Hiring the best app developers Dos and Don’ts

Hiring the best app developers: Dos and Don’ts



Firstly, ever have you wondered how you are going to go about developing your mobile app for your company? Technology has taken the road ahead for many mobile app development companies. I mean there is a boom that is happening in the world and industry of mobile app development. Particularly, Every company aims to develop and use a mobile app for their business. However, there can be some mistakes that may impact the development perspective of mobile apps. Companies should refrain from committing such mistakes while Hiring the best app developers.

These mistakes can be done either knowingly or unknowingly. Consecutively, however it should be noted that these mistakes can also be prevented by taking corrective action. In this article, we will discuss what things you need to keep in mind when you are out to hire mobile app developers. Here are some Dos and Don’ts for you in the perspective of hiring the best mobile app developers.



Interviewing is key

As it is rightly said, the name says it all. Firstly, Interviewing any company or candidate for mobile app development is key. Do not forget to thoroughly interview your application or list of companies or candidates. They can be a single candidate or a group of people comprising a company. Particularly, You need to ask questions that assess their level of expertise in mobile app development. Do your homework, as to which technology is right for you.

What kind of mobile app development do you want to do. How many platforms should it support, Android, iOS or even Windows mobile platform. Are you looking for a hybrid mobile app or a native high performance one will do? These are the questions that you should ask when it comes to assessing companies and candidates. Have a clear vision. This is key towards selecting the right applications. If you do not have the technical knowledge or know-how then it is best you take help from an expert professional who will be ready to interview and help you out.

Domain knowledge is a must

It is better for you to select candidates or companies who have specific domain knowledge in the areas that you specialise or work in. Consider someone or some company that has domain knowledge in your specific business sector, for example, banking or hospitality industry. You will not have to spend your time explaining to the company or candidate how your business works, right!. Firstly, check if the company or candidate has the relevant skills or not for developing the app. Secondly, check the domain knowledge so that the candidate or team or company knows how your business functions. Doing this will help you to check whether the candidate can easily understand how your specific business functions and operates.

Analyse and understand Portfolio

When you sit down to assess the list of companies or candidates,  here is the thing that you should always do. Assess their portfolio. This will provide you detailed insights into what are the apps that they previously built. How did go about developing the app? What area or segment their apps catered to. How is the response of these apps from the general public. Checking the portfolio helps you to get an idea about how they will go about developing your app. You should always make it a point to check the app developer’s portfolio as well as the reputation that they have in public.

Previous Experience matters

Previous experience that app developers have also matter in this regard. If your app developer has the technical knowledge but not the experience of app development, then it is best to disregard or let go of this particular candidate. This is because even technical knowledge is good but when it comes to sheer experience, no one can beat it. Check if the candidate or company has prior experience developing apps before assigning or contracting them.

Quality rules over quantity

It may happen that you can get candidates who have developed many apps, but have not developed any popular apps. Or you may get candidates or companies who does not have a vast portfolio but they have developed one or two popular apps. Then it is best for you to select such a company or candidate. Always quality rules over quantity. This goes without saying in the field of mobile app development field as well. So do check if your candidature has enough good portfolio of apps under their hood.

Check and acknowledge reviews from clients

Always make it a point to check and confirm reviews and feedback from clients who have been the clients for whom they previously developed the apps for. This will provide you with valuable knowledge about how the candidate or company operates and whether they will be able to stick to your deadlines and budget or not. You should also check reviews and feedback from the previous companies who have been their clientele. You will be amazed to get the responses from the clients, so do not miss this point.


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Don’t be budget restraint for pure talent

You should not be budget and time restrained for the candidate or company. Good product development takes valuable time and effort. So keep this in mind. Let your budget and time be free flowing so that you get a quality product in the end and get good value at the end of the day.

Don’t select a company that does not have talented resources

You should also make it a point to not select companies and candidates who just claim to have resources but at the back end do not have enough expertise in a domain or technical knowledge. You can assess this easily and shortlist those companies quite efficiently and effectively. Uncheck those companies or candidates who do not have the technical knowledge or are just freshers when it comes to app development.

Should not hire a company that does not provide after sales support or maintenance

Likewise, you should not hire a company or candidate who does not believe in providing after sales or technical support once the app is developed. As software may encounter issues when you use it, it should also be the case that you need technical support when you start using the app. So make sure that companies provide you with good support services once your app is developed.

Don’t rely on just Google Search, do your analysis

Pure search engine search or Google search won’t be enough. Make your analysis thorough. Don’t just rely on Google search only. It can also be a different story once you interview candidates and companies, as well as get feedback from previous clients.


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We have shared with you the top Do and Don’ts when it comes to hiring the best app developers. So make your market research thorough and you should be good to go.