JavaScript trends for 2019

JavaScript Trends in 2023 for Modern Web Applications


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JavaScript solves a problem. How to bring modern interactivity among web pages on browsers. Till the year 1995, the modern web worked with the exchange of static information among web browsers. HTML Code uses static information for communication. Web Programmers used to hard code HTML for showing information to users. There were only static web pages that used to exist. All this happened before the invention of JavaScript. With its invention, JavaScript brought dynamic interaction among web pages. This marked a boom in the creation of web pages that could communicate with the user dynamically.

JavaScript brought modern UI designing, user interaction and user data validation to the table. This sparked the development of modern web applications. These web applications had improved user interface and added advanced user data validation techniques.

Till today JavaScript is still the backbone of many modern web applications. 

Here we will have a look at the reasons why JavaScript is Still popular till today.  What makes JavaScript the modern de-facto web programming language today.

Let us talk about the benefits that JavaScript brings to modern web development.

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Features of JavaScript

  1. Any web programmer can reduce the server interaction between modern web browsers and servers using JavaScript. JavaScript validates user data. 
  2. If the user has forgotten to input a particular piece of data then you can inform him about this without having a trip back to the server.
  3. JavaScript speeds out Front End Development that marks a hallmark in the creation of modern web applications.
  4. JavaScript is a Compile independent language. This means there is an instant result of the code processed on the web browser without a compiler.
  5. JavaScript is an Event Driven language which means that it is language to validate user input and perform certain actions based on the user input
  6. It is easy to extend a certain functionality of a webpage using JavaScript. If you want to a certain feature to a webpage then JavaScript is your go-to Language
  7. JavaScript is a platform independent language. 
  8. Many Modern Day Browsers support JavaScript, so you can take advantage of the functionality offered by JavaScript in your webpages
  9. Although JavaScript is widely being used to support modern web application programming, it is the backbone of many frameworks that have been developed till today.

Let us have a look at the modern day frameworks that have been developed using JavaScript as the backbone

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Popular JavaScript Frameworks


Vue.JS is a JavaScript framework with various tools for building user interfaces.

The reason this framework is so popular is because of its size. It is just over 18 KB in size. This framework being simple and easy to understand, there can be small and large templates created based on user functionality. This framework has reusable templates which save a lot of time. This enables UI developers to easily focus on other aspects of UI integration.  All this is because of the simple structure that this framework provides. Vue.js has several plugins and tools that make the coding and development work easier and fast paced. This framework is mainly used for creating functional and single page applications. It is also used to create the UI for applications. 


FaceBook developed ReactJS in coordination with individual developers and organizations around the world. React is simple and easy to learn thus making it the most used framework. The component-based approach, richly defined lifecycle, and the use of plain JavaScript make it very easy to grasp for the average web programmer.

Using React is based on Native approach, using which we can create an Android, an iOS and a web application at the same time. Developers can leverage React for creating various front end applications or Graphical User Interfaces as well as many single page applications also. React also has various plugins and tools available to customise the framework. You can also use react js to create cross platform applications that work flawlessly using a single code base on both iOS and Android platforms.

Angular JS

 Google developed the Angular JS framework. Angular comprises of an MVC structure that allows web programmers to build individual model, view and controller objects that can be controlled and used to develop Single page web applications. Angular provides an MVC or model view controller structure to the developer and programmers who want to use angular for creating various applications. This framework is supported by Google and it has full backing and hence you can be rest assured that you will get timely and regular updates for newer features and functionalities.

Node JS

Node JS is a JavaScript Runtime and framework library. Using NodeJs the development of web applications is simplified. It is a server-side development language. This supports the development of networking applications. It is an asynchronous and event-driven framework. Node JS speeds up the development and deployment. Single threaded applications which are massively scaleable are built using Node JS. There is no buffering involved. These are some of the highlights of the framework. Node JS is an awesome framework for any kind of server side web development applications. It works with various tools and plugins to extend its functionality. This framework is scalable as well as designed for providing high performance web development for server application.


GraphQL is a JavaScript-based framework. Developed to design a query language, GraphQL is used to build query APIs. GraphQL is also used to create various charts and Graphs that can be used to illustrate concepts for presentations and slideshows.


So we have seen the features offered by JavaScript. These features enable JavaScript to dominate the web development industry. JavaScript has quickly risen to become the de-facto language when it comes to developing modern web applications. 

If you’re looking to hire JavaScript developers for any kind of web development work. You’re at the right place.

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