hire devops developers things to consider while hiring

Hire DevOps Developers: Things to Consider While Hiring


A DevOps engineer bridges the gap between software development and operations, expedites and improves delivery times, and allows for flexibility and problem-solving ahead of time. It makes sense that the demand for DevOps engineers is high. However, to hire DevOps developers is challenging because these professionals are in high demand and tough to find. The lack of DevOps training programs at many colleges has left a need in the market for DevOps experts.

Although there isn’t a perfect solution to the question of “how to hire the best DevOps engineer?” we have developed a true process and are sharing it with you.


What is DevOps? 

DevOps, often known as DevOps, is the combination of development and operations. Product development procedures consist of several tasks and phases that are categorized as either development or operations. DevOps engineers are experts in both development and operations, thus the field is sure to have a strong future.

But let’s discuss development and operations so that you can fully appreciate the range of a DevOps engineer. The operations team takes over for testing and deployment after the development team has finished the product’s UI/UX and coding.

Address bugs and other difficulties, entails returning to the development phase after testing and development has finished. This further impedes the progress of the procedure. To cut down on lead time, however, hiring DevOps experts can help manage development and operations concurrently.


Responsibilities of DevOps Engineer – 


Some Key Responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer are as follows:

  • In addition to high-end security measures like Linux/Unix, SSH keys, AWS accounts, and more, the DevOps engineer will make sure that security audits are conducted on time.
  • The design and upkeep of continuous integration and delivery in CircleCI, Gitlab, AWS CodePipeline, or Jenkins will fall under the supervision of your DevOps engineer.
  • Faster deliveries will be ensured by the DevOps engineer’s significant deployment time reduction.
  • You will have automated scripting for your infrastructure, cronjobs, servers, and other procedures when a DevOps engineer joins your team.
  • DevOps engineers are skilled in setting up VPN services, connecting several VPC networks, resolving networking problems, and more.
  • DevOps engineers assist with database administration and maintenance, web application troubleshooting, building microservices architectures for SaaS applications, and more.

  To summarize, when you hire DevOps developers, you will gain access to a cloud engineer.


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Things to Focus on While Choosing the Right DevOps Developers –

You need to carefully consider your team alternatives if you want to hire DevOps developers to provide high-quality work. Take into account, among other things, their talents, expertise, and the calibre of their performance and deliverables.

Prioritize the most important issues when you are researching your options.


Basic Operational and Development Skills:

It should be noted that software development and cloud technologies are both included in the DevOps methodology. It has to do with the techniques and auxiliary resources that support the software developers’ ongoing multidisciplinary cooperation. Additionally, it is related to controlling the expenses of DBAs, system programmers, network administrators, and security experts.

Make sure to hire a DevOps engineer who is well-experienced and proficient in coding, scripting, and collaborative procedures. Additionally, they have to be properly knowledgeable on the essential principles of this procedure, such as: 

  • Writing Virtualization Scripts
  • IT-related expertise
  • Entire system development
  • Constant delivery and integration


Technical Skills:

  • Make sure the team members you select for your project have the necessary technical and scripting abilities.
  • Essentially, particular programming languages like Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, and JavaScript should be known by DevOps specialists.
  • Being proficient in these languages is essential since DevOps professionals work with code in these languages.
  • The skilled DevOps engineer you select should be able to monitor and modify manual procedures like DNS codes and IP addresses in addition to being able to write code by hand. These experts indeed have to be knowledgeable about configuring these procedures as well as various development paradigms, such as object-oriented, procedural, and functional coding.
  • View the various technologies, scripting languages, and tools they have acquired and are capable of using.
  • Observe whether they use reading and writing infrastructure skills as well.


Understanding of Automation:

  • Make sure the team members you select for your project have the necessary technical and scripting abilities.
  • Essentially, particular programming languages like Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, and JavaScript should be known by DevOps specialists.
  • Being proficient in these languages is essential since DevOps professionals work with code in these languages.
  • Expert DevOps engineers are primarily responsible for managing automation techniques and tools throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Check if the professionals you are thinking about have the necessary training and expertise in using automation tools and methods.


