laravel vs CakePHP

Laravel VS CakePHP


Laravel vs CakePHP

Firstly, PHP is a server side language. To begin with, PHP is one of the most popular server side languages on the Internet. Likewise if you think about this language, all that you notice is the poor syntax. Which framework you must consider for your next project? Here the truth is that it provides you an extensive variety of web development frameworks. These frameworks are Symfony, CakePHP, Laravel, Yii, and so on.  And this frameworks are capable to make your work much less complicated.

Newer frameworks such as CakePHP and Laravel have already gained followers. These people are those who use them for ease and stability. They both have extreme devotees who use them, but which one should you prefer for developing your project?


What is CakePHP?

To begin with, CakePHP is a free and very useful development framework for PHP development. It is also an awesome development framework because of the features that it provides.

  1. CakePHP is a safe framework and helps with authenticating users with ease.
  2. This framework is easy to learn. It helps majorly in simplified development of applications.
  3. It is very useful for large websites and programs. CakePHP uses MVC architecture.
  4. The website location and configuration is done automatically through the framework. You only need to lock the database.
  5. In particular, one of the main advantages of CakePHP is that it is ready to use templates. This accelerates the process of web application development.
  6. The framework is easy to manage. Even lesser experienced developers find it easy to work with.
  7. CakePHP provides custom test functions that is easy to use. This helps in testing tasks faster and is easy for developers.

Thus you have some valuable reasons to hire a CakePHP developer. You can use CakePHP for your next web development project.

CakePHP overview

The major reason why CakePHP is preferred by many developers is because it is easy to learn and use with integration with other frameworks as well as databases. The CakePHP framework is able to provide additional and heightened security features that makes it an awesome framework for using to create websites and web based applications. CakePHP has been majorly used for creation of shopping cart or e-commerce websites as well as other major web applications as users find it useful for integration with other databases such as Mongodb, Postgresql and Mysql. The open source nature of CakePHP makes it a perfect choice for creation of web applications and other websites for commercial use. Open source means that there are no expensive licensing fees or any kind of capital investment for using this framework. It is free to distribute for all your programs and applications that you create using this framework.

What is Laravel?

Firstly, Laravel is a PHP based framework that is purely meant for the development of MVC based applications. In particular, it is an opensource  PHP framework that is known to be the best of the PHP frameworks. Here are some of the key benefits of using Laravel as your web development environment.

  1. Laravel helps in maintaining the restrictions that exist between various database objects. This is done with the help of an advanced search mechanism builder.
  2. The framework provides an auto-loading facility. It does not require manual maintenance and inclusion roads.
  3. Laravel helps in creating new tools using a LOC container.
  4. The framework provides an easy version control system. This system helps with simplified management of migrations
  5. Lastly, the framework is quick and easy to install and customize.


Laravel – Overview

Laravel is another open source PHP based framework that can be used to create web applications and websites. The open source nature of this wonderful php based framework means that there are no expensive licensing fees or any kind of capital investment that is needed to use this framework. You as a developer are free to use the framework as much as you want it, also you can distribute your programs and applications that you create using this framework for free to the general public under the open source licensing terms and conditions. Laravel is also beginner friendly which means that it is relatively easy to use this framwork for aspiring web developers and web designers alike. Many different tools are created using this framework. This framework offers a lot of customisability options. You can Hire Laravel Developer if you are looking for PHP Laravel Web Development.


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Key differences between Laravel vs CakePHP


Both Laravel and CakePHP are most popular in the market, let us go through some of the major differences between CakePHP VS Laravel.

  1. Both Laravel and CakePHP are open source frameworks. Laravel comes without any relevant cost but CakePHP requires a license to operate.
  2. Laravel operates and works on object-oriented model. CakePHP works on a document oriented database model.
  3. Laravel is based on MVC or model view controller architecture. CakePHP has implemented on the Hierarchical model view controller (HMVC) architecture.
  4. The laravel framework is not suitable for smaller projects. It becomes a bit complex for the same. In comparison, CakePHP is much suitable for smaller projects.
  5. From a security benchmark between both these frameworks, CakePHP plays a crucial role than Laravel.
  6. CakePHP is a much more convenient choice than Laravel when compared to the routing perspective.
  7. When it comes to scaling, Laravel is a much better choice than CakePHP. This happens more often while considering the construction of larger projects.
  8. The Laravel framework is a much better choice when viewed in the case of fast web development and enhancement perspective.
  9. Compared to CakePHP, Laravel is a much better choice in case of data handling and backup viewpoints.
  10. In comparison to CakePHP, Laravel has a compiler functionality. There is no such functionality for CakePHP.



Laravel VS CakePHP- Direct Comparison


Laravel  CakePHP
Laravel is an open-source framework  CakePHP is also an open source framework
This framework is free to operate and use CakePHP requires a license to operate and use
Laravel makes use of Object Oriented model for operation This framework makes use of Database object model to operate.
This framework makes use of Model View Controller or MVC CakePHP framework makes use of Hierarchical MVC.
If the project size is small then laravel cannot be used flexibility due to its complexity CakePHP can be used for small projects.
Laravel is secure but not as high as cakephp Cakephp security is robust and higher than laravel.
Laravel is not as convenient as compared to cakephp from routing When the question is about routing, cakePHP offers convenience to programmers and developers. 
When the question is about scaling then laravel is a much better choice.  CakePHP does not scale as well as compared to  Laravel.
Laravel framework promotes faster web development in the field of web designing and engineering. The Cakephp framework is suitable for smaller projects in web development.
Laravel is able to handle data in a much easier way CakePHP data handling is not as efficient as Laravel.
Laravel provides develoepers and designers with a compiler facility The CakePHP framework does not have any such facility.


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In short, after evaluating Laravel VS CakePHP over a wide variety of things, it can be concluded that both have their pros and cons.  So before choosing any framework, developers should analyze as well as examine the different factors of each. As a result, the type of the project and the time for the work and all other distinctive discussed aspects, the framework should be decided. Hire PHP Developer within 1 hrs for you Web Development.

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