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Languages Use for iOS App development


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I often hear the question that which languages are most suited for developing an iOS App that can run on the latest iPhones, iPads and the Macintosh Operating System in general. When developing an iOS app, you need to consider the features being offered by the language and how you will use it to your advantage. When it comes to developing an iOS Apps there are only two viable options available, Objective-C and Swift for the iOS platform.

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Let’s get into the Basics:


What is swift?

Swift is a multi-paradigm, general purpose, compiled programming language developed by Apple. The language supports all kinds of iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It is built using OpenSource LLVM compiler and has been included in Xcode since version 6. It uses the Objective C runtime library which allows C, Objective-C, C++ and Swift code to be run under one platform and within one program.

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What is Objective-C?

Objective-C is an object-oriented programming language which is used for general purposes. The language adds a Smalltalk style messaging feature to the C programming language. It was the main programming language supported by  Apple for their iOS, and macOS operating systems until the introduction of Swift.


Let’s compare the two languages side by side.




Objective C was introduced in the late 1980s Swift was introduced in 2014.
Before Swift, Objective C was the language of choice for development on iOS and macOS platforms. After Swift’s introduction, it quickly rose to become the language of choice for iOS and macOS platforms.
Objective C has a clunkier syntax. Swift has a smoother syntax.
Objective C can be a bit hard to learn. Swift is easier to learn and understand.
Objective C is not as fast as Swift Swift is faster than objective C
Programmers need to maintain 2 files for compilation and running applications Programmers can run and maintain only a single file of code in order to run applications.
Objective C does not offer LLVM features Swift offers LLVM features to programmers
Objective C does not offer better memory management Swift offers better memory management.
Objective C does not support Dynamic libraries Swift supports dynamic libraries
Objective C is not as safe and secure as Swift Swift is much more safe and secure than Objective C
Objective C does not have a proper format for namespaces Swift has a proper format for namespaces.
Objective C code is not as readable than Swift Swift code is much more readable than Objective C




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