Reasons to Choose Flutter for Cross-Platform App Development

Flutter for Cross Platform App Development: Reasons to Choose


Overview – Flutter for Cross Platform App Development

Firstly, cross platform app development has taken the world by storm. With cross platform app development it is now possible to develop apps for the most popular platforms namely, Android and iOS. With many companies such as Microsoft introducing Xamarin and Facebook introducing React Native, it has now been possible for app development companies to use this technology. This blog discusses the benefits of using Flutter for cross-platform app development, as companies are increasingly adopting such frameworks.

Particularly Flutter has gained in popularity amongst the competition. And has seen a huge surge in its usage by app companies. Secondly, it has now been possible with all these latest technology developments to be able to create and use a single code base for apps under these platforms.

When it comes to app creation, there are numerous aspects to take into account. First of all the language and the features matter the most. It depends on what kind of features you want your app to have. What all facilities and functions you want your app to leverage. And what should your end product app be like? The answers to each of these questions are necessary.

Cross platform development previously was in a total mess with the app not having various functions and being difficult to manage and create. Companies refrained from using cross platform development. It has a lot of problems to deal with first. Using this technique was challenging and impractical given the previous efforts. But now that the tables have turned, everything has changed.

More and more companies are now looking forward to using cross platform app development frameworks that are developed.  Flutter has emerged as the most popular cross platform development framework that can be used for app development.


Here are some of the reasons why you should consider Flutter for Cross Platform App Development:


Cross platform app development made simple

  • Cross platform app development has never been so easy and simple.
  • In the past years, there has been numerous changes and updates happening to Flutter and other frameworks.
  • You are now able to use a single code base to develop and manage all your cross platform app code. With this ability, you can develop apps for popular mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS and even the Windows mobile platform. As a result, you may modify a single code base and see the changes immediately in your app.
  • Many frameworks have some kind of hot reload feature which does not require you to compile your newer code in order to see the changes.


Backed By Google

  • This is one of the major reasons why you need to consider using Flutter.
  • being backed and helped by Google, a tech company and powerful search engine.
  • You can count on a constant stream of updates and fixes to reach you on a regular basis.
  • You may relax knowing that your app will have all the features and functionality you want it to have.
  • Second, this will be accomplished without any significant challenges or problems.


Ever Helpful Community

  • The Google-created and -provided community is always expanding. Since its inception of the Flutter language in 2015, the flutter community has had a steady growth pace that has now grown into a large pool of developers and programmers.
  • All members of this community are helpful and Eveready to address any issue that new programmers and developers might face.
  • On the forums and chat rooms, any questions you might have as a developer or programmer will be addressed and resolved immediately.
  • Particularly, you can rest assured that the resolution of your issues and problems will be provided to you within twenty four hours.



  • When you choose to use flutter you can get a native app like performance that is very hard to achieve.
  • You will be getting responsive and interactivity that you can use for your apps and provide app users with value through your app.
  • You do not have to look after using multiple code bases for different operating platforms.
  • Instead, a single code base will work well for your app development. As a result, you can anticipate performance that is on par with or even beyond that of currently being built native apps.



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  • Flutter has ever increased its popularity. Right from its inception and release to the masses in 2015, the popularity of the Flutter framework has been ever growing.
  • Different app developers and businesses are receiving the information.
  • If you want to be amongst the realms of this every growing community of developers and programmers alike and join the masses for the development of cross platform apps then you need to consider Flutter as your primary driver for cross platform app development.
  • Flutter now has close to a hundred thousand stars on GitHub with close to 80000 forks from its main project. This indicates that a large number of businesses have jumped on board to create cross-platform apps utilizing flutter. So why should you wait, you should make it your priority to use flutter for your app development needs.


Free and Open Source

  • Google has developed and designed Flutter as an open source software framework. This means that anyone is free to distribute, modify and use flutter as they wish and can use them for app development needs however they like.
  • The open source nature of the framework makes it possible to get regular updates and fixes.
  • The app development framework offers higher performance through regular updates and fixes.



  • It will not cost you any money or an expensive licensing fee or any subscription in order to make use of Flutter.
  • Google has made it clear that you can use Flutter however you like.
  • You can distribute your app without any significant amount of cost bearing for you. So because of this many app development companies are looking to consider flutter.


Use of Widgets

  • Particularly, when the question is about cross platform app development, Flutter is the only framework that promotes the use of Widgets.
  • Developers and programmers can use these provided widgets and develop smartphone applications that provide out-of-the-box functionality to customers and consumers.
  • There is no other tool or framework that comes even closer to what Flutter has to offer for developers.


Great Documentation

  • The Flutter documentation is excellent in each and every way.
  • Developers and programmers can use the documentation to refer to concepts and examples pretty easily and efficiently.
  • It is easy to understand and comprehend as well as use in programming applications.



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Conclusion – Flutter for Cross Platform App Development

So these are the very reasons why you need to consider flutter as your primary cross platform app development framework (Flutter for Cross-Platform App Development). If you are looking to hire flutter developers then you can contact us at with your requirements.

We have talented and seasoned developers ready to onboard your project and meet your expectations.