iOS App Development Trends

iOS App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2023


Firstly, With the boom that is happening in the current  IT technology, almost every sector is experiencing and is witnessing an enhanced & positive change in the development field. Secondly, Technological advancements and innovations that are taking place are all set to amaze you with new and innovative and even exciting features. The mobile industry witnessing and also acknowledging that it is experiencing the most technological advancements that is happening this year. iOS App Development Trends

Particularly, Many businesses and organizations are leveraging and heavily making use of this strategy. This is to make their mobile products as well as the business that they do, a great hit in the already predominant market. Other than the basic features that are offered by mobile app development companies. Mobile apps are now seen to be integrated with various trending technologies such as IoT, AI, chatbots, VR and AR, etc.

Statista, a survey analytics website has revealed that mobile app revenue of the smartphone market will go more than $600 billion by 2022.

iOS platform in general is seen playing a significant part when it comes to the development aspect of the mobile app market. In this article, we will allow you to acknowledge and become aware of the top iOS app development trends you need to look out for if you are into app development vertical for 2022 and beyond.

iOS App Development Trends 2022


1. ATS for Better App Security:

The embed features that is provided by Apple to iOS app developers is known for offering full security and safety for you your user’s data to your app. It was a matter of the greatest concern for iOS app developers that develop apps in order to prevent hackers from stealing and misusing any personal data that might be in use for app users.

With the release and the announcement of iOS 14, developers and programmers can integrate and make use of ATS. App Transport Security for use by their developed iOS app.

2. AR and VR Integration:

iOS app development is playing an important as well as a crucial role in the virtual reality and augmented reality world. Now as a developer, you are able to put your focus on building real-time and intuitive applications for increasing and enhancing the enriched user experience.

This is going to be possible with Augmented Reality as well as Virtual Reality- these two technology sector verticals mark its position as the next major and important iOS app trend that is happening in 2022.

Apps such as IKEA are already making use of and implementing this wonderful amazing feature for this technology in order to provide a better consumer experience. Other examples of AR-VR applications are going to be Dance Reality, Houzz, as well as Pokemon Go.

With the dispatch of applications like Snapchat and Pokémon Go, expanded reality has turned into an advantageous component. Every energized cover and stickers on Instagram utilized by a large number of endorsers consistently are additionally AR innovation.

Apple is no special case around here, and the organization offers ARKit 3 – a convenient instrument for making expanded reality encounters. As a result of their energy utilization, such applications will work from iPhone XR, XS, and more current models.

Apple additionally delivered Reality Composer, an increased reality manager that permits you to foster applications even without a 3D plan insight. Also another device that merits focusing on is RealityKit, which gives joining of virtual articles into this present reality.


3. Implementing Swift 5 by Apple:

With the release as well as the advent of Swift 5 programming language developed by Apple. All iOS development companies are focusing and concentrating on leveraging and using its power to their mobile app-based business.

For every future and subsequent version of macOS, iOS, as well as Wearable OS, new Swift libraries will be created as well as incorporated. With this trend that is happening, applications will be smaller, more compact as well as easier to build.

4. Wearables and IoT Age:

With the ever-increasing popularity and the exponential growth of the iPhone market, iOS app developers are focussing and concentrating their efforts on the latest technologies in order to create apps that revolutionalize the industry.

IoT-enabled iOS apps are bound to make smartphones to easily connect with smart wristwatches, bands, and many other wearable devices. They are doing this to facilitate data sharing and transfer. Recently Apple has introduced its newest HomeKit program in order to use the technology-driven innovations by IoT.

Industries such as agriculture, healthcare, as well as logistics are already benefitting customers and various consumets by IoT integration to their iOS applications.

The Internet of Things incorporates a few perspectives: machines that go web and communicate with one another, methods of associating machines without human intercession, and a lot of information produced by gadgets. One of the most well known iOS advancement patterns, it utilized in pretty much every industry.

