Future with smartphone



Into The Future With Smartphones- What changes/upgrades to expect?

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. Not to be looked at as a simple communication tool, it can easily be considered as one of the most touted accessories. Along with the facilities that the cell phone offers, it is also seen as an element of elegance. Cell phones have kept changing our perception of communication since their inception in the early ’70s. The features once considered as a matter of science fiction, are now a standard accessory in the cell phone today. As many people possess a mobile phone, it is understandable that sites like broadbandsearch are able to provide statistics regarding mobile internet in comparison to desktop usage. A phone is a lot easier to carry around than a desktop computer is.

Replacing the traditional camera, calculator, clock, music players and a lot more, the cell phone has now become the ultimate multi-functional tool. Offering a variety of options other than communication. Considering the rapid transformation in mobile technology nowadays we can assume as to where the mobile phone is heading. It won’t be long that the mobile phone will replace the traditional computer as well. There is a lot more stacked for consumers in the future with the rapid advancement in mobile technology.

Mobile partners/ human-like machines?

Movies like the ‘Terminator’ have showcased how machines try to wage a war against humanity and how these intelligent assistants help humans save the world. Naa!! Let’s just keep it to the movies because this is not happening. But surely it is not too long when the cell phone will become a robotic partner/assistant for the humans. The intelligent assistants like the Cortana, Siri, and the Google assistant have a lot to offer. Currently, the assistants help us in finding directions, surfing the internet and a lot more. With these technologies constantly growing we are sure to see more human-like assistants in the near future.

Foldable/flexible cell phones?

The smartphone giant Samsung has been showcasing its robust concept smartphone that was so flexible, it could put your yoga guru to shame. These concept phones can be folded in two by the users. Making the cell phone even slimmer and lighter to easily carry around.

It will surely be a while before we see these paper-like slim cell phones in the mainstream market. Samsung released a less flexible cell phone some time back which sold disappointingly. But this is one change we highly anticipate in the smartphones of tomorrow.

Replacing the age-old education system.

The cell phone is a huge success among the youngsters and is growing even more popular day by day. You can get information on almost everything on the internet today. Thus, making it easy for the students to gather information on their own. They are not dependent on the teachers solely for information.

Saving paper & in turn the environment would become easier and much more realistic with the increase in the cell phone usage for education.

Modular phones.

Imagine phones with removable cameras, removable speakers, screens and a lot more, wouldn’t it be a lot more fun. Seems like a scene from a science fiction film, isn’t it? No, it is not. Recently, Google announced its much anticipated ‘Ara’ project. The Google Ara is one of a kind smartphone, wherein the user will be able to replace the hardware of the phone which will be available in modules.

Modular cell phones already available in the market like the LG g5 and Moto z/ Moto z play have created a huge buzz. We are sure to see some more modular competition in the future for sure.

We can see the amount of impact that the cell phone has put on our lives since its birth almost so much so that is has become a part of our body it seems. As technology develops more and more we are sure to experience a great technological ride in the near future. By 2023, 90 percent of the global population will own a smartphone, meaning the majority of us will be along for that ride in the future.

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