Logistics And Transportation App Development Cost

How Much Does A Logistics And Transportation App Development Cost?


We have traveled and witnessed an arduent journey. We have seen a long journey, haven’t we?

From standing in long queues to register and just to send a parcel to doing so with a click on our smartphone’s screen. And from the logistics operators’ point of view, they are saved from the pain of monitoring all the logistics and transportation operations – all the time.

It’s all about having a result-focused approach. This is because of the fusion of the transportation as well as logistics industry that works within the mobile app development domain.

How do these mobile applications and technological developments are able to perform a multitude of tasks single-handedly and efficiently? What are the features that make them so great?

Well, this is something we will dive in deep and speak about here.

Don’t get anxious, since I know what you are here for – the most-awaited answer to “how much does it cost to develop an on-demand logistics ( or management) app?” But before we dive straight into the answer, how about a little detour?

Let’s back up to gain a little perspective on the current condition as well as the market scenario and analyze how beneficial It is going to be for you if you blend in demand services for transportation of materials and logistics app development.


Understanding the costs and having a deeper idea about how the costs should be bifurcated, is essentially that happens for the development of the application. It will allow the business and organizations to move towards to have a digital solution. The changes in technology are something essential and one of the best advancements available happening in the modern era. Learning about the costs is also important and crucial for the Transportation app development company.

Due to an increase in demand for digital solutions based on cutting-edge technology, each business industry domain and Mobile app development company is looking forward to an opportunity to do the right investment. Make sure that you are at the correct place for doing investments to get the desired benefits. The digital solution will always help you get the results you want. As well as help the digital platform to get monetizing benefits as it will increase your profits. You should collect information and assess the scenario about the transportation app development cost for any kind of logistics development of the digital application.


What is on-demand transportation and logistics app?

The on-demand delivery and shipping automation will depend on real-time workability and allocation of the technology. It is the best resource that is available based on the customer proximity, distance, as well as the required delivery time and parameters. There are abundant features available that create the application for logistics management into an interesting and amazing one. It will help the users and customers to schedule and track a courier or parcel shipment in real time using the mobile phone. Depending on the type as well as the number of features, on-demand logistics provides a lot of benefits for the users in order to know about transportation app development costs.

Here are a few of the essential features for the app that can help you:

  • Ability to track the vehicle location
  • There should be no space for any kind of errors and mistakes
  • It is zero paperwork
  • Real-time updates are available and accessible using on-demand transport logistic app development
  • Better warehousing services along with inventory management and fleet management
  • Complete flexibility to optimize and find the best routes and delivery schedules for Transportation app development companies in India
  • Ensures efficient and  optimally functioning logistics services available at affordable and low costs
  • Post-delivery confirmation along with realtime delivery tracking application
  • Online booking available for real-time services of logistics application

Thus, these are the core features of the application that any logistics app company development need to understand for estimating the cost. Understanding the features and functions is essential to learn in detail about the on-demand transportation logistics application.


Transport and logistics industry market statistics

“It’s all about numbers”

I have always found numbers as the most convincing and satisfying factor in business. And the logistics domain and vertical possesses some promising ones as well.

According to MarketWatch, the global logistics market is predicted to outgrow by $287.1 million between the years 2020 and 2024. This is equivalent to increasing the approximate CAGR by 5%. In fact, the year-over-year growth rate for 2020 is projected at 4.13% by the end of the forecast period. Moreover, this CAGR is predicted and considered to be one of the highest ones during 2019-2023.

In a report by Transparency Market Research, they mentioned that the logistics industry and domain vertical is expected to be worth $15.5 trillion net value by the year 2023 – something that indicates the efforts and paints the future of on-demand logistics app development in a better way.

Moreover, upon analyzing the transport and logistics industry statistics, I found that logistics/trucking bears the highest market share of 35%.

