How Mobile Apps Are Transforming the Education Industry

How Mobile Apps Are Transforming the Education Industry



Firstly, there is a special place for the technology and innovation happening in the 21 century. It has a place for technology and this has made a sensational turnaround. This turnaround has happened across all the different verticals and sectors.  Enterprises and organizations are witnessing the appearance of new innovation, and the field of education has been drastically altered for the best objectives. The major driver for this change has to be the advancement and innovation happening in the mobile apps vertical. This innovation happening has provided significant changes to the way individuals live and work for their livelihoods.

Secondly, the quality of education imparted to students around the world is facing an intense change over the years. This is the right time for mechanical advancement as well as development.  Without proper formal education, the progress humans have made would come to a standstill. Societies and people function and get on with their lives due to education. It is the primary backbone for progress and development happening in society.  One of the major players that have witnessed and realized the forward changes happening is the mobile applications development vertical. Today smartphones and tablets have taken over the personal spaces of living beings. With the world functioning due to mobile applications, mobile applications have carved a niche for intuitive and dynamic conditions for many students.

Mobile application facts

Particularly, a recent survey done by a reputed institute points out that educations mobile applications become the third most entities downloaded on mobile and smartphones.  The mobile applications downloaded at the rate of 8.47% for all verticals.

The amount of mobile applications providing educational stuff to students on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store has spiked. This is the correct time for the educational industry to change and transform from a rather conventional approach to education to using a new age innovative one, to provide standardized knowledge to students in a creative way.

Since digitization has taken over the world, the education sector has seen new innovative changes from the past few decades. There are many educational applications created.  This is to provide students and teachers a one-stop solution for providing answers to students of varied ages and mediums. With the entry of mobile applications through the use of technology, students can learn almost any skill. They can educate themselves at any place and at any time also.

These days, elearning mobile applications have made a buzz amongst students and teachers. The eLearning mobile applications provide easy access to quality materials and teaching aids for many teachers and students. Students can get quality information in just a matter of minutes of being connected to the internet. They can access vast amounts of accurate and reliable information at their fingertips.
Here are 8 ways that point out how mobile applications are changing the business of imparting education to students:

  • Improved Interaction and High Engagement:

One of the most significant objectives in the education sector is providing and imparting interaction and engagement. If a student is taking time to learn some topics and neglects the flow or goes with the speed of assimilation of information given by teachers and instructors, they can rely on education apps to make sure they understand the topics taught in the class ever so easily and efficiently.

Therefore, Educational apps help students and to go with the pace of the instructor and the pace of information being imparted to students in classes and sessions. Mostly, This provides them with a gigantic opportunity and intelligent user interface.

Particularly, the major ways fundamental educational applications are changing the education business is by increasing the interactivity level that the students have with such educational applications. By incorporating creativity and interactivity through the use of games, quizzes, and interesting questions.  These educational apps promote prompt attention and grasping of information for students of varied ages.  They offer a chance to students to quickly grasp information through the use of games, and quizzes that helps the students retain information easily and efficiently.  These objectives helps students unleash their creativity and inquisitiveness. Therefore, they help them to get in-depth information related to a particular topic or concept.

As a matter of fact, these applications are designed with a generous amount of creativity and designs in mind that aims to arouse creativity of the students and keep them busy. Moreover, these application provide an easy-to-use interface for students and teachers. They help them to impart knowledge and education in the most simplest and well defined way for students.

  • Systematic Learning:

SystematicEducational applications have made learning easy and simple for students as they encourage enlightenment. Most schools, as well as instructors, are bound to follow a set pattern or style of training for students. By the use of these apps, students are able to maintain the flow with the teachers helping them to grasp topics and provides easy retention of information for students.

These educational mobile apps encourage and empower easy and efficient learning as well as permit students to view information from different points and angles.  They arouse interest in students and keep them occupied with information and stuff relevant to their learning and education topics. These objectives enlighten students in the best possible way removing strain from teachers and making their jobs easier and more efficient.  This permits students and teachers to grow their reach and capacity of information, as these apps function as a one-stop solution for all the questions students have.

  • Round the clock availability:

Using mobile apps, there are practically no limitations and restrictions as well as no set boundaries that students have in learning.  One can learn at any point and also at any given time favorable to them.  Mobile apps have been making learning much more fun for students that it is viable and interesting for them to gain knowledge and retain information.

Mobile apps have risen above the conventional classroom training and teaching approach making learning fun for students in the most efficient way.


Numerous individuals who enroll themselves for these learning courses, no longer stress about traveling to a particular spot or location to learn and understand their studies. These mobile apps have filled the gaps of remote learning and enablement for students thus making it efficient for them to understand topics of interest.


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  • Entertainment while learning:

Using educational applications, learning is made fun and easy for students and teachers. The teachers can teach a particular topic by broadening the horizon for students, and students can gain valuable insights into topics, by means of creative learning.

Technology innovation such as virtual reality, augmented reality takes students to the heart of the topic. These helping them to fully understand what the concept or topic is all about.


Students can keep themselves engaged by means of puzzles, interactive games, quizzes, and even tests. These help them to measure how much information they understood from the course. Students can also brush up and revise concepts that they feel they lack knowledge about.

  • Ease of Communication:

communicationWith the help of technology, communication has become ever so simple and helpful. As we all know, communication is one of the most important and significant instruments for imparting education. Students can help build their communication skills in due course of time helping them to achieve life objectives.

Educational applications help students and teachers build a simple and convenient framework between themselves that further helps them to expand their instructive methods.

  • Customizability:

CustomizabilityWith the advent of mobile apps, the medium of education can now be customized. These are tailor-made to suit each and every student. Students can tailor-make their approach to learning and assimilation of information taught by teachers and instructors.

These objectives help students to better understand complex topics and areas that they face difficulty in learning.  Mobile apps have helped students solve difficulties in their subjects and made them easy for students to learn and understand.

  • Easy assessment of assignments and projects:

assessmentThe days passed by when educators needed to check manually papers of students. With the advent of mobile apps, online tests can be conducted. This helps teachers assess the skills and knowledge of each student. These mobile applications have made jobs easier for students and teachers in the efficient way possible.

With eLearning applications, students can keep a record of their learning and self-check their knowledge on topics. This helps teachers bear less burden for each student to pay attention to.


  • Reduction in Costs:

Using mobile applications to learn helps students and parents pay less to their education and enable remote learning. Students can sit in the comfort of their homes and attend online classes and sessions.

These also help students save on travelling time which can be used in productive efforts for encouraging learning and assimilation. This is indeed a positive effort that helps make the lives of students and their parents better by encouraging skill development and learning.


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So you see that with the varied amount of benefits mobile app development has to offer for the education industry, it is imperative for educational institutions to develop a mobile app for their students.

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