and the back end aspects of programming using NodeJS. Because of this feature, developers do not have to use any other server side language to manage the programming tasks. This need is sufficient to handle both aspects. As we have mentioned node js is able to take care of both the client and the server application infrastructure and therefore helps to use a single tool to manage them all.

The advantage of using FullStack JS

Node js has now been accepted and recognized as the Full Stack language that is able to handle both client and server side applications. Because of this, it eliminates the need for you to hire separate developers for managing client side and server side applications. It enables you to save valuable resources such as time and money. When a full stack developer uses node js, they are at the advantage of performing at the highest level due to the features and functionalities that are offered by the framework.

High Performance Throughput

NodeJS utilizes the V8 engine to interpret JavaScript code. This engine is able to compile JavaScript code directly to machine code. This makes it faster as well as easier to manage the code in an effective manner. The execution speed of the code is also handled gracefully using nonblocking I/O operations. This is enhanced by the runtime environment. The V8 engine under the hood is chromes most powerful engine that supports high performance throughput.

Full Community Support

Node JS has an active community that is large and active and is very eager to help developers and programmers solve their Node js issues that they face during their implementations. The community actively contributes towards further development activities for NodeJS. This is an active community that helps even the most sluggish issues that can cause frustration to any node js developer.

Caching Advantage

The environment provided by NodeJS is open source and enables developers to cache their code directly into the applications memory. This enables faster execution of code as there is no need to recompile the code. This also allows applications to load the web pages faster and provide high performance responsiveness to the end-user.


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Negative Aspects of Node JS


No stable API available

One of the major problems that is faced by developers is that the API of NodeJS keeps on changing. Therefore there is no availability of a stable API for use by developers. When a new API appears, there are many incompatible changes made to it, therefore developers are forced to alter or change their code to maintain stable operations to their applications.

No strong Library support system

JavaScript has long been not having a stable and an exhaustive library support system. Thus this makes it complex and difficult for programmers to implement common tasks using NodeJS.

Asynchronous Programming Model

Many developers find the asynchronous programming model to be ineffective at some tasks. Developers find it more difficult to implement tasks compared to the blocking I/O model.


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We have shared with you both the Positive and Negative Aspects of Node.js. Now you are in a better position to decide if NodeJS is going to be apt for your next project. If you have a need to hire NodeJS developers then contact us at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com with your requirements.