What You Need To Do To Get Featured In iOS App Store


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Building a successful out of your wonderful idea is euphoric, isn’t it? You’ve made it for your target audience, yet getting to them is the next big challenge! Well, you do submit it to the App Store, but can you prevent it from being lost in the horde of thousands of apps out there? Getting ‘featured’ on the iOS App Store is a sure chance of increasing the hits and the downloads for your app.

Work your way towards a successful featuring has no magic formula. However, if you are an iPhone App development company in India, taking care of a few recommendations listed below do increase your chances of getting noticed by the app store teams from around the world, who actually handpick the apps painstakingly, not relying on any intelligent algorithmic selection mechanisms!

Launch iOS first

Build your app in stages, start with IOS version and launch it first here before moving to other platforms. Apple will notice your loyal preferences!

Use native codes

Encourage your iOS app developers to use native code like Objective C that makes use of native API’s for optimal performance. When iOS gets upgraded, it makes the compatible process simpler for you to continue being available on the newer versions with ease.

Be Universal

Show your dedication to Apple by making an app that has the same seamless experience on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. This helps you streamline yourself with Apple’s methodology as well.

Use Apple’s latest features

Make use of the trending technological features that Apple is currently marketing to prove your loyalty to the Apple brand. This is a smart avatar of in-app marketing for Apple!

Update frequently, holiday season specials

When you give frequent updates, you are sending out the message that you believe in innovation and reinventing. This can get you a feature in itself. Smart app featuring technique also calls for a seasonal version to be available like a holiday special bonanza. People expect special holiday offers, so give your app a new coat around holidays of festivals!

Localise and highlight local development efforts

Your audience is a larger global one. Giving a local makeover to your app will go down well with Apple as they see you putting in more-than-regular efforts to make it more meaningful to the users. Do it for multiple geographies and you are sending strong messages about your intentions. Also, highlight when the app is made in local centres, some people like to promote local efforts.

Time it right

Launching your app on a Tuesday or Wednesday is more likely to be at the top of the list as compared to one on a Friday, as the stores post new lists every Thursday.

A fabulous UX

Keep the UX in mind, because Apple will select apps that it perceives are most valuable and exciting to the users. With rising customer expectation levels, this is often easier said than done. Yet, it is the most basic factor that you simply cannot choose to ignore.

Keep ratings high

You get to Apple’s notice if your ratings are high. Target 4.5 star as the benchmark. Having high hit-ratio and high downloads is also a way to improve your ratings. It’s a chicken and egg scenario where getting featured leads to more downloads and higher ratings and vice versa!

Get Apple to notice you

Get the app description optimal and just-right can be quite tricky. Coming up with the right words in a concise message can be a challenging affair, so do spend due time for a sound promotion.

Any iOS App Development in Mumbai or elsewhere in the world that keeps the above basic points in mind will surely have higher chances of being noticed and not getting buried in the silos of apps presented to Apple stores from across the world.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]