Initially, the IoT is applied in coordinations, Smart City frameworks, the agrarian area to screen soil conditions, in Apple Watch, assisting with distinguishing heart illnesses, etc.

The pith of the Internet of Things is gathering huge measures of information, investigating it, and utilizing it to work on the comfort of human existence. It is additionally incorporated into numerous clinical applications created for iOS to survey imperative signs from patients while they are at home.


5. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence:

Undoubtedly, and without any hindrance, Artificial Intelligence technology is bound to rule the development industry in the year 2022. According to the latest research that is done by International Data Corporation, AI technology is on the right path to get more than $60 billion in revenue by 2022.

Your iOS will get the power of Machine Learning when it’s integrated with CoreML framework. Soon, CoreML will be the biggest norm for customizing and personalizing your iOS app development process to create innovative apps.

AI is now a piece of our regular routine. Facebook and Netflix utilize these calculations to investigate clients’ conduct and deal the best substance dependent on their associations. As per Tractica research, yearly worldwide AI programming income is gauge to develop to $126.0 billion by 2025. Apple dispatched CoreML (Core Machine Learning), which effectively incorporated into Siri, Camera, and QuickTyp


6. Cloud Integrated iOS Apps:

Cloud technology promises to bring a lot of different opportunities to the iOS app development community this year. This technology vertical named Cloud integration helps both users as well as app developers.

The iOS developers can use and leverage the cloud platform for the development and creation, thus making it faster, quicker and much simpler. Benefits that cloud integration brings to the iOS app development sector include: App Scalability, Cost reduction, and Security.

The main arrival of iCloud was in 2011. Since that time, the innovation has turned into a key utility for all Apple gadgets. As may be obvious, this is certifiably not another instrument. In any case, in light of the fact: the quantity of iCloud clients expands each year. It tends to unquestionably view for the audience as another huge iOS portable application advancement pattern.

iCloud moves information from your gadget to the cloud. For instance, you began working on a report on an iPhone, and you can keep on overseeing it on an iPad with a similar AppleID introduced. These days, loads of uses use iCloud to work on their exhibition. This permits the product to be more lightweight and deal with the security of clients’ basic data.



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7. Chatbots:

Chatbot technology has taken by storm over customer support for various and different industries. Chatbots promises and acknowledges to offer you immense benefits and advantages.  They work 24/7 without having any waiting time for customers and users. When your business app is able to easily satisfies the customer queries on the go.  They are able to make decisions to buy faster.

Recently, Starbucks came up with a useful chatbot feature and functionality. Here a customer can make his choice of coffee, shop location via the app- My Starbucks Barista. After this, he only needs to visit the chosen Starbucks shop and order their favourite cup of coffee they ordered.

8. iBeacon Technology:

iBeacon Technology is another innovative technology from Apple that is just another iOS app development trend for 2022.

Beacon stands or wireless transmitters and this enables users to send signals using Bluetooth technology. Having established the connection, a push notification along with a set message appears on the user’s iPhone.

Let’s consider this technology with an easy to understand example. Let’s say your potential buyer is passing by the clothing store shop. As soon as customers pass by the shop, iBeacon sensors will be activated.  The user will get instant notifications about new and exciting deals about the goods that they may be interested in.

9. Enterprise Development:

Enterprise development is also going to be one of the most crucial developments of recent times. It offers various as well as great levels of productivity and is promising to improves security. The iOS app developers and programmers with this new trend can grow their highly scalable enterprise.

10. Apple Pay:

This ultimate Mobile Wallet is the next iOS trend you will notice that is happening this year.  Integrating payment gateways with Apple pay, iOS developers and programmers have made the payment process smoother, quicker and faster.


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So we have discussed the various iOS App Development Trends that are happening and taking place in the iOS app development world. If you would like to hire iOS developers then contact us at with your requirements. Our talented developers are ready to help you with your app development process.