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How Much Outsourcing Software App Development Costs?


If you are into the construction of any new project website, or a manager of your team, or an entrepreneur running in the race of starting up your own business.

You must be well aware of the techniques of outsourcing software developers.

There are numbers of businesses that run under one roof which requires proper marketing. But what lies before marketing is your need to prepare a full-length website, defining your work and resources with the perks of digitalization, everything in today’s date runs online.

Therefore need of outsourcing software developers has become an on service demand. You must have encountered software developers once in a while and must be aware of their services and the costing structure.

But if not, let’s find out the way to outsource the mobile and web app development, costing of outsourcing, and the best practices of leading the outsourcing developer.

Before proceeding further let’s take a note on the advantages of outsourcing the software development.



The biggest advantage of outsourcing software developers is that they provide greater flexibility of work.

Low Expenses

You no longer need to provide any material or equipment to the software developers. Their only aim is to hand you out your project using their good developmental skills.

Meet Deadlines

Outsourced developers always remains faithful towards their words. And by no means, if required they will work for nights to hand over your project before meeting the deadline.


Taking all the advantage of their previous experience, they are good at handling the difficulties that comes while designing.

Improves Your Development Team

Outsourcing software developers from outside can become a good opportunity for other team members. Their methods and techniques of work can help other team members to learn many new things.

Less Time

Outsourcing software developers from another place completes your work using the shortest span of time.

Developers who are outsourced believes only in their work. With no in-between disturbances, they directly hand you out your developed application as soon as it gets ready.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Finding the exact cost of an application is the most blurred question that nobody can respond it accurately. And the general answer you will receive from everyone else is, it depends on the type, its features and the style of execution your application has. To some extent, your applications complexities, type of platform, use of features and methods speaks a lot. Involving the use of templates, types of designs, geography, and competence.

Normally the minimum price involved while outsourcing software developers for designing a simple application is 20 USD/Hour*.

However, if your application involves big sets of features and complexities their costing price will vary according to the conditions and demands.

If you’re looking to an outsourcing software developer for designing an entire website instead of one app the minimum price of range with which it will get started would be 800 USD*.

How to Outsource App Development?


Important stages or steps you should take care of before meeting or going for an interview to your client are –


Before going out to meet your client check the available websites they are running. Go through each and every mobile and web app they are working on. It will tell you about the things they are actually lacking in their website or application to look and feel.

It is always a better idea to do some previous research before meeting your client.

Do the complete research by highlighting all the good and bad things software development has.

What all things can be done to make it look more good than it is now.

Based on that even before meeting the client you’ll have a rough idea in your mind telling what their further requirements can be. Thus it will help you prepare yourself nicely accordingly to the needs of the customer.


While discussing the project with your client some of the few important points you should pay focus on are –

  • Understand properly what your client requires.
  • Suggest your views according to that.
  • Mark note of each and every important thing your client wants to add in the application.
  • Try and find their preferred style of features.
  • What kind of UI/UX basically your client requires.
  • Know the budget of your client.
  • Till what time period does the client want their work to be done, and will you be able to complete it before time or not.
  • And finally, if all the discussed things are fine your next project is ready to go

For a client, it is a big thing to hand over their business details to someone they do not know. Therefore as a client, it takes a big decision to hire software developer for their project, meeting your expectations of work.

Do the Correct Research

Do not ask for any outsourcing software developer with a good hand of experience in working. Ask for a developer from a certified company you trust on. Take the proper interview knowing all the previous works they had done. After discussing all the queries only decide whether the person was appropriate to hire or not.

Time Differences

If your software developer is in complete different state or country their working hours will be altogether different. It is necessary to be in their constant touch to know as what section they are currently working on. Otherwise, it would lead your work into constant delays. Therefore to remove any bug or error be in constant touch and it will help you correct the mistake at the base level only.


You should always hire someone who is more responsive to their duty. Is eager to communicate and take initiatives for your projects more than you.


Outsourcing software developer you can trust completely is very important. It is better to sign the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before proceeding for work. It is better to take no amount of risk when it comes to securing the confidentiality of the personal details of your work.

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