Features and Benefits of AngularJS Development

Features and Benefits of AngularJS Development



Are you in need of your web application to follow a seamless design pattern? Do you want to unlock a super experience for your visitors and customers? If YES is the answer to both these questions, then you need to read further to understand why should you contact an Angular development company?

Firstly, If we walk back a few decades back then you shall remember how we used to have static web pages using HTML as the main language to create these static pages. But due to the incoming of web applications, the pages have started to become much more dynamic and more interactive. This is the scenario exactly where Angular JS comes into play.

Particularly, Angular Js follows a structural framework made out of JavaScript. This framework helps programmers and developers create single-page HTML for creating dynamic views in web applications. If there is a need for you to express web components clearly then you should use Angular.

Angular JS provides a great way to build interactive elements and different components in a website. Angular developers have found out that the framework is immensely useful for building dynamic components that support MVC structure. The Angular team has now launched its latest version known as the Angular 7.0

Statistics prove that about 968,139 websites already make use of Angular, while 2311914 websites employes and use angular in some way or the other.

The need for Angular

For the creation of modern-day web applications, this angular framework has become an essential tool. The major advantage of using angular is that it is developed by Google. The aim is to make front-end development easier and swifter. Nevertheless, there is a large community base of like-minded angular developers helping other developers overcome obstacles.  This proves that clients and customers are getting what they need.

The Dependency Injection that Angular JS makes use of is one of the most preferred features for developers. This feature is used to ensure that a major part of coding is rendered or made obsolete or removed or automated.  A high level of abstraction provided by Angular to developers always counts in development. This high level of abstraction reduces the app development time which is a win situation for all, both developers and clients.

As stated by the Angular team, The model handles the data, the UI performs the view function, and business logic is handled by the controller.

What are the major uses of Angular?

  • The major use of angular when it was envisioned was to solving the challenges of web development and the designing process.
  • Moreover, the main aim of Angular was to ease out the HTML coding application integration and usage, as well as provide application module usage in frameworks.
  • Angular handles the control for the overall web infrastructure with the highest level of comfort. Because Angular makes use of the MVC architecture, the major use is to build rich features for applications.
  • The Document Object model that angular follows enhances the testability as well as the performance of the application.


The popularity of Angular JS:- Angular Benefits

Angular JS is efficient with the eloquent features and functions that it offers. Over the years, it has caught the attention of many developers and designers alike. Angular has emerged as one of the popular frameworks out there.  It provides a rich set of features to handle front-end web development. Because of its advanced features, developers and designer choose this framework over several other competent ones.  The sole purpose of developing this framework was to enable web development procedures easier to manage and comply with.  Let  us dive into detail into what features and functions do angular offer us:

Two Way Binding of Data

A common web application has the process of about 80% of its code reserved for traversing, listening to the DOM as well as component manipulation.  The data binding feature provided by angular saves developers time and efforts to write a major chunk of boilerplate code. With the facility of data binding the code disappears, which frees the developer to concentrate on the major part of the application. In other frameworks usually, the data binding is one way. But in angular, it is two-way.  The primary benefit of the data binding feature is that it aids in the processing and projection of the model to the application view. Without any problems, the application projection happens in an efficient manner.  This projection is seamless and consistent with the application’s logic.

Using two-way data binding, Angular JS is able to handle easy harmonization in the world of DOM and model processing. This makes it simpler for developers to use Angular JS  development.


One of the major principles of MVC software, angular js enables the design and development of client-side web applications. Angular JS does not make use of the traditional MVC architecture per se, but it employs a form of MVC known as MVVM or Model View View Model architecture. The model is called the plain data present in the application. A view model is an object whose main aim is to provide clear-cut data as well as schemes. These are provided to maintain specific views.

The controllers handle the setting of the preface, also to enhance the capacity to manage the behavior of the application.  The view handles the plain HTML used after the angular js has accumulated after processing the bindings and the rendered markups.

Dependency Injection

When you make use of angular you will understand that its development has a built-in dependency injection system built right in. This dependency injection system helps angular developers to keep the application plain and simple. It also helps the developers to build and test the application.

Angular JS assists the user to ask for dependencies instead of letting it do it by itself. It then distinguishes the available necessity of the service, and provide appropriate illustration to you as a developer.

Better User Interface

The user interface angular provides enables clear-cut development and is structured well. Hence it becomes extremely easy to manipulate the key components in an efficient way.

Use of Directives

Directives are one of the primary and strongest features that angular provides to developers. It is used to build custom HTML tags that are second to widgets functionality. These also function as a custom widget functionality for developers to customize the application. This provides a great way to empower the components. These embellish the constituents with the appropriate needed behavior, to enable them to maneuver DOM traits in an efficient and engaging manner.

We now know how popular and friendly angular is, but it is better if we look at the actual angular development situations present in the world. Which application types angular is most suitable for?


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Angular Uses for applications:

User Review applications:  In a major chunk of websites over the internet, user reviews play an important role. Whenever a user buys something, they can post reviews of the product on their websites, and portals, When you read reviews you feel confident about something as it confirms the confidence of the product inside you and preserves the ability for you to use it.

Travel Apps: The dynamic feature that angular provides within its platform, is in perfect sync with the needs and requirements of development for a Travel app.

Video Streaming:  All of us are well aware of YouTube. We all know how efficient and popular it is to upload and stream videos. The youtube application for Play Station 3 employs AngularJS for its use. Even Netflix makes use of angular for the streaming services that it provides.

User-Generated Content portals: Ever heard of sites such as freelancer.com? It employs angularJS to enable use of user content on its platform. This website uses a dynamic application because the content changes every minute on the platform.

Social apps: One 0f the popular social apps LinkedIn makes use of angular JS for their mobile end customers.

Advantages of Angular JS:


  • A great MVC:

We have seen earlier that the majority chunk of app development requires the developer to split the app into multiple MVC components. After doing this, the developer needs to write code to join all the pieces together. This is not there in angular, as the stringing part of angular takes care of this and joining happens automatically. This saves you valuable developer time as well as the efforts that they put in. This also enables you to quickly develop a minimum viable product that helps you to bring out a product that you can market to your users and customers.

  • Developed By Google:

This is one of the most satisfying backings that you can have as a developer of angular apps. The development platform is fully supported and backed by Google. You get timely updates and improvement patches for the application you develop in angular.  This makes your application to be efficient as possible. and addresses the needs and requirements of your users.

  • Intuitive:

A major advantage of angular is that it is intuitive in nature. Because HTML is a declarative language. This makes it less fragile for reorganizing or reordering code components.

  • Comprehensive solution:

Angular provides developers and designers with an all-round comprehensive front-end development solution that they can avail.


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So we have discussed the various benefits that angular provides to users. If you are looking to Hire Angular developer then contact us at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com with your requirements.

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