MERN Stack Development Advantages for your Web Application

MERN Stack Development Advantages for your Web Application


Firstly, when you choose a technology stack, it depends on what your requirements are and how are you going to suffice using the application under MERN Stack Development.  Technology stacks make it possible for developers and programmers to do all-round development. When I talk about all-round development, I mean that developers are able to create the GUI or the graphical user interfaces, link it with a database, create the back-end application and run it under a high-performance platform that helps deliver scalability. Secondly, when you choose a technology stack, you get to work under the different components in such a way that they coordinate with each other in perfect harmony and simplicity.

When you choose a stack like MERN, you get to work with Mongo DB, Express, React, and NodeJS technology tools. Nowadays there has been the concept of development of various stacks but MEAN and MERN are the two technology stacks that have been more than 5 years old and have had enough time to become stable and mature. These popular stacks help in all-around development that comprises the creation of web applications and websites that work in sync with one another.

What is a STACK?

A typical definition for a technology stack would be a collection of components that facilitate all-round development efforts. A technology stack can include one or more components that can help to create a front end, a back end, a database to manage and handle the application’s data, and a platform for which the application runs. Typically the most popular stacks that are around are MEAN and MERN. The notable difference in these technology stacks comes down to one thing. That is one is with angular and the other is with React.

Tech giants support both Angular and React, utilizing them for designing single-page applications and web applications, as they are equally good technologies. Google has provided support for Angular and Facebook has provided support for React.


MERN Stack Development

Let us look at the various components that MERN Stack Development uses namely, MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, and NodeJS


Mongo DB is an exceptional database tool. It stores data in document format, and it employs the usage of JSON or javascript-based object notation in order to fetch and display as well as manage data. The database is also able to provide support for arrays and nested objects. Now the question is that when we already have databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc, why do we need to use Mongo DB, so let’s find the answer to this question.

Most databases fail when data cannot be represented in the form of a table, such as entity objects, fields, or image data. This is where MongoDB comes in. Mongo DB is able to store data in as is the format. The issue with relational databases is that they store similar data in tables, accessing and relating these tables via the primary key and entity keys. This makes accessing the data a bit slow and can result in a loss of performance when it comes to high-speed accessibility. Hence, people use MongoDB.


Features and benefits:

  • Stores data in the document-oriented format
  • Makes use of a single master that provides replication support
  • Built-in support for sharding is provided.
  • This means that data is going to spread around several replicated clusters.
  • The driver support is very wide in nature, Mongo DB provides drivers for every language that is in use
  • Employs and provides horizontal scalability in order to balance the growing load of modern applications
  • is scalable, flexible and robust when it comes to managing databases.



This is a server-side framework that is useful for the development of web and mobile applications. This is extremely useful when development is about the creation of single-page, multi-page, and hybrid mobile as well as web apps.



  • Easy to configure as well as customise.
  • It allows you to define different types of routes for your web application that are based on HTTP methods and URLs.
  • Provides two templating engines, Jade and EJS, which enable and manage the flow of data into the website structure
  • Includes various middleware modules and components that developers can make use of in order to perform additional tasks on request and its corresponding response.
  • developers can define an error-handling middleware.
  • You can use it to create a REST API server.
  • Easy to connect and make use of databases such as MongoDB.


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This is the most popular front-end JavaScript library. The company is renowned for its efficient and user-friendly interfaces for web and mobile applications. It provides and makes use of an open-source library that has a component-based approach. In an MVC or a model view controller architecture, this provides a VIEW layer.



  • Easy to learn and use, it is very beginner friendly thereby making the concepts very clear and easy to understand.
  • Components are the fundamental building blocks of any technology stack, and you can create them once and reuse them in multiple applications.
  • It allows for the faster and more efficient creation of web applications that incorporate high-performance characteristics.
  • You can use it for both web application development and mobile application development.
  • React being a library provides you with different development tools.
  • Developers are free to choose and pick from various library tools to facilitate function in their applications.




NodeJS is a server-side programming and development framework. It provides excellent scalable features that are high-performance in nature. Whatever your application demands, nodejs is able to fulfil that requirement very easily.



  • Highly scalable in nature
  • provides high performance in web and mobile application
  • provides an environment for hosting web and mobile applications
  • is open source in nature
  • has an ever-helping community.
  • has a thorough documentation.


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So we have discussed the various individual benefits of MERN Stack Development. We hope you found this information useful. If you would like to hire MERN developers then do contact us at or at with your requirements. We provide you with the best experienced and seasoned developers ready to onboard your project and help you in your development efforts.