9 Big Mistakes Start-ups Make While Hiring An App Development Firm

9 Big Mistakes Start-ups Make While Hiring An App Development Firm


The success of any startup firm not only depends on the right product but also depends on the mechanism of its advertising be it digital or traditional as well as its reachability to its people. Many of these startups depend on the power of smartphones as well as its apps in order to boost its internal and external operations. You should hire a mobile app developer for the job. However, there are some mistakes that startups do when they hire an app development firm for developing the app. Avoid some mistakes in choosing the right app development firm for your work.


Here are some valuable tips for you:


1. Interviewing a single company or organization:

When you are planning for an app development company, you need to gather contact information for a couple of them.  Contacting a single company and assigning the job to them could easily land you in making a loss, in terms of making money and time that is lost, if your made-up choice was wrong. Talking to a group of people who understand what you want and have relevant experience in doing a similar job could land you your preferred company when you aim to develop an application.


2. Your developer knows nothing about your present business:

An over-enthusiastic startup firm can easily make the mistake of hiring someone who knows nothing about your current business. If such an organization makes your app, it might easily end up being the wrong product. Do not hire a firm or a company that makes marketing websites or digital brochures. You need to look for a company that makes customized products.


3. No proper understanding of requirements:

Some firms or companies want to take your project even without the proper understanding you need from the app. If the firm is in a hurry to sign the contract, then you need to stay away from it. No professional developer will take your project without understanding the project in detail with all its ins and outs from you. Have an elaborate discussion with your designer about how you want your app to look like and what are the results do you expect from it which helps in the creation of the right tool for your business.


4. A gap in communication resulting in no proper communication:

It has always been better to talk to a technical person that has reasonable communication skills while discussing your requirements. Interacting with a non-technical staff that represents the firm would never work. The miscommunication might easily result in a loss of time and money. This is especially if you hire an overseas company to do the job for you. You need to look for a local mobile application development firm that offers app development services.


5. Keep your communication lines open:

As the head of a startup, you need to be able to keep a track of ongoing, and that too even at an application developer’s office. Not caring to communicate after assigning the work is done is a really big mistake that most people make. Ensure that the development firm informs you at every stage of app development so that you are able to make any necessary changes that you need. Modifying the app after its completion can easily lead to a loss of valuable time and effort.


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6. Shortlisting a firm that offers a low price:

Quite often businesses make the mistake of choosing or selecting a firm on the basis of the proposed cost. Hiring cheap and affordable developers is not the same as hiring the most professional ones. It is a well known and accepted fact that you have to pay for getting quality.


7. Hiring a costly firm:

Hiring a business that has proposed the highest price is also not the right decision. There are many other expenses that you should be able to take care of, in a startup. Why do you need to spend a huge amount on hiring an app developer? You need to stick to your budget when retaining a development firm.


8. Get a quote:

After an initial discussion with a few companies, ask them in order to provide you with a quote for doing the job. A company that offers a fixed cost is a sign that it does not has the relevant experience working on complex projects. A custom professional applications company provides you with an approximate cost, as customization of the app during the process of its creation, can increase its total value in the future, as the development progresses.


9. Find a technical advisor that can help you:

If you do not have a person with the app development knowledge in your team, you need to seek advice from a technical person with the know-how. A technical advisor helps you find the right app developers and will be able to advise you regarding the right cost and time that such work will require. If you are a first timer, then you will not know what is normal in the development process. Not taking expert advice can lead to choosing a firm that offers to do the job at a lower price and lesser time, but can suffer in quality in the long run.


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Every company that wants to develop an app for its business operations should keep a note of the above points. There can be some blunders that might happen if the firm does not take note of these points. If you’re looking to hire mobile app developers then do contact us with your requirements at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com. We have the most talented and experienced seasoned developers ready to onboard your app development project and help you out.