How Mobile App Development Benefits Healthcare Sector

How Mobile App Development Benefits Healthcare Sector



Firstly, How many times, have you stood in queues desperate to find help for your loved ones. A monotonous as well as a dull waiting hall, queues which seem to get longer and longer as well as desperation that one faces to get into the doctor’s chamber is the picture that one would see nearly a decade ago. This would be the scenario when anyone would pay a visit to the hospital or clinic.

Particularly, Things have changed in recent and upcoming times. The scenario or situation that comes up has changed drastically. All due credit goes to the mobile app development industry as well as the growing IT industry. They have introduced a host of features and functions for this very industry. Healthcare has been at the forefront for receiving and giving a quality diagnosis. It provides preservation of healthcare for many different patients worldwide thanks to the numerous features and functions that it provides nowadays.

Secondly, Mobile app development has successfully reversed the scenario that one faced nearly a decade ago with features that are now present and can be availed at just a few clicks.

But before we go any further in the list of reasons and the key factors, for why healthcare apps now have become a compulsion or necessity, let’s glance at some facts. Here we present to you some important statistics regarding IT in the healthcare industry.

Some Statistics and Reports

From the report of statistics published by Statista, the healthcare sector has become one of the major factors for contribution to revenue.  It is estimated that it will reach the figure of 58.8 Billion dollars by the end of 2021 which is up from 25.39 billion in 2017.

From a statistics done on the amount of apps present in Google Play related to healthcare, there are about 3,25,000 healthcare apps available worldwide Just on Android.


  • Healthcare apps are a blessing for Doctors and Medical staff:

At the first impression, healthcare apps that are there in the market have become a blessing and boon for Medical staff and doctors, nurses, etc. Hospital authorities can easily manage and disburse treatment to patients using such apps.  The apps are present to help doctors get an update about the health condition of their patients.

A recent survey done by statistics proves that about 90% of doctors have a sound belief.  The belief is that healthcare apps can easily bring improvements to a patient’s health. About 80% of physicians are loving to use healthcare apps and mobile technology to deliver care and treatment to patients.

As a matter of fact, even the prescriptions which doctors used to write have now become digitized. This means that the prescriptions can now be accessed right on your mobile device.  Viewing of mobile reports has now been possible on the mobile device thanks to proper digitization of services. These are essential services provided by doctors. By doing this medical professionals will be able to make quick and sound decisions in case of emergencies. This critical and crucial information can be exchanged with just a click of a button on the mobile device.

These apps help to prepare and deliver a completely customized approach for the appropriate treatment of patients. This is because every and each patient needs special care tailored to their situation.

  • Healthcare Apps are a boon in distant remote areas:

Today is the generation of the internet with smartphones reaching every part of the world. People who are living in remote and distant locations can easily expect to get the appropriate and best healthcare services. The features and facilities that these on-demand apps provide to people help them to book doctors’ appointments and buy medicines online with just a click of a button.

Particularly, these patients do not have to travel to the hospital to get the appropriate treatment. Not only this, patients can get access to important notifications and healthcare tips regularly from time to time without any need of visiting the hospital. All this is possible simply because technology has enabled us to connect appropriate resources to each other.

  • The advantages patients receive from using healthcare apps:

The patients are going to be the ones who will be getting the most benefits from. Due to the use of such healthcare apps, they can use it to quickly schedule an appointment at a convenient time with doctors. Finding a specialist,  easy viewing of medical test reports online, purchase and delivery of medicines online as well as video consultation with doctors are some of the things possible through healthcare apps.  All of these services are just easy and convenient for the patient to do so sight from the comfort of their home.

Not only this they can also schedule a video chat with the appropriate doctor and discuss their ailments and treatments. From time to time, healthcare apps have been delivering quality services at the patient’s convenience. Users can also get and maintain a healthy diet by consulting with dieticians and nutritionists. This can be done online through the use of such health apps.

All of these advantages and factors enhance the convenience of patients just more. They are also entitled to know which medicine is prescribed to them.  And what are the side effects if any for the treatment being given?

  • The Internet of Things coming to the enhancement of healthcare apps:

The IoT or Internet of things is the trending buzzword today, and this futuristic approach that is given to technology has made collaboration and cooperation possible with association with healthcare today. This has made it possible for healthcare apps to deliver results that are just out of the box. As per statistics, the IoT healthcare market is growing at a mind-boggling rate of about 200%. This is estimated to reach about 136.8 billion dollars by 2021 end.

There is going to be no doubt that IoT is mainstreaming all the processes and features from time to time. This technology has simplified the tasks of healthcare professionals. Patients can get access to all their needed information as well as data on their devices. This is due to all of the medical devices are connected via wearables to the patient’s body to monitor biological parameters and vitals.

Powered by IoT healthcare has been able to provide much better services to patients. They are able to manage resources easily and efficiently.  The medical staff can manage the inventory and stock easily with ways to manage the resources efficiently.  This has made it easier for patients to follow doctors’ instructions and get the needed treatment for their ailments.

  • Reduce the errors and risks of wrong diagnosis and treatment:

Before technology was at the forefront of what we have today, we used to hear a lot of cases where patients’ lives were endangered just due to errors in the diagnostics approach.  But due to the emergence of healthcare apps, these possibilities are nullified and exempt. The healthcare apps have successfully eliminated the risks and associated troubles with such erroneous approaches.

The patient’s lives have now become vital in the hands of such healthcare apps. Because the doctors are able to receive an accurate report of the patient’s health conditions, it helps the doctors to appropriately deliver the treatment to such patients. Doctors can prescribe accurate and appropriate medicines with the right dosages to patients.  Healthcare apps are now capable to store the patient’s diagnostics records with the treatment given on data servers and cloud. This provides patients and doctors with easy access to such data enabling them to provide better treatment to patients.

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  • Reduction of medical bills and expenditure:

The major advantages of the healthcare app have been that it is able to drastically reduce the expenses that patients bore for treatment by medical authorities. Huge expenses and medical bill amounts were just another headache that patients bore in the long run and had a difficult route to recovery. Healthcare has successfully been able to nullify the free will that hospitals charged to patients for appropriate treatments.

  • Easy payment of bills:

Paying medical expenditure before the introduction of healthcare apps was just another pain in the butt before. But now since all processes and formalities have now become streamlined and aligned with healthcare apps, it has become easier with less burden on patients to pay their medical expenditure.  Patients do not have to stand in the queues to pay their expenditure, everything can be directly done through medical apps that are now available to patients.  The app has enabled highly safe and secure payment methods. These are instant and robust using such healthcare apps.

  • You monitor your health personally:

The healthcare app provides feature-rich functions that allow the patients to monitor their health conditions on a regular basis and that too is done on a personal level.  Patients can now check important vitals right before their eyes and keep a check on their health conditions. Vitals such as heartbeat, blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure can be measured right from using such wearable devices that are in sync with the healthcare apps. Patients can check and monitor their vital signs and report them to the doctors appropriately.


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Conclusion: Healthcare is just another industry to benefit from mobile app development. We have listed down the various benefits mobile app development provides to healthcare industries. If you are looking to develop healthcare apps then contact us at with your requirements.

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