Why is MERN Stack the Best Platform for Startups Apps

Why is MERN Stack the Best Platform for Startups Apps?


Firstly, there are many web technologies that help you capable enough to help you develop your project. When it comes to web technologies, there are multiple options that you can choose from. Web development and support is a very diverse field that supports many technologies and capabilities. These provide developers and programmers with the necessary tools and techniques needed to code web applications.

Secondly, when it comes to web development, developers can tweak and choose the technologies that depend on their functionalities.  Web development itself is a diverse and huge field that supports numerous technologies. These technologies are what drives the modern web development spectrum.

If you are a company owner and are looking to take up a web project then you must keep some things in mind. Particularly when the question is about web development, it is essential to know that technologies must be a compatible combination to be successful. Success matters when compatibility is necessary. You can not go and choose just any technology randomly. Careful decision and brainstorming shall be necessary to decide a particular technology.

What is a Stack?

Firstly, you may ask then what are the favourable technologies when it comes to web development. The answer to this question is that you need to ascertain what your web development requirements are. What kind of application you are going to design? What will be the features of that application? How it will help the general public solve the problem that they are finding?

In short, you need to choose a particular stack for web development. A stack is a collection of technologies that work seamlessly and in combination with each other. Particularly, A stack comprises front end technology, backend technology, server admin technology and database technology. Therefore, all of these technologies compliment each other and provide the perfect working environment that suits web development.

In Conclusion, A technology stack decides what will be the inherit features and functions that your application can use. This decides what your application will be capable of doing. Choosing a particular stack is just half the job done. It comes to deciding and developing the features and functions that you should matter about.  Particularly, a technology stack comprises of components that provide an all round development environment. It supports and runs on a major language. Subsequently, it defines and provides you with an all-round environment necessary to support and enhance web development.

Why MERN Stack should be used?- MERN Stack for Startups Apps


1. Open Source technologies

Firstly, the MERN stack is based on open-source technologies. This means that there are no expensive licensing fees or yearly subscriptions to be looked after. The technologies are easy and compliment each other. There is no other technology that is built for web programming and development that eases the work of developers and designers to such an extent. Therefore, it is essential that you use and implement an open source technology so that in the long run you are at ease.

2. One language support

MERN stack supports one language only for its use, and that is JavaScript. Any programmer or developer who has little to no experience in javascript can use this language pretty easily. When you only have one language to deal with, it becomes easy to program and use the said technologies for web development and web designing. JavaScript used for both the front end and the back end applications as well. Therefore it becomes seamless and easy to manage and use this combination of technologies.

3. Provides all round development

MERN stack can be easily used for all round development. This comprises of both the front end technology development as well as the back end technology development. Due to this nature, it provides 360 degree round development capabilities to manage and develop web applications. Developers and programmers can easily manage and develop applications using this wonderful platform, it helps them to ease their tasks better and easier. All round development will be a fundamental principle therefore people prefer stacks for web development and designing purposes.

4. Great Community support

As MERN stack is an open source community, you get unprecedented and unmatched support options from this excellent community of like-minded developers and designers. You can use the forums for asking any kind of development related questions and issues. Whatever your questions are, they reply back instantly. Using the wonderful forums you can ensure that you do your best when it comes to development and designing using the MERN web development stack easily and efficiently.

5. Supported By Facebook

The technology that we are talking about in this technology stack is ReactJS. As we know that React was developed by Facebook, the leading social media giant. You can expect to have regular security updates as well as improvements delivered to you via updates pretty easily and efficiently.  When you get regular updates you can ensure that you application runs smoothly and easily and is able to meet the requirements and satisfy the need of users easily.


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6. Cost effective for development

MERN stack being cost effective for web development, you can use it easily. Therefore it means that you can invest minimum cost to develop applications using the MERN stack. This means that you only need a single developer to build applications using the MERN stack. You do not need a separate developer for the front end and another developer for the back end. You time and energy are saved as the single developer can manage to do both the development tasks using MERN stack.

7. Build Flexible and scalable applications

MERN stack enables developers to build flexible and scalable applications. Using the combination of technologies and the functionalities that are provided, developers can build high performance applications. Flexibility and scalability are the true nature of MERN stack applications that are provided right into the development spectrum. Your applications that are built using the MERN stack are high performance applications that can handle huge amounts of traffic and serve the need and purpose successfully and easily.

8. Support for Cloud Infrastructure

MERN stack supports the latest infrastructure and is capable to run on cloud infrastructure as well. This enables them to function 24/7 without having any kind of down time or unavailability. The true nature of MERN stack applications is that it is built to support cloud infrastructure from the ground up. Therefore there should be no issues for you to set up and use cloud infrastructure to run MERN stack applications.

9. MVC architecture

MERN stack is built from the ground up to utilize and support MVC architecture. This means that the business logic and the view and presentation logic are separated from each other when coding applications. This architecture enables high performance applications. And are supported using this architecture. As we know that many tools support MVC architecture, the benefits that MVC brings to MERN stack are just innumerable.

10. Easy to learn and master

MERN stack is easy to learn and master. Even for a novice or inexperienced programmers, the technology is pretty easy to learn and gain knowledge from. Therefore anyone having little to no experience in JavaScript can learn and master the technology and use it for their programming and development applications.


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So you see the benefits of using the MERN stack for startup applications are huge in number. If you are looking for a MERN stack developer or looking to Hire Stack developer then do contact us at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com with your requirements.