Gold Loan Case Study

Client is a Bullion company that deals in the trade of Gold. 

They wanted to venture into the market of providing gold loans for customers in the easiest and flexible way possible and that too without any hassles for the customer.

They wanted customers to have a pleasant Gold dealing experience at which they could take loans on their gold. 

Problem Statement

  • Platform for getting Gold Loan within 2 hours
  • Keep all customer records and dealings digitally.
  • Provide an easy interface for the customer to track all gold dealings

Our Approach – Proposed Solution:

We proposed a solution that provided an efficient way to deal with gold mortgaging

Front End: Angular

Database: AWS RDS

Back End: Node JS

The customers are able to track and manage their Gold Dealings and mortgages through the use of easy EMIs, or subscriptions. The instant payment was done for the gold mortgaged, and a full rebate of gold was awarded upon successful loan completion tenure and payment .

This solution provided an efficient way for customers who wanted loans against their valuable gold ornaments and bullions. They are provided with a highly efficient and informative interface that shows them the amount of gold mortgaged, loan duration, the EMI that they need to pay every month and many more things.

Challenges- Objectives achieved

  1. Delivering the system within the stipulated time of 3 months
  2. Multiple changes were incorporated within the application for full customer satisfaction.
  3. Developers should be locally present to help out with the system development process
  4. Understanding the customer requirements was a challenging task at the beginning and we managed to overcome it successfully.
  5. Providing a user friendly interface with all the complexity was itself a big task on its own which we achieved with our flexible on demand in-house team.

Results – Customer Testimony

Nimap has been very supportive and polite in every aspect of the project right from the start. Even after bugging them with small changes in the interface and limiting the completion timeline, they have been very supportive and successful in delivering the project despite the tight deadlines. I will always be grateful for them in implementing this mission critical project for us. For anyone looking to implement any kind of development work or application maintenance work, will always recommend Nimap as the sole developer who worked tirelessly for us. For more information, check out our digital gold product or our SIP in gold product.