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While observing your day to day running online operations have you been ever awestruck by the way an application is designed? Have you wondered how it builds? Do you know that designing a single android mobile app requires a complete team of developers?


Well if you’re a tech enthusiast you must have googled all such questions to answer your curiosity. However, becoming a successful developer is not at all easy. You can join the Android app development course or take Android training in Mumbai under a professional trainer but that also takes a lot of hard work, dedication, passion, and determination to stand out from the rest.


There are hundreds of search results you can find to become a successful Android developer but you cannot follow all of them. So if you’re ready to put in to see the efforts to become a successful Android developer this blog is for you. Go through the below information in the blog to see the correct measure of instruction you need to follow to become a successful developer which is accepted globally. 


To get started with, let us first understand who is an Android developer?


Hire Android Developer


An Android developer is a software developer who is practiced in designing applications for the Android marketplace. The role of an Android developer is to create applications with regards to what domain your company works on. They can either work in any organization or can also be employed by an app development agency. 


The key role of an Android developer is to create Android applications. They should be well skilled and creative to build both simple as well as complex applications. As a developer, you must be clear about your job profile and responsibilities. 


Take a look at some of the basic roles you must need to take care of to become a successful Android developer – 


  • You should have good command over your programming language. 
  • You should work in coordination with the designing and testing team to have everyone on the same page. 
  • Explore and evolve to master working with different API and data sources.
  • Learn how to fix bugs. 
  • Keep evaluating and discovering new tools and technologies. 


Why Android Development?


Evolving Platform 


Android is a popular and highly rated Google play store. Because it keeps making changes in its functionalities and releases new versions Android users get updates regularly. Catching the attention of the users it keep improvising its features to add something valuable each time. 




Android is an open-source mobile operating system. Due to the open-source platform, its license packaging cost is very low. Because of its vast community if you face any issue it allows you to directly interact with the developers. 


Easy to Adapt and Learn


Android is an easy and one of the foremost trusty languages used to develop applications. Any user having good knowledge of Java can easily develop an Android application. 


Compared with other programming languages Android is much easier to learn and use. 


How to Hire Android Developer


To aid your quest to become a better Android developer below are some few tips to follow – 


Get familiar With Android Framework Internals


If you dream to be really good in your development career you have to dive deep into the Android framework internals. It is good to discover unexplored things and fit better in your work rather than just using the basic SDK tools. 


So, if you want to level your game up than just being a newcomer you should invest more time and effort to get into details.  


Expand Your Knowledge


Android is a vast language hence, you cannot learn everything in one go. The more you learn the more you’ll explore and understand what you’ve to achieve. Learn the tricks and techniques other developers use, it will help you grow more in your field. Take out time to search for better coding methods of experienced and popular coders. The more you’ll read and try the more you’ll procure. 


Learn about other open-source apps and libraries and discover more into coding techniques to expand your horizon. 


Get Proficiency In Java Designing Pattern


Develop good proficiency in other programming languages like Java or Kotlin. In case you get stuck with any critical programming problem, designing patterns would act as a lifesaver. Java offering multiple benefits in programming provides huge support services to take the best of everything. It will also help you learn new designing patterns each time you code. 


Open Source Programming 


There are many new things to learn in open-sourcing, so if you’ve developed a library plugin consider open-sourcing it. Open-sourcing projects will increase your value as a developer. If you don’t find scope for open-sourcing in your project try improving your documentation, fixing bugs, etc. Even the slightest of contribution will be helpful for project maintainers to keep your project running. 


Make Your IDE 


Start making your IDE to get comprehensive facilities while programming. A developer can learn and discover many new things while making use of all the hidden shortcuts and useful features. 


Make this a habit to discover new and better ways of developing, improving your workflow and productivity. 


Consistency Is Key To Success


If you need to be successful as an Android developer you need to be consistent in your work. Doing something for a few days and quitting to have something else won’t work. It’s easy to start something but difficult to continue with the same passion and dedication for a long time. So before you enter into the development process be very sure while making your goals and choosing your challenges. 


> Get yourself familiar with cloud message APIs and push notifications to connect Android applications with backend services.  


> Have familiarity with continuous integration and knowledge about Google’s Android design principle and interface guidelines.


> Keep yourself updated with SQL.




Android is one such domain where the jobs are never out of stock. So to be an amazing developer start finding the best Android app development course you can join. 

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