Frontend Developers vs Backend Developers

Frontend vs Backend Developers- Which one is best for you?


It is often said that the development is left best for expert professionals. Firstly, when it comes to the development of applications there are two types of developers namely frontend developers and backend developers.

Particularly, Both front end developers and back end developers play a crucial role in the development process of software and web applications even mobile applications. Technically, These developers help ease the process and aid the development process by contributing code and technical knowhow into it.

In this article, we are going to have a look at the roles and responsibilities of Frontend and backend developers (Frontend vs Backend Developers). We are going to compare as well as contrast what a front end developer does. How does their job responsibilities differ from back end developers. So let’s start. 

What is a Front End Developer?

A front end developer is a person who specializes in the creation of Front End Interfaces namely User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX). The person can easily integrate UI and UX elements and create a seamless, easy to understand and navigate, fluid UI UX elements that can be used for programming. These interfaces include Graphical User Interfaces for Web pages, Mobile apps or smartphone apps, and full-fledged desktop application interfaces.

Front end developers are mainly concerned with the development of a graphical user interface or GUI for the application that is to be developed. This GUI is the software piece that users will see and interact with, it forms an important part.  This forms an important part of the software development process.

A front end developer understands the need for the consumer market and the demand for simple and elegant user interfaces and delivers them in the form of images that can be used to develop the Front side application interfaces. A front end developer specializes in designing the front end aspect of software development and programming.

They are mainly concerned with the development of the “Front end” or the visible part of the software under development. This is going to be the GUI or the graphical user interface of the software. A front end developer is well versed with GUI technologies such as HTML, CSS, etc.

These interfaces are then passed to programmers who then generate the UI UX elements via complex programming techniques such as HTML, jQuery, CSS and other technologies in order to create the interfaces.

Technology Know-how

A front end developer should know and have some experience in developing Fluid UI and UX elements in either PhotoShop, Corel Draw, Illustrator, and other popular image editing and designing platforms.

Why are Front end developers required?

Front end developers work on the aesthetics, as well as the look and feel of the website, the appearance as well as the user interface of the website. So in addition to addition to the programming languages that have been listed above, front-end developers should also know and have some skills in PhotoShop, Sketch, and Figma.

Front-end developers should also know the basics of how web technology works, and the basics of web hosting and buying the domain using a site like Hosting Foundry to find the cheapest and best option for the domain.

What is a BackEnd Developer?

A Backend Developer is a person who specializes in creating the database for applications. The backend developers must know traditional technologies that can be used to create applications such as C, C++, Java, C# .Net, and so on. These persons specialize in coding the applications that can be used to solve and facilitate solutions to real-time problems that people have.

BackEnd developers are familiar with how the technology works and aims to provide real-time solutions to common problems that can be solved using the latest computing technologies such as Python, Ruby, PHP, ASP.NET, Java and so on. Back end developers know how to integrate the software with the back end framework or database tools. 

Technologies Know-how

A back end developer needs to be proficient in programming languages that render on the server-side of any website or web application. The popular backend programming languages are PHP, Python, Ruby, NodeJS and Java.

Typically a good backend developer can be a master of any one of these programming languages and has the familiarity with code in a second or third programming language. Backend developers are also experts in database management technologies such as Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server.

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Why are backend developers required?

Backend developers need to have critical thinking skills that are essential for programming and designing core logic. A backend developer is often seen debugging code. Particularly, As well as designing systems for how the user will interact with the website.

Here are some of the questions that the backend developer has to answer: Where the data is stored? Is the data stored safely and securely? If the website’s traffic increases multiple folds then will the website be able to scale securely without crashing? How can I add a new feature to the website, without breaking the current functionality of the website? How can I test the website so that the end-user experiences fewer errors as possible?

Let’s compare Front End and Back End Developers (Frontend vs Backend Developers)

Front End Developers

Back End Developers

Front end developers specialize in creating GUI and front end interfaces Back end Developers are responsible for the programming logic and management of server databases
FrontEnd developers should know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and some image editing platforms such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, CorelDraw, Illustrator Back End developers should know programming languages such as Ruby, Python, ASP.Net, Java, etc
Front end developers are concerned with how things look to the end-user Back End Developers are concerned with how things work out for the end-user
Front end development involves images, content, and structure Back end development involves business logic and data
In the development of the waterfall model, Front end developers work first to create the screens. In the development of the waterfall model, Back end developers work after the Front End developers have completed the work.


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In conclusion, there is no question that both Front end developers and Back End developers work in tandem.  They synchronization with each other.  To sum up, both developers are required for creating awesome applications. Therefore, there is a raising need for both front end developers as well as back end developers. Particularly, We hope that you find this article useful. And we hope that you now know which developers are essential for what activities. If you are looking to hire developers then do contact us at with your requirements.