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What are the new trends in mobile development application


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A Mobile developer is a professional who is focused on developing software or system for mobile devices. Overall, the Internet of things is considered to be one of the game-changing technologies in the world of mobile application development.

Here are 11 Mobile Application Development Trends That Will Rule in 2019.

1. Soaring Blockchain Technology

Despite having transparency in market research, the blockchain technology market is anticipated to hit the $20 billion mark by 2024. This signifies that the trend is likely to make headlines in 2019 as a mobile application set to capitalize on the decentralized currency platform. You can gain Erfahrungen mit BitQT or similar apps already which might help you for when this technology becomes mainstream. Cryptocurrencies leverage this emerging technology and trading apps are attempting to make it easier for anyone to become involved with such currencies, like Bitcoin, regardless of their nationality or language – Log in bij de Bitcoin Revolution – be it Dutch or otherwise.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machinery

Weak Artificial Intelligence is also known as narrow artificial intelligence is an artificial intelligence system that is designed and trained for a particular task. Virtual personal assistants such as Apple, are a form of weak Artificial Intelligence, also known as general artificial intelligence is an artificial intelligence system with generalized human cognitive abilities.

3. A surge of On-demand Apps.

Currently, there are bigwigs such as Uber and Taxi that have gained a lot of popularity thanks to the on-demand apps. According to Appinventiv, the on-demand platform has reached $106.83 million by 2017. That’s not all tech analysts project that this trend will be soaring in the coming years.

4. Integration of Wearable Apps-

In 2018, sectors such as medical facilities have made use of wearables apps on day to day basis. For instance, the app has been used to get the vitals including heart rate and blood sugar levels in patients.

5. Chatbots-

In 2019, chatbots will highly take over various communication aspects in the mobile app world. Part of this is attributed to the need to have a real-time interaction between the service providers and customers. That is why chatbots are anticipated to tackle this issue.

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6. Internet Of things-

If you look around major industries in the market, you will realize that the internet of things is already making its way to the operations. The popularity of this platform is fostered by the capacity to interlink various aspects of an organization.

7. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality-

The beauty with such applications is that they make the experience more interactive. This is given the estimations shared by Statistics indicating that the market will be at $209 billion in 2022.

8. Introduction of Instant Apps-

The other con spacious aspect of these apps is that they will be able to expand the user base.

9. Mobile Payments Service-

The banking platform will not be left behind, especially when it comes to mobile application development. That is why you will come across more mobile payment options in the coming year 2019.

The growth of e-commerce and other digital services will necessitate the bank to make payment methods are more convenient. The beauty of such an application is that the end-users will be saved the trouble of visiting the banking halls to get the money.

10. More cloud Storage Platform-

As stated earlier, there will be a significant increase in mobile applications. This is increment possesses a challenge especially when it comes to the storage space. Come 2019, cloud storage is anticipated to become more popular to curb this hence. Moreover, cloud services will make it easier for you to accumulate more data in your business. It is also likely that the security measures and management will be made easy here.

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11. Enhancement of App Security-

As the number of mobile application increase in the market, app developers will be boosting the security feature. In the recent past, there have been cases where apps have been manipulated by hackers. This has adversely attributed to the losses incurred by companies and mistrust among users. Additionally, global companies will be looking forward to minimizing such incidences as it soils reputation. Of course, these added security measures onto various platforms might block certain media or content from being available, meaning consumers might have to research into a website like so they are able to get around various geographical blocks made by their ISP’s or the application developer.

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