How Android app development has revolutionized the world?


There has recently been a boom in the Android app development of mobile technologies. The three different technologies have developed over the years that now make up almost all of the mobile phone market.  These are the Android Operating system from Google, The iOS operating system from Apple and the Windows Mobile operating system from Microsoft. In this article, we are going to have a look at the increasingly popular Android operating system that has captured millions of hearts worldwide and has become the No 1 Choice operating system for handset manufacturers. 

Android has become increasingly popular in the mobile market these days. Statistics prove that Android has captured 80% of the market share in the previous years. And this mobile operating system is going to continue to be popular these days. The reasons for its popularity are its open-source nature and usage in mid-range priced smartphones. These phones have become popular among the masses and their usage is increasing day by day.

Any company that wants to market or sell its products and services needs to develop an app on the Android platform. This is because most users prefer to use their mobile phones for performing their day-to-day activities. Nowadays there have been developed an app for the slightest functionality, Because it is easy to develop and market an app for the Android platform it becomes essential for organizations to follow this trend to leverage and capture their target audience as well as market their products and services.


Google introduced the Android operating system on September 23, 2008. And has become the go-to operating system for many handset manufacturers. This is because it is easy to implement the Android functionality and manufacturers can easily use the source code to customize and provide their own functionality over the Android operating system. What’s more, there is an app for any kind of functionality, You do not need to pay Google for using the Android operating system.

The handsets that use the Android operating system drive the technology behind it. Google Does not restrict the usage of their operating system to their own handset manufacturers such as the Google Pixel Devices or the older Nexus Phones, unlike Apple. Hence this is the main reason why Android’s popularity is increasing day by day.

There has been a boom in Android app development of Android apps in the past years compared to any other mobile platform such as iOS from Apple or Windows Mobile from Microsoft. Android has emerged as the most popular operating system for mobile devices because of its easy-to-use and free-to-access nature.


There have been many Android developers in the market. If you or your organization wants to implement and use a certain idea or functionality then you can hire an Android developer very easily. The rates of development of Android apps also have been very cheap and affordable for organizations.


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Developing an Android app has many listed advantages which are listed below:

  • You can market your app to millions of consumers and have access to over 80% of mobile users
  • You can take advantage of the native features and performance offered by the Android Operating System.
  • You can hire developers for cheap for developing your idea into an Android app of your choice
  • You don’t need to spend extra for developing or having access to the developmental features as compared to other mobile platforms
  • You don’t have upfront costs other than the development costs. That is there are no other hidden costs associated with developing Android apps.
  • Any newbie or beginner can easily learn how to develop an Android app. There is nothing to pay in order to learn how to develop an app for Android mobile phones.
  • Android applications have a plethora of features that any developer can take advantage of for developing their mobile apps.
  • Handset manufacturers do not need to shell out extra money or pay anything for the usage of the Android platform
  • New developers can take advantage of the well-established, dominant and helpful community for solving any programming queries to implement certain custom functionality.


These are some of the advantages that make Android the GO-TO operating system for mobile handset manufacturers.



We have seen the advantages of what makes the Android operating system so popular among the masses of handset manufacturers. We have also seen why Android emerged as the most popular operating system for many manufacturers.

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