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Java is a popular programming language specifically designed for the implementation of coupling. PHP is a widely-used open source scripting language specially designed for web development. Both the web applications are equally important and play their roles fantastically.


Choosing the right programming language is very essential for your software project. Once you began with the language you’ll have to continue it till the end. Without a software development expert, it is impossible for you to know which one is best for you. Here’s a look at two of the best programming languages to find yourself which among the two is best for your project.


With the invention of various technologies, it is no doubt that technologies are meant to ease our lives. Every time a new language comes in we get the essence of what it means for us to code and invent different applications.


There comes a time when selecting a particular technology seems to be daunting task. However, it is required to carefully analyse and understand the features and functions that the language has to offer. This can help to design the application in a seamless way and also inherit the features and functions seamlessly.


Today we are going to discuss and debate about the similarities and the differences between two of the most popular languages, Java and PHP.




This language PHP on the other hand is invented for the sole purpose of providing server side scripting language and management of web servers.  This can be helpful when you have to customise the web server and provide it with additional functionality.

There are many applications of the PHP language. From web servers programming to creating custom pages for forms, even for web form processing it is used. PHP does not require a compiler in order to use it effectively. It only requires an interpreter, which interprets the PHP statements in a web page and gives the resulting output as HTML. This HTML is then passed to the users web browser which displays the web page to the user. Many of the worlds websites that are powered by wordpress which is a CMS or content management system uses PHP. It is because of PHP that server side scripting has been made possible. Although there are various other languages and scripts, PHP is very easy to understand. This makes it easier for developers to code web pages using this language.

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a widely-used popular programming language designed for writing the widest variety of software application domains. It can be widely ported and deployed on any operating system or platform for free of charge.

Due to its wide variety of use PHP programmers are high in demand.


They can be easily executed using the command line interface and can be used with various web template system, web content management system and web frameworks.

Considered as one of the most friendly languages it easily lets you connect with MySQL, Oracle, and many other databases.

Features of PHP

  • provides server side programming
  • used in many CMS around the world
  • easy to understand and use
  • only requires the interpreter and not compiler
  • major web servers support PHP
  • can be embedded in HTML statements or web page
  • is open source which does not require fees or investment



Java is the general purpose language that is invented for the sole purpose of providing cross platform compatibility between applications. This is due to the fact that there is a need for various applications to be coded and invented using cross platform compatibility.

It is the most widely used programming language design running in billions of devices on the Java platform. Supporting all the features of object-oriented programming it is much simpler than C++.

Java was invented with the sole purpose of imparting and creating as well as designing a language that provides and runs on any device or hardware. It does this by using the concept of Virtual Machines.

Java is a compiled language and so all its applications are compiled into bytecode that runs on implementations of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM/). It helps you bridge the gap between the source code and binary digits that the computer understands.

While we’re on the topic of Java, if you are looking to improve the security of data on your computer, it may be worth looking to buy something like an Oracle Java License. As well as this, fixing bugs is also another benefit of having this installed. If this is something you are only just hearing about, be sure to do some research so you get a better understanding.

Java is the first object oriented language that has borrowed and implemented many useful features from other languages such as C and C++.

Java was invented by Sun Microsystems and is used in all different forms of programming be it application programming or web programming, or server programming.

Features of Java

  • is cross platform compatible
  • is open source language which means no fees to use
  • many devices support java
  • is used for application programming and server programming
  • is basis of popular mobile operating system that is Android

Both these language are open source which means that you do not need to buy expensive licenses or subscriptions in order to code or use these languages.


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Difference Between PHP and Java

Both PHP and Java are easy to learn and code. And both are equally profitable with their features in their areas of work. Therefore according to the budget and need of demand. You can easily choose the programming language that suits best for you. Go through the above-discussed differences to choose the best programming language for your business projects.


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