Micro Apps Are The New Kids On The App Development Block


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The world of apps is now a huge ocean of digital programs. Here app development has mostly delivered end-to-end functionality and a holistic experience. This concept stems from enterprise software legacy that businesses were always used to. These legacy software solutions focus on ‘completeness’ of an entire function or process. Apps were till now the mobile counterpart of such desktop/laptop applications.

Such apps take a lot of time to plan, design, develop and deliver. At times, the dynamically changing requirements may actually lose their relevance. This can happen when the app for the problem at hand is delivered too late. Also, app development is a time-consuming and costly affair in such a case.

Move over and make place for a new avatar – the micro app! If you are thinking of engaging with a mobile application development company in India, read this. Look for one that allows you to hire android programmers with experience of micro app development.

What is a micro app?

A micro app is essentially a target oriented application. It aims to deliver a specific functionality to a limited set of users. It is a great strategy for businesses for their mobility plans. It allows users to engage in a small role-based interaction. It also performs the relevant task, gives the output, and exits the interaction.

These mean that micro apps are very efficient and very small software programs. These are like the desktop utilities that assisted system administrators to indicate specific report. For instance, the free memory or disk capacity at a given time is a report.

The world of micro apps can enthuse a fresh energy when you want to hire Android programmers. These developers have the skill to bring out a micro app in a very short span for you.

The micro app can be ready in such a short time due to a host of support tools available in the market. These tools aim to improve efficiency, quality, and productivity of android application development companies. This is possible due to the availability of cloud-based application development tools. Such virtual environments are high on functionalities and low on cost. Thus, micro apps can be built quickly and are not too expensive.

How can it fit into an organizations strategy?

An enterprise should perhaps break a standard standalone application use-case into smaller target based micro app. Each micros app can address different types of users with different types of services. When one wants to hire android developers for a micro app, one must ask if they have experience in using these tools.

Rapid Mobile App Development is a technique that uses code-free application development for mobiles.  Many RMAD tools are now available as friendly GUI web-based models. This means that developers need not have deep technical knowledge. Rather, a deeper understanding of the app design and expected behaviour is needed. It is more important to focus on UX rather than pure coding experience.

Micro apps are best suited for internal staff as well as target customers. On-demand data is the growing ask of employees and end-users. Micro apps are thus the best quick wins that can help enterprises to tap into single purpose solutions. They can address specific problems by digging into their back-end systems, applying limited intelligence and replying back with the desired information. It has far-reaching benefits into higher employee and customer satisfaction levels. This is an underlying but important factor that builds trust and thus stronger relationships.