Soft Skills:

  • In addition to technical expertise and understanding of cloud technologies computing, the greatest DevOps engineers also possess soft skills.
  • To begin with, they must be proficient communicators while debating tactics and fixes with the customer and other team members.
  • They should also be proficient in teamwork.
  • Expert DevOps engineers with strong interpersonal skills can provide all team members with the necessary information and prevent mistakes from happening during the process. This enhances the agile development process.


Flexibility with Learning and Adaptability:

  • When hiring knowledgeable engineers with DevOps-based training, you should also take their flexibility into account.
  • To begin with, as the IT and software development industries grow, new technologies and procedures are developed regularly.
  • A specialist who is set in their ways and exclusively uses the same technologies for every job is unable to offer clients innovative and cutting-edge solutions.
  • Thus, find out if the DevOps developer you intend to work with is willing to adapt to new situations and continuously improve their abilities.
  • The top DevOps engineers stay abreast of industry developments and are always picking up and applying new techniques and abilities.
  • Therefore, choose an expert with a cross-platform attitude for your project if you want the best results.


Visionary Perspective:

  • The greatest DevOps engineers differ from average ones not only in technical elements and cloud computing knowledge but also in soft skills.
  • They should, first and foremost, be proficient communicators when debating tactics and solutions with the client and other team members.
  • Not having an appropriate plan in place is one important area where many businesses and teams fail from the start of their projects.
  • It is impossible to plan the best course of action to accomplish a project’s or product’s primary goals without understanding its key objectives.


Four Hiring Models to Hire DevOps Developers in India –

Employers may choose contracting, freelance, outsourcing, and in-house hiring as distinct hiring models.


In-house Hiring:

  • To develop their core team and culture, tech companies employ full-time internal staff members.
  • Internal staff are often more motivated and extensively research products due to their commitment to product advancement and organizational growth.
  • By organizing or participating in hacking events and tech conferences, businesses can recruit engineers internally. They can also ask headhunting firms for an inside engineer.
  • Lastly, companies may use their human resources services to investigate the local market; a smart place to start would be by looking through LinkedIn profiles or posting a DevOps engineer position on Glassdoor.com or Angel.co.



  • Tech businesses hire people using this technique, delegating development to outside groups under the direction of their CTO or an internal product owner, so they can concentrate on their core business operations.
  • Unlike freelance platforms, outsourcing organizations are significantly more selective when it comes to hiring and, like any employer, they entail some risks.
  • Outsourcing, however, restricts communication between the business and outside suppliers because you won’t be directly in charge of every member of the expanded team.
  • Nimap Infotech is one such outsourcing company that provides various developers on a contractual basis. Through our Resource As a Service(RaaS) hiring model, you can hire DevOps developers within 1 hour. We maintain complete transparency with clients regarding our services.


Staff Augmentation:

  • When it comes to the hiring process, staff augmentation functions similarly to outsourcing.
  • Via development agencies, you can assemble a team of engineers.
  • The distinction is that this model places more emphasis on talent than on certain job titles.
  • The engineers you choose work as part of your full-time team under your direct supervision.
  • Employers who are looking to discover DevOps through outsourcing businesses may find it time-consuming to locate a list of these companies, visit each agency’s website, and inquire about the availability of DevOps personnel, as we discussed in the previous section.
  • Staff Augmentation Services are also provided by Nimap Infotech where you can find pre-vetted developers for different programming languages.


Freelance Programmers:

  • Employing independent contractors is appropriate for brief projects, simple jobs, and businesses with tight budgets.
  • Unlike engineers and contractors working for an organization, freelancers frequently handle multiple projects, and the quality of their work may not meet client expectations.
  • Furthermore, businesses don’t have the same control over a freelancer as they do over an in-house employee or contractor because these developers frequently manage many projects.


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One fundamental requirement is that DevOps engineers should be fully capable of facilitating smooth transitions between the development and operations teams. We reduce hurdles between development phases and increase productivity since we are proficient in agile development. This post described what DevOps is and what to look for in a DevOps engineer.