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JavaScript frameworks: 10 Popular Framework in 2023


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JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language that supports functional, event-driven, imperative including prototype based and object-oriented programming styles. Its been a while since JavaScript had been invented. It has been long enough time for many frameworks to be developed on top of JavaScript which enables many functionalities and solves various complicated problems of web designing and computing in general. Previously, JavaScript was used only to provide certain client-side functionality. However, it was invented to facilitate modern interaction between web pages and to provide user input validation. The aim is to provide overall providing a good and satisfying user experience when browsing the Internet.

Today many frameworks have been built on top of JavaScript to enable certain functionality, not only this but JavaScript has also been used to develop certain Server-Side Frameworks for developing seamless scalable multithreaded server-side applications. Simply put, JavaScript is the language of the web. JavaScript is continuously used to providing interactivity that the users can have for the web.

Overview of JavaScript

JavaScript usage and implementation in the web projects has been on the rise. With the passage of time, there has been development of multiple JavaScript frameworks that provide the functionality as well as responsiveness to web applications and projects. To simply put it, JavaScript has evolved from providing functionality for user input validation and back end as well as front end integration to a full fledged programming language for the web. Lets us have a look at the reasons why JavaScript is being used so widely as well as popularly.

JavaScript has been a blessing for many developers to code applications. It is used to create a lot of features and functionalities that helps power the web. With the passage of time, JavaScript has evolved into many different frameworks. This has transformed how developers build applications.


What is a JavaScript Framework? Why should we use a JavaScript Framework?

A JavaScript Framework is nothing but a software-based abstraction that provides a software-based generic functionality that can be extended or modified to a user-specific functionality using the additional user-written code. A JavaScript Framework is just an application framework that is written or coded using JavaScript where the developers or programmers can manipulate the functions and use them for their convenience.


Frameworks are more convenient and adaptable for designing any websites and because of this reason they are preferred by most of the web designers and developers. JavaScript Frameworks is just a type of specific tool that web developers use to make working with JavaScript easier, convenient and more smoother to use. These frameworks make it possible for the web programmers to code the application as the device responds. This responsiveness is yet another factor why programmers prefer to use JavaScript. The responsiveness is also a reason why JavaScript Frameworks are so popular when it comes to dealing with a high-level machine language. In this article, we shall have a look at the 10 best JavaScript frameworks to be used in 2019 for providing seamless web experience and enable advanced computing technologies.


1) Angular


Angular is one of the most powerful, efficient and open source frameworks that is used for web development. This framework is developed by Google and is used in designing mostly Single Page Applications (SPAs) It extends the HTML coding into the web applications and it interprets the attributes in order to perform the data binding. Backed as well as developed by Google, Angular enjoys a great amount of community support that the users can take advantage and help from.

Angular is a great tool to build single page applications. It supports many features that help developers ease the building process of applications.


2) React:

Developed by Facebook, React is been able to achieve huge popularity in just a short period of time. React is basically used to develop as well as operate the dynamic UI of web pages that has high incoming traffic. Its make use of a specialized virtual DOM (Document Object Model), and because of this, the integration with any application becomes easy. React also enjoys great community support that many users of react will find it useful and fruitful for their queries and doubts. This framework was first implemented and used by facebook for providing interactivity and responsiveness to the social media application.

It can also be used to build single page applications.

3) Vue.js

This framework was developed in the year 2019. Making a mark in the market it has already proved its worth by offering a multitude of features to programmers and developers.

Its dual-mode integration is one of the most attractive features used by developers to create single page applications or SPAs. For developing cross-platform applications, it is a much more reliable framework. If you are looking to create single page applications that help users and get responsiveness in return, Vue.js can be a great choice for your development efforts. Vue can be used for many web development purposes.


4) Ember.js

The Ember.js framework was first introduced into the market at the start of 2015 and has been growing in popularity since then because of its wide application area. The main feature of Ember.js is that it supports two-way data binding. It has established itself as a highly reliable platform for handling complex User Interfaces. Popular websites such as Netflix, LinkedIn and Nordstrom and many more makes use of the Ember.js framework for their websites. There are many such instances where popular companies have been using and implementing Ember in their projects. 


5) Meteor

Meteor is best suited for software development as it covers a major area of web application development spectrum. Management of the database, back end interface development, rendering of the front end part of web applications or websites, as well as the business logic are the major areas where Meteor framework is used. Meteor is a complete all round package who wants to use webbased interactivity along with database and backend functionality.


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6)  Mithril

Mithril is basically a client-side JavaScript, that is basically used to majorly develop Single page applications or SPAs. The implementation of the framework is designed to be easy since the framework functions are not derived from a single base class. The framework’s overall size is designed to be small (around 8 KB using compression). It is fast and provides routing and XHR utilities right out of the box. It has a few features that are similar to React.


7) Node.js

Node.js is an open source server-side JavaScript runtime environment. that runs on many platforms. and is designed to be open source. The framework is designed to be capable of driving asynchronous Input-Output along with its event-driven architecture. It works just like the JavaScript runtime environment. Hence, this shows properties similar to the JAVA language like packages, threading, forming of loops, etc. Node.JS is a complete package that can provide front end as well as back end functionality for applications.


8) Polymer

Developed by Google Polymer is another open source JavaScript Library. Without making websites complicated Polymer is able to create its basic elements. Also, it supports both one-way as well as two-way data binding.  Thus making the application development area wide enough for developers.


9) Aurelia

The Aurelia framework was developed using the latest version of JavaScript. Using Aurelia any kind of UI interface can be get implement. It’s actually the next generation frameworks for developing complex and more robust websites. The framework for Aurelia can extend the HTML markup for various purposes that includes data binding. The modern architecture of Aurelia makes sure that its tools get rightly interpret. This is for both the client side and server side applications.


10) Backbone.js

Backbone.js is one of the most popular frameworks available. For the average programmer, it is very easy to understand and learn. Backbone.js is capable to create single page applications.  All the server side functions must flow through an API. This helps programmers to achieve a certain functionality by writing less code.


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Thus, after going through all the above 10 frameworks. It is easy to say that JavaScript is the backbone of all majorly used application programs. We hope you gained some useful insights from this article. If you’re looking to hire JavaScript developers or to hire web developers for developing any kind of web applications then do give us a call. We will be glad to assist you in developing web solutions for your business needs.