Digital Marketing Hacks to Grow your Business Online

Digital Marketing Hacks to Grow your Business Online

I’ve outlined 15 of the Best Digital Marketing Hacks that are going to work for you if you follow all the steps correctly. 




1. Broad SEF sweep:

Before thinking whether if your site is optimized correctly with all the SEO parameters, first check to see if it’s search engine friendly. This should be able to cover a lot of technical ground, so a good place to start on is that you make sure that all your titles, meta descriptions, as well as headings are in place, unique, and relevant to the content that is present on the page. These won’t create instant overnight or instant success–especially if you have some other issues, but it does give Google and other search engines some meat to grab onto.

Always ensure that whatever website you design, is in accordance to search engine parameters and rules. Doing this will give a great boost to your website and help you in your quest to compete against your rivals. Make sure that whatever content you put on your website, it should be as per optimized SEO guidelines that are available. To find out this, you can use free audit SEO websites that help you to find issues within your website.

2. PPC:

Want to get near-instant data and results for the specific keyword on search volume, the viability of certain specific keywords that you use for your optimization campaign, or the total value that you provide the visitors of your onsite experience? PPC, pay-per-click advertising, can give you that information and this will be surely just for a relatively low cost. You will be going to spend a little money, but the data and the results that you get will be worth it.

It is known that organic SEO takes a lot of time and dedication to yield results. Therefore to get instant results, you wouldn’t mind to spend some cash on performing your PPC or pay per click strategy. The strategy should be such that you are running targeted ads to bring customers onto your website for the products and services that you sell. PPC is widely known to yield quick results that help you to monitor and get leads. These leads can then bring a boost to your sales, if your customers like your products and services that you sell.

3. Give away free content:

Free content is always and will continue to be a great way to showcase your expertise, skill, experience, as well as know-how. It’s not about engaging in self-promotion, but it is about providing some value to your users and also about providing the solutions your audience seeks. But when you give away content for free,  you should always be aware that you should also be asking from them something in return. This is where calls-to-action works provided the visitors get some gated content and can provide you with just the right push to get your visitors closer to being customers.

A great idea in mind is to provide free content to your target audience. This could be in the form of user guides, tips, tricks to get the best out of your products or simply to ease the tasks that your customers need to do. These guides can be in the form of free downloads from your website for your target audience. This tactic also helps in generating leads and enquiries for your products and services that you sell.

4. Reward brand sharing:

If people are sharing, commenting, discussing or talking about your brand or your products, be sure to reward them. At the very least, acknowledge it and show that you as a business owner have kept them in mind. That can be enough boost for them. But you can also do fun things to boost your customers and motivate them such as contests, random giveaways, and other interactive and fun things that let your fans and visitors know you care.

You can ensure that whatever brand loyalty your customers can give you, this should translate into credible rewards or accolades that your loyal customers can bask on. This can help you spread the word for the products using digital marketing efforts.

5. Hire a customer:

Okay, so you don’t actually have to hire a customer literally as I said, but you can use the customer data that you collected to improve your website. Whether it’s by reviewing your analytics at regular intervals regularly, performing multivariate testing on your website or, yes, performing real-user testing, your customers and visitors can provide you a wealth of data that is going to help you to serve them better in the future.

6. Audit your website:

Auditing your website can provide you or give you a fantastic jump-off point for being able to solve a lot of problems for ranking. In fact, this can be a great shortcut in order to get as much information that you need is so that you can fix out all the issues and get better results. Of course the first part of your website should be the website audit. This helps you to find and fix issues that can impact your digital marketing efforts.

7. Make every page a landing page:

As a seasoned digital marketer, I have a rule. Every page on a website needs to have a purpose and value for the users. And then it must fulfill and accomplish that purpose. Ask yourself, what do you want your website visitors to do after landing on that page? Then you need to make sure all the messaging as well as the calls-to-action all support that specific goal.

8. Evergreen content:

In addition to your regular blog at specific duration or intervals as well as content creation, take the time to write something that is going to be likely to withstand the major test of time. Current facts as well as information are great, but a good piece of evergreen content will be able to generate specific traffic–and leads–for years.

9. Repurpose content:

Never, ever let your content be wasted on a single targeted audience that is specific. You took all that time to create something that is of value to your visitors, right? Well, then why not share it with someone else? Figure out how to re-use your existing content in other formats and for newer audiences and visitors. You need to get the most value out of it and that you surely can.

10. Answer questions:

It’s time to think beyond your FAQ pages. When it comes to answering and solving questions your audience and visitors are asking. Not only are people asking questions on places like Quora and Clarity, among other places. But you can answer questions and provide any resolutions for customer issues anywhere on your website that is relevant. Think of two or three questions that can be answered. This can be on any given page of your site, and add it to the content. So this was 10 Digital Marketing Hacks.


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Bonus tips- Digital Marketing Hacks


1. Remarketing:

A subset of PPC, remarketing allows you to extract the most value out of every visitor. Once a visitor walks away from your website, you can surely and gently remind them to return back. It’s often far more cost-effective and valuable to you than PPC alone and lets or allows you to tap into people who are already familiar and recognize your brand.

2. Make a ruckus:

Did you do anything that is going to be worth mentioning? To anyone in terms of visitors? Then you need to make a big deal about it. No, I don’t mean that you should write a press release.  But there is no reason not to toot your own horn a bit and give people a reason to come check out your awesomeness, that you have acknowledged them.

3. Write for your competition:

A lot of industries don’t mind having some amount of little competition. And are even willing to provide a space for other experts.  And professionals to share their thoughts as well as opinions. If you can write for a competitor’s blog or guest post. You can get yourself in front of an entirely new set of the target audience that you may not otherwise have had access to. No matter how you look at it and think about it, that’s is surely a win!

4. Engage on social media:

Your customers are bound to be using social media. Why not reach out to them and make friends with them? Wont hurt your efforts right?

5. Curate content:

Having a good content strategy for your target visitors. Or Audiences don’t mean you have to produce all the content all by yourself. Curate content from other well-known sources in order to share with your audience. It’s a great way to showcase your knowledge and expertise. So this was 5  bonus Digital Marketing Hacks.


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Conclusion: I hope that this Digital Marketing Hacks will surely help you grow your business online. If you have any questions, simply contact us. You can hire our Digital Marketing Service.