Cloud Based App Vs Web Based App

Cloud Based App Vs Web Based App


Overview- Cloud Based App Vs Web Based App

Firstly, often have you wondered which app do you need to develop for your company or business. You need to ascertain which features do you require for the app to possess. It will become better for you. Of the majority of apps that are available and can be developed, these two are prominent.  Two of the most popular ones are cloud based apps and web based apps.  Secondly, these apps are something that can help you to fasten the speed of development and provide you with ample amount of features.

The line that exists between the cloud app and the web app seems to be blurry as ever. We are here to distinguish and clear out the doubts that you have when selecting which app you should develop. There are some subtle differences when it comes to developing both cloud based apps and web based apps.

Cloud Based App

A cloud based app runs on the cloud infrastructure such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web services. These apps are typically served on the cloud infrastructure. They are either accessed using a web browser or a web based interface. All of your data resides on the cloud infrastructure and is easily managed by it. A cloud app is nothing but an evolved version of the web app. These apps are equally meant to access and use online services but are not always meant to be accessed using a web browser.

The web based interface is to be used to access all online or cloud based data directly. It can either involve or not involve a web browser.



There is a surge in many different companies and organizations to use and implement cloud based applications in their daily projects. There are a lot of advantages that cloud applications have to offer. First of all your data that you work on is directly saved on to the cloud based environment that is set up for use. This helps you to not think about data loss or identity theft that can happen with local based applications. Second part is the question of security. As many cloud applications have highest security standards that prevent data theft and indentity theft that does not allow data to be leaked out. Your personal data and information is 100% secure in the cloud based applications. You can go ahead and use the cloud application as much as you want with out worry for security and issues like that.

Here are some characteristics of cloud based apps.

  • Data is accessed from the cloud
  • Web browser can or cannot be used
  • Offline mode means data can be locally cached on the users machine
  • Usually involved a subscription or a licensing fee to operate and use services
  • Internet connection or a mobile based data connection is required most of the time


Some of the common examples include Dropbox, Zoho, Microsoft Office online, SalesForce, and many more. These applications typically require a subscription or a license to work and they charge a nominal fee to operate and provide the services.

Web Based Apps

As the name suggests web based apps typically are developed using web technologies and are access via a web browser. Firstly, a web browser is compulsory to be used as it helps and plays as the intermediary to send and receive data from the web server. Typically developed using web based technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Angular, and many more. If there is no internet or a mobile based data connection then as a user you will not be able to operate and use the web based app.

Web based apps are comparatively cheaper and easier to develop than cloud based apps. However, Cloud based apps are easier to scale and are high performing apps compared to web-based apps. For medium to lite loads a web based app is preferable, however for heavy or high performance on-demand usage, a cloud based app is sustainable in the long term. Web based apps typically involve a client based and a server based infrastructure in order to operate effectively and efficiently.


Compared to cloud based apps there are also different kind of advantages that these apps have. First of all web based apps do not require sophisticated hardware or infrastructure required to operate as compared to cloud based apps. Also the amount of maintenance that is required for a web based app is much less as compared to cloud based app. Web based apps also cost less and the development time that is required is also less as compared to cloud based apps. It all depends on what requirement do you have for your app that is under development.

Here are some of the characteristics of Web based apps:

  • Developed using web technologies
  • May involve cloud storage depending on the requirements
  • Compulsorily uses an active internet or a mobile data connection to operate
  • Uses a web browser to operate and manage the user’s data
  • Can be operated on any device hence it is platform-independent
  • Cloud based services can be involved in web based apps
  • Requires little or negligible investment to develop
  • Not as scalable in the long term as Cloud based apps
  • Will crash or fail when the situation demands for high workloads or high performance or heavy user or traffic involvement


Facebook Lite, Flipkart, JioMart are all web based apps that can be used via a web browser.


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