Types of mobile apps for logistics companies


1. Fleet Management:

This type of logistics application addresses and caters for recording the data and information related to vehicles and fleets deployments. As a result, these apps for logistics must help the company in organizing, managing and coordinating vehicles from the central information system in order to maintain and keep the overall fleet operations hassle-free without any problems and running smoothly. Applications that come into this domain are also known to reduce costs, boost performance while providing full compliance with government regulations.

2. Logistics on-demand:

Applications that fall under this category provide details about goods delivery as per the users’ requirements and needs. These apps not only fulfill users’ requirements instantly but also help in building connections.

3. Warehouse mobile apps:

Warehouse mobile apps are designed to store large data related to the products in the inventory stored in the warehouse. It does this in a simplified way to make it easy to access any data at any time.

4. Tracking and forwarding applications:

These applications target and deliver information that is related to real-time routes and delivery of goods and products. This means that it also displays drivers’ location along with the status of route completion which is a rather prominent feature.


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What does the Logistics app development cost?

As I had mentioned above, the ultimate and total final cost of app development relies on the factors related to the on-demand logistics app development cost estimation process of the application.

Along with an answer in digits, let us see a detailed account of the factors that add to the final cost.


  • Backend and frontend development:

The choices you make for the development of Backend and frontend development will play a pivotal role in determining the cost of your logistics application. In order to be more specific, it all depends on your choice of logistics app design layout as well as frameworks, tools, and the implemented technologies.

You can either go about using either Monolithic or Microservices. However, let me put it out there that the cost of frameworks that employ microservices tends to be higher than monolithic. Nevertheless, it is all worth the investment because it is more efficacious in providing highly scalable logistics applications.


  • Choice of the tech stack:

You might already know that the tech stack which you choose for development and deployment is going to affect the cost. Speaking of programming languages, hiring professionals and experienced developers for languages like Swift, Golang, and R is quite expensive. Similarly, those languages that are new will have fewer libraries and frameworks, which adds to the overall tasks of the development.


  • Type of application:

Because it is an on-demand application, the overall development cost for it also shifts to be higher side than any other category, say social media, m-commerce, and more. It is because this single application consists of three whole separate panels, that require a number of resources and functionality equal to three applications. So, evidently, an on-demand logistics app is going to cost more than other non-on-demand applications.


  • Platform (Android or iOS):

The choice of platform that you choose would fall either for Android or iOS. Strictly speaking, developing for the Android platform can be a little more costly. This is due to the amount of fragmentation Android has in the market space.

There is a third option available for you now is cross-platform app development. By choosing this approach, your application will be able to work incredibly on both platforms providing performance falling no shorter than a native app. Plus, it is going to be cost-effective as compared to developing the app natively and separately for both platforms.


  • Development Team Size:

There is no need to tell you that the total cost of development will be lower when you choose a team of freelancer developers as compared to an established on demand app development company. You will also incure the risks associated with hiring freelance developers which can be quite disappointing when it comes to developing apps.

However, established companies have a greater edge over freelance developers – the assurance of the prolific quality of mobility and digital solutions are simply unmatchable.

  • Location of the company:

The location plays a pivotal and crucial role in deciding the ultimate cost of logistics app development. It is an established fact that the hourly rates of development get higher when you moving from east to west depending on the location of developers.

In light of the above statement, there are few countries such as India that are home to some prestigious and insanely efficient mobile app development companies that offer their development services at reasonable prices.

Future of Logistics app development

All the current statistics and predictions on logistics app development cost only paint a positive picture and frame of the future of on-demand logistics and transportation app development. Since the advent of mobile app development in the logistics and transportation industry, things have become smooth-sailing and easy on these companies and processes have become streamlined and standardized.

In fact, the next big thing for this industry is the extension and entry of AI into it, as per the AI technology trends. We can expect AI-induced logistics applications that will further facilitate logistics and warehouse management. All this while being equally helpful in transportation.


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So with these factors in mind, you can estimate the cost of a Logistics app or transportation app development. If you need to develop a logistics or transportation app contact us at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com with your requirements.

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