How to Hire MEAN Stack Developers Step-by-Step Guide

How to Hire MEAN Stack Developers: Step-by-Step Guide



Firstly, Companies run on technology. It is the technologies that drive the growth and capability of companies. Many times, companies are dependent on technologies that provide capabilities to them. Secondly, this is the reason why companies invest so much time and effort into technology and development.

Technology demands that companies pay attention to it and strive for the best. Companies are in search of efficient technology that drives forward growth and progress. This is what matters when it comes to growing forward and providing the best efforts. Particularly, technology which is the driving factor always is a step towards making any company or organisation efficient and capable.

Particularly, there are some technologies when accounted for and done right provide fruitful benefits to companies and organisations. These are the areas the companies should strive for to achieve excellence and growth. It is up to the developers and designers to put forward the best capabilities that contribute to the success factor for companies.

When choosing a particular technology, you as a business owner must always check the feasibility and scope of the technologies.

This depends on what you are trying to achieve and get as well as what will be the features and functionalities that you will be using. Particularly, when it comes to choosing tech stacks, one must carefully weigh the pros and cons of the technology that they will be working on.

When choosing a stack that defines the technology, the business owner must carefully analyze the benefits that they will get. These benefits provide a greater amount of rewards when put to use in applications.

Technology stacks are always at the forefront of fruitful application development. This is because it provides the structure and functionality to applications that run on it.


What is a technology STACK?

Before discussing on how one should select a technology stack, you must understand what goes into a stack. A technology stack plays a crucial role in providing benefits and functionality to applications that use it. The technology stack governs what the applications built on top of it can do and function. Typically, a technology stack comprises a front-end framework, a back-end framework, a database, and a framework component structure to connect all of these.

In the case of the MEAN stack, the tech stack comprises MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular and Node as the individual components and frameworks that form a part of the technology stack. Each of the components complements and coordinates with each other imparting the required functionality to the project. This is how applications work in tandem and coordination with the technology frameworks.

There is a lot of demand in the market for technology stacks, as it enables the developer to do all-round development due to the amazing cooperation and coordination between these frameworks and components. The technology stack enables developers to do all-around coordination and function that helps develop useful applications. It is because of the technology stacks the applications are able to function and provide benefits and features in return.


Why MEAN Stack?

Now, this is a debatable question. There is no right or wrong answer for this one. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve and get in return. What features and functionality you are looking for in your application and how you will go about getting it?  Research work shows that the components that comprise the MEAN stack are built to provide full compatibility and efficiency to applications that use it. Because of this nature, it is evident that many companies and organisations have already known the benefits that MEAN stack provides to them. Mean is able to provide numerous and multitude benefits and reasons why you should use this technology stack. It is because of the amazing coordination and workability of individual components. This coordination helps to achieve this amazing cooperation between the frameworks and tools.

Now that you know how good the MEAN stack framework is for development activities, let’s now discuss how you can hire the best MEAN stack developer for your development activities.


How to Hire MEAN Stack Developers?

There are many ways to find the right developer for your work. Of course, it depends on how you are able to analyze and examine your Hire Mean Stack developers to shortlist them. This depends on your capabilities and analytical ability as well. Here is a list of ways using which you can hire the best developers for your MEAN stack project, thereby ensuring success for your project.


Do a quick Google Search:

The first and foremost step in selecting and going closer to the best candidate is to perform a best and quick Google search. You can also use any other search engine to get closer to your developer. The list of results will help you find the most worked and best capable developers and programmers for your project.

Take this with a pinch of salt as it can help you get closer to your apt candidate for your MEAN stack project. Check the top 10 listings, that will help you to shortlist the best developer or company that specializes in MEAN stack development.


Conduct interview sessions:

This is the most important step for shortlisting down the candidates or companies that specialise in MEAN stack development. Compared to a single developer, it is always good and beneficial to go for a development company. Because of the vast amount of resources present and dedicated developers your project success ratio remains high.

Take help from any experts and set down interview schedules for your developers. It is always good to go for a company rather than a single developer because many hands are better than one.


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List probable Companies down:

After you have done a quick Google search, a list of probable companies that specialise in MEAN stack development. This list will be available to you. Make sure that you analyze and check all the project requirements and ask questions to these companies either via email or via normal calls to ensure that your project fits the bill.


Check ratings and reviews:

When you select a particular company, always make sure to check Google ratings and reviews for that company. This will help you to establish credibility for that company. This will also ensure that the company is well off to handle all your project requirements and you get the best for your project.

If you can cross-verify the ratings and reviews by confirming from the clients, there is nothing like it. This provides you with enough room to cross-verify the company’s claims and help you to get a better company candidate for your project.


Check shortlisted developer testimonials:

Often at times, if you know who are the developers who will be working on your project. Then it’s time to check and establish credentials for the past work that they have done.  This can be done by checking the testimonials and contacting the respective company clients and see if they have delivered quality work or not.

Check the satisfaction level for the clients, as this will help you to understand how the company fares in providing quality development services or not.


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Nimap Hiring Model


  • Screening:

The first and foremost thing done by us is to give you a profile list of all the developers that can add value to your business projects. We select developers by screening them for their expertise and know-how. We take exhaustive tests that provide us with an idea about the know-how of candidates and their expertise. After proper screening is done, we put them on the bench to allocate projects as and when the need occurs.


  • Assignment:

As and when the customer requirements come forward to us, we assign our highly skilled developers to depend on the requirements. We take requirements for all projects and assign them as well as start work on them. You can choose from a wide range of developers that you want your project to be handled. Every project gets a project manager who will oversee the project’s progress and give you timely updates on the project development progress.


  • Development:

Development initiated for your project and timely updates keep you informed.


  • Demo:

After the completion of the project, we provide you with a working demonstration of your project to you.


  • Handover and Training:

We provide you with the entire handover according to NDA requirements from your side, as well as train your existing people on how you should go about using your new project.




We have shared with you the best methods for you to Hire MEAN Stack Developers or companies.  Following this will ensure you get the best work done for your MEAN stack project. If you are looking to Hire MEAN Stack Developers or are finding it hard to manage your MEAN stack project, you can rely upon us to drive your project successfully. Hiring MEAN Developers should not be difficult for you, you can contact us at or with your requirements.

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