Outsource remote IT Assistance- or you business

Outsource Remote IT assistance for your Business


In the days of the pandemic, it becomes essential for organizations to allow their employees to work from home. This is because they believe that no loss of work should happen that will cause the revenue to drop. In such cases, organizations should look forward to working from home where the daily work is not affected and causes results to be shown as per the organization’s expectations.

With organizations looking to sustain their work amidst the lockdown that has been imposed by the Modi Government for the safeguarding of the citizens. It is essential that work is still carried on by these organizations. There are many organizations looking to develop an app or a service for their daily work schedules. In order for the work to be carried out smoothly, it becomes essential that organizations look forward to outsourcing their work requirements to the IT industry. In situations like these, organizations like Nimap Infotech come to the rescue of these small and medium scale businesses, we can help you with our remote assistance

 Why Hire from Nimap?

Nimap is India’s best IT outsourcing organization that provides developers to be outsourced according to the IT requirements of many different organizations. Whatever be your requirement to develop an app or a service. Nimap is able to fulfill and garner as well as provide high-quality results that meet and exceed your expectations.

If you have any requirements of developing an app or software, or provide technical assistance to any product or enhance the product code or software, Nimap is there to help you to fulfill your requirements and make you stand out from the rest.

With talented developers that have skilled technical expertise for any software product or project. Nimap helps you to achieve what many others many think is impossible in this time of pandemic crisis. And that too with the aid of talent and experienced developers that Nimap has.


Nimap is able to provide you with the following services as per your needs:

And many more


Remote assistance is crucial at this point in time because many companies depend on it to carry out their work structure. If you require any remote working assistance, then our skilled technicians can help you with that. Thereby enabling you to work safely, efficiently and comfortably.


If you are looking for any kind of IT development, you have come to the right place. Contact us now and avail our range of IT services in this lockdown period. This will keep your work sustained in these times of need. Contact us at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com. And experience the difference.

Nimap Hiring Model

  • Screening:

The first and foremost thing done by us is to give you a profile list of all the developers that can add value to your business projects. We select developers by screening them for their expertise and know-how. We take exhaustive tests that provide us an idea about the know-how of candidates and their expertise. After proper screening is done, we put them on the bench to allocate projects as and when the need occurs.

  • Assignment:

As and when the customer requirements come forward to us, we assign our highly skilled developers to depend on the requirements. We take requirements for all projects and assign them as well as start work on them. You can choose from a wide range of developers that you want your project to be handled from. Every project gets a project manager who will overlook the project progress and give you timely updates on the project development progress.


  • Development:

Development initiated for your project and timely updates keep you informed.

  • Demo:

After the completion of the project, we provide you with a working demonstration of your project to you.

  • Handover and Training:

We provide you the entire handover according to NDA requirements from your side, as well as train your existing people on how you should go about using your new project.


Benefits of Hiring From Nimap:

Zero Developer Back out policy: We guarantee that our developers will stay with you on your project facing all challenges that come across them. Customer success is pivotal and important for us and hence we take care to execute and develop your project form start to end.

Industry-leading costs: You can hire developers from Nimap Infotech at the best cost associated for it. We guarantee  you the best costs for any developer you wish to hire for your project needs and requirements.


Outsourcing Advantages:

The business case for re-appropriating changes by circumstance, however the advantages of rethinking frequently incorporate at least one of the accompanying

  • lower costs (because of economies of scale or lower work rates)
  • expanded productivity
  • variable limit
  • expanded center around technique/center abilities
  • admittance to abilities or assets
  • expanded adaptability to meet changing business and business conditions
  • sped up opportunity to showcase
  • lower continuous interest in inside foundation
  • admittance to development, protected innovation, and thought initiative
  • conceivable money inundation coming about because of move of resources for the new supplier


A portion of the dangers of Outsoucing include:

  • more slow completion time
  • absence of business or area information
  • language and social boundaries
  • time region contrasts
  • absence of control

Advantages of Outsourcing:

Zero in on Core Activities

The administrative center activities of an organization will quite often extend during times of fast development. This extension can tie up your human and monetary assets to the detriment of the center exercises that made your organization effective in the first place.

For instance, suppose your organization handles a huge agreement that will essentially expand the volume of buying in a brief timeframe. By outsourcing buying liabilities, you let loose faculty to zero in on the actual agreement.

Keep up with Lower Costs

Some of the time the cost of buying hardware or requiring another area can be restrictive. In these cases, it’s more savvy to rethink than to grow activities internally.

Assuming the development of your business brings about an expanded requirement for office space, have a go at rethinking basic tasks, for example, selling or information section rather than moving to another area. It could cost undeniably not exactly the cost of growing, and it is both more effective and more affordable than migrating.


Advance Growth

The upward expenses of certain activities are very high, however you should offer them to fulfill clients, grow your plan of action, or contend in the commercial center. Outsourcing can be a decent choice if the expense of growing to deal with those activities yourself is excessively costly, would produce excessively lengthy to results, or would make failures in your plan of action


Keep up with Operational Control

Tasks with increasing expenses ought to considered for rethink. Divisions that could have advanced over the long haul into uncontrolled and ineffectively oversaw regions are great up-and-comers. A rethinking organization can regularly carry better administration abilities to your organization than what might somehow or another be accessible without huge restructuring.3

For instance, suppose your IT division has such a large number of tasks, insufficient individuals, and a financial plan that far surpasses its commitment to your association. An outsourcing concurrence with an IT worker for hire will drive the executives to focus on their solicitations, managing ventures and spending back.

Offer Staffing Flexibility

Oursourcing permits tasks or offices that have recurrent requests to acquire extra assets when they’re vital. The rethinking organization can then be delivered when things delayed down once more, keeping an organization’s adaptability


Give Continuity and Risk Management

Times of high representative turnover can add vulnerability and irregularity to a business. Outsourcing gives a degree of coherence to the organization while lessening the gamble that an unsatisfactory degree of activity could bring, much over a brief time of time.


Foster Internal Staff

An enormous task can require abilities that your staff doesn’t possess. On hand Outsouring, where you get project workers to work at your own area. You can furnish with individuals who have what it takes you really want while your kin work alongside them to gain another range of abilities


Step by step instructions to Get the Most From Outsourcing

Organizations regularly contemplate rethinking absolutely as far as cost investment funds, however re-appropriating can accomplish something other than lower costs. As your business develops, re-appropriating can be a method for advancing advancement, disturb your industry, and access new ranges of abilities that reposition your organization in the market.4

While thinking about how outsourcing can assist you with developing, don’t restrict yourself to taking a gander at the expense of employing outside workers for hire as opposed to taking care of an undertaking with your present staff. Zero in on the worth a project worker’s aptitude adds to your organization. Whether through extending creation, promoting your organization all the more broadly, or disturbing the manner in which your industry carries on with work, reevaluating can give an open door to you to develop, develop, and transcend the opposition.


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