Why MEAN is the best technology stack for web development today

Why MEAN is the best technology stack for web development?


Eveytime a business owner selects a particular technology, it is to drive business forward and achieve success. This should be the same thing that you need to do when selecting a particular technology. Firstly, it should be the advantages that you get when you select a technology. This should be all that matters now when you plan to use tech for development or coding purposes. The benefits that you get should always be able to outweigh disadvantages or shortcomings of that particular technoloby.

When selecting a particular stack for development, its overall popularity and the benefits that it provides and gives need to be considered. However many times we do the mistake that we select a tech depending on what it provides and not on the requirements factor. This should be avoided as it can cause problems later on.

Let us see what advantages we can get when we choose MEAN stack for web development.


MEAN stack Benefits or Advantages:


1) Ease of Coding and creation

The main advantage of utilising MEAN stack is it provides the facility of isomorphic coding. This means that it is easy for developers and programmers to create code using the framework. It means that code can easily talk to various frameworks in use and communication is seamless for data processing.

Because of this it leads to an increased level of productivity and efficiency when it comes to creation of code that generates the applications. It also provides an efficient way to manage and facilitates the code’s operations easily. This leads to better performance as all of the application layers are able to talk to each other. They communicate in the form of JSON, that is JavaScript Object Notation format.

Development is not what it seems to be. It can be easy tasks to do also. Therefore to maintain its effectiveness in the applications that is creates.  You need to ease your process of coding and development. This is exactly what MEAN stack aims to achieve and has achieved it successfully.

2) Vivid Flexibility

When developers use MEAN stack, it facilitates the development of cloud applications with much ease and flexibility. Developers can test the various functionality of the applications with extreme ease and convenient flexibility. The platform facilitates the developers to build, test as well as introduce applications to the masses in an error free and hassle free manner.

Further it is extremely easy for the developers to make any kind of changes to the application. Such as adding a field or a text box to the application. It becomes very easy for developers to add extra information once a permanent field is added to a particular form in the application. The MongoDB database allows and provides full cluster support for the applications. It also provides automatic replication of various databases.

Developers working on MEAN stack has the flexibility to work on all parts of the application. The application business logic is controlled solely by the developer. This is because you will have the developer to work on any part of the application. This makes MEAN stack very flexible and adoptive in nature.

3) Cost Effectiveness

When you compare it with other technology stacks or frameworks, you will come to know that MEAN is extremely cost effective and versatile. This is because when you are building an application using MEAN developers, you will require very few developer compared to any other technology stacks.

As the developers are all round and MEAN encourages proficiency for developer, thus it becomes easy to manage and deal with a handful of developers instead of managing and dealing with many developer for a single application. This tend to increase the overall effectiveness of the development efforts that the developers put in.

As the developer is well versed in the field of MEAN stack development, you need fewer developers to work on project. Thereby cutting costs to literally by 50%. This is what you get when you use MEAN stack development.

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4) High Speed and Reusability

When it comes to developing MEAN stack applications, the development time is significantly less compared to any other technology stacks. The interaction of MongoDB, Angular and other technologies are very seamless and effective, as they encourage speedy development through the concept of reusability. This is because all the templates are already built in due to the use of Angular and developers can implement and use the templates without significant overhead of performance to the application.

5) Vibrant and ever helpful community

The MEAN stack because it is developed under open source standards, there is an ever helpful community of budding and experienced developers and programmers. This community is ready to help solve the queries and issues of developers. They help them to develop awesome applications that enable various features and functionality for the applications. The forums boast an active community of developers.  These are the developers who can solve issues by other developers and help them in their development efforts. Whatever be your query or issue that you face.  You are bound to get a resolution within 24 hours of posting your doubt or query online in the forums and chat groups.

6) Open Source Nature

Compared to other technologies, MEAN stack is open source. This means that there is no expensive licenses or subscriptions needed to use this wonderful technology stack. It is open and free for use by all programmers and developers looking to create applications.  Whatever be what you are trying to achieve, in your application, you will always find it a helpful and pleasant endeavour in your effort of developing applications using the MEAN stack technology.


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So you see that we have listed the various reasons why MEAN is rising in popularity so quickly. If you are looking to hire MEAN stack developers or hire mean developer then do contact us at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com with your requirements. We have talented and seasoned developer looking to onboard your project.  To help you in your development efforts to create an awesome application.

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