Best Apple iOS 12 features



In the market of gizmos and mobile devices, Apple after beating Nokia and Android has become the most leading mobile device company over the globe. Users found it surprising but the quality and performances it offers are unbeatable. After a decade Apple iOS after beating Nokia has become the largest mobile selling company in the market of Asia.


Apple started its launch through iPod and after seeing its way of success it later offered the market its mobile devices, tablets such as iPad and with the recent time to save your valuable time it manufactured multi-featured smartwatches. Apple with its iOS 10 features has significantly taken over large shares of consumers in the market.


Apple is a product of pride and class where quality and performance are its major driving instruments. With every new iPhone update of the operating system, it surprises its users with a more better version of features. Apple with its uncompromising and rigid rules delivers great quality and security to its end users. Unlike other systems, Apple makes sure that its users get smooth working mobile applications with no chance of getting hanged or slow down in between.


With a new iPhone update, Apple due to its high usage took a fresh take by introducing a new iPhone Operating System 12. With this new iPhone update, Apple is promising another great reliability and faster performance than before.


Top 12 iOS features


  • Responsive and Delightful Performance


Apple introduced iOS 12 to make your iPhones and iPads much faster and better. It was made to speed up your devices by making it more faster than before. With new iOS 12 feature, Apple can run its applications by 50% faster system keyboard, 40% faster app launch and 70% faster camera opening. Fixing all the debugs of your system it helps your device run smoothly even when it is under heavy load. While enhancing your performance iOS 12 allows you to perform multiple tasks on your device without slowing your processing system. Improving all the previous issues iOS 12 app makes significant improvements delivering optimal performance to its users.


  • Make Moments With Memojis


With iOS 12 Apple iOS developer introduced a new comic feature called Memoji. With this new personalization, users can select any iPhone emoji and use it just like a face mask. To add your sense of personality and fun in your convo you can decorate your mask with different eye colors and hairstyles. The user can even add varieties of accessories to decorate your memojis. With its latest update, it brought Animoji characters like goat, koala, tiger, and tyrannosaurus who will detect your face and mimic when you will stick out your tongue.


  • Augmented Reality


iPhone latest version includes the world’s trending technology Augmented Reality in iOS 12. With this feature, you can create and share pieces of AR with real-world locations which can later be viewed by another person in the same place. Introducing another new functionality in ARKit2 you can recognize objects and play exciting multiplayer games. Using AR you can also make your content rich using USDZ file format. This will help you in tracking face and measure your app.


  • Refined and Orderly Notifications


Apple with its new iPhone update solved messy notification setting which earlier versions could not. With the new iOS app development you can manage your notification setting to the way you want them to pop. With new iOS 12, all the related notifications or notifications from the same app will be grouped together and form a stack so that the user doesn’t get confused. iPhones latest version helps you manage notification in real time from the lock screen and Siri with its intelligent suggestions is ready on how you interact with them. Apple iOS 12 brings you handy ways to manage your notifications fast in a 3D view.


  • FaceTime


New iOS update of iOS 12 brought us a new extraordinary thing. Our new iPhone update supports you to connect 32 people on audio and video call at once. It is showcased in a tiled interface where the person who is speaking automatically their tile will become larger. It will help you keep track of your conversation. To add more fun in your convo you can use Memojis and Animojis on your face. With an active participation, you can even use it for the official calls as it allows you to connect 32 people in one call.


  • Screen Time


Apple with its new iOS update brings you this amazing feature by which you can track and calculate how much time you’ve spent on each app and what work you did. Mentioning, the work you did was productive or just killed the time. It is way too beneficial for students to divide their time and more than that for our parents. It allows parents to keep track and check how much time their children are spending on mobile phones and what they are browsing. iOS developer added another quality feature to this app where you can set a limit and just like an alarm a reminder pop will be displayed on your screen mentioning your time limit to use the phone is over.


  • Personalized Siri Responses


New iOS 12 update made Siri better and smarter. Previously it was only used to take users commands and answer their questions accordingly, but with iOS 12 Siri can perform many more important things. For say, if you follow a fix patter in your weekdays to start your work and daily routine, with the help of Siri shortcuts you can custom and make a single command involving all the other apps. All you need to do is download the Siri shortcut app from App store then scratch by clicking on create a shortcut and then scroll to select the task action you like to add. Open your gallery to select the shortcuts and customize your own Siri command.


  • Siri Suggestions

Siri just like a human reminder will timely help you remind what things you are forgetting to do. It will help you get a reminder about your meetings schedules, to wish your friend on the birthday or any work you fixed at a particular time to do. iOS 12 added 40 different languages in Siri for users exploring different parts of the world.


  • iBooks to Apple Books


If you are a reader and reading is your favorite thing to do then this feature of iOS 12 is made only for you. This new iPhone update of iOS 12 not only enhances your knowledge but also allows its users to read, discover and listen all your favorite books and audio books. It comes with a “Reading Now” tab to let you offer an enormous number of books to read without carrying their weight physically. It is greatly helpful during your traveling trips. With this smart iOS 12 feature, you can summarise your class lectures and prepare yourself for exams.


  • Do Not Disturb


Do not Disturb app in iOS 12 simply means you don’t want to be disturbed. With this iPhone update, you can stop anyone from calling you without switching off your phone. You can use this app for various purposes like if you are in a meeting or in an event and does not want to be bothered. Manier times people even use it at night so that their sleep don’t break by unnecessary calls and messages. With this new app you can get rid of all the unwanted calls you don’t need by allowing only specific important calls as long as you want.


With an update of iOS 11, a lot of vagueness and bugs got created making our phone processing slow. Apple’s new iOS update resolved all such bad occurring, bringing their best devices back in the market. With the improved search in Apple’s photo app to new camera effects, Apple brought many more advanced features. With more personalization, enhanced security, improved quality, and better connection iPhone app developers again hiked up its worth in the market. 

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