Overview (PHP vs HTML5)

When it comes to web technologies, it has been evident that there is a development spectrum going on. With each upcoming technology, the problems that it solves and the advantages that it brings to the table is big. Technologies are meant to function by replacement of older, more obsolete or legacy technologies that was unable to solve the common painpoints faced by developers and programmers. With each technology, there comes a time when these technologies are easily outpaced and superseded with newer technologies. There also is a time when some legacy technologies keeps carrying on with the development. Here we are going to discuss and debate about two technologies. These technologies have been in synchronization with each other and have lead to newer technologies being coming out because of these two.

We are going to discuss about PHP and HTML5. You see PHP and HTML5 work together, PHP is a server-side scripting language while HTML5 is a browser-based markup language. In order to serve home pages or HTML files, the server needs a scripting language, this is where PHP comes in. Let us understand how this works, when you get on the internet, you browse web pages. How do these web pages comes to you.

This is because of the browser interacting with the various web servers that it is connected to. When you type something in the browser, it sends a request to the server, the server interprets the request and provides back HTML pages, these pages are then rendered by the browser and then displayed on the users screen. This way, web servers around the world communicate and serve pages to the millions of browsers running on the users machines.

  • Recently there has been a boom in the web development spectrum. There has been the invention of many web development technologies.
  • There have been various server-side technological inventions to support and adopt server-side programming.
  • Both front-end and back-end development are possible nowadays and each supports many different features. Each technology comes with its own pros and cons. This is the deciding factor when choosing a particular programming language.
  • When choosing a particular technology, we have to keep in mind if the tech is able to fit our needs and solves a particular programming problem.


What is PHP?


PHP stands for Personalized Home Pages. (now known as Hypertext Preprocessor)  This is a server-side web programming language. PHP is used to create server-side programming for providing web pages to clients (browsers). It supports an open-source programming framework developed mainly for designing server-side programming logic.

It is a coding standard that has been used by most web developers.

Think of Web Development as a car, PHP being the engine of the car that facilitates server programming capabilities and HTML being the tire wheels to accelerate the car and provide motion to it.


PHP supports modern web development. Therefore, hire PHP developers for your modern web app development.

PHP is the backbone of many different frameworks and Content management systems. The most popular content management systems run on PHP. WordPress is built on top of PHP which comprises of about 70% of websites of the world. Modern frameworks run and is coded using the PHP scripting language that helps power the majority of the world wide web.

PHP runs on servers or a php based server that interprets and understands PHP and renders HTML. The processing of PHP scripts is done on the server. There are many PHP servers that can be used as a server. Majorly it is LAMP or linux apache, mysql and php that is most commonly used. There is also XAMP or XML, apache, mysql and php that is also used.

The most common notable thing about PHP is that it is fast in performance, easy to learn and understand as well as easy to code and implement. Therefore it should be no problem for any programmers or developers to use and include PHP in their development projects specially for any kind of server-side applications.


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What is HTML5?

HTML stands for Hypertext markup language and this is the language that is understood by browsers. The browsers are used to navigate and render as well as display html pages to the user who is using the internet.

HTML is the language that is used to display and format information. It is a markup language that is specially used to give proper structure as well as format to information that is displayed on web pages. Browsers are able to easily understand and render pages that use HTML. And with the newest version of HTML that is HTML5 being released, this comes with many more features and is compatible with older versions of HTML. This means that HTML5-based browsers will be able to display pages that use older HTML2 or even HTML3 pages.

HTML5 is the newest revision to HTML markup language. 

HTML5 brings the following types of new tags:

  • Videos that can be used to display videos inside web pages,
  • Figures which can be used to display visual content like images or photographs, diagrams, illustrations, code snippets, etc.,
  • Nav elements work similar to ordered or unordered lists that can be used to link to parts of the web page or can be linked to other web pages,
  • Section tags that can be grouped into particular sections
  • The header tag can be used to provide introductory elements to web pages such as logos, navigation or a form to be searched for.
  • The footer tag can be used to provide social media links, copyright information or additional site navigation items.


Let’s compare both the languages (PHP vs HTML5)/ Difference Between PHP and HTML:

PHP vs html5



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We have seen the differences between the PHP vs HTML5 technologies.

In general sense, PHP and HTML are the most widely used languages as far as web programming is concerned.

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