Benefits of Mobile Apps for Travel & Tourism Industry

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Travel & Tourism Industry



Firstly, the travel and tourism industry is growing at a mind-boggling rate over the years. According to the latest statistic and if we believe the numbers are true, this industry stands at about 147.5 billion dollars.  And further expected to expand to 260.5 billion dollars in the next decade.

Another statistical data released to the general public by the United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), have predicted that the international tourist arrivals from other countries have increased to about 1.2 billion in 2015. All of these figures and facts point out one major thing. That the travel and tourism industry have an indeed a profitable business and a great future ahead of them.

The usefulness of travel apps

Secondly, indeed technology has played a key role in uplifting the overall landscape of the tourism industry. Customers can thank the handy mobile application that has able to bring about the revolutionary transformation in this emerging sector.

Indeed it was not easy for planning a vacation for family members was not going to be that simple.  Unless the advent of such travel and tourism apps. There was a time when the head of the family had to depend on the travel agent’s plans and itinerary for making proper arrangements. These arrangements are done with travel partners to plan the trip and vacation ahead of them.  But luckily this time has also passed away.


Now the scenario has changed.  And most of the companies and tour operating firms have developed their own proprietary travel apps.  They are able to offer irresistible and attractive discounts. These facilities seem to be irresistible.  And they keep providing discounts to customers to woo them and grab potential clients for their firms.

It is planned and estimated that about 85% of smartphone users regularly use travel apps. They do this while they are about to plan for a vacation with their family members. So if you’re on a plan to fix a vacation with your loved ones you should explore such travel and vacation planning apps. And if you are into the touring business, it is the correct time for you to think about launching your own proprietary travel app for your business. This is essential for your business to stay afloat and survive in this competitive industry.

Now lets us see the details about some essential points.  Why the mobile apps are essential for your tour and travelling business:

Easy Bookings Under one Roof

One of the primary reasons why vacation lovers and holiday aficionados cling on to mobile apps is because you can have access to everything under one roof and tile.

This means that if a tourist makes a prior booking on the mobile app.  He can schedule and make arrangements all at a single place.

All of these includes booking and choosing the appropriate destination, booking tickets to reach the location, hotel reservation to stay for the trip, prior booking taxi service to explore the destination and site visiting, etc. The tourist does not have to open up any other separate apps to perform the other tasks. All of these things can be done through one major app that the tourist uses.

If you are a business in travel and tourism, then you are also entitled to add features of your choice.  As a tourism company owner, you can add bonus features into your apps that provides essential information to customers. Information about live weather updates particularly at hill stations where the weather tends to be foggy and rainy at such locations. The weather frequently seems to change there at such locations.

The customer or tourist would be familiarized in advance to visit such locations or not.  You are also entitled to provide information about the famous restaurants there where the tourist can dine in and hang out with their loved ones.  You can show the latest cuisines and the best areas to shop for souvenirs.


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A platform that provides irresistible discounts and rebates

Since the evolution of mobile apps and the increasing number of smartphone users and gadgets.  There is a ruthless competition and the travel industry is no exception to this rule.

You must have seen that when you open the Play Store or App store you have unlimited options and countess apps to choose from. However, the users have their own specific views and thoughts about downloading a particular app from the store. But the major factor that influences their decision is the fact that how much discount or rebate can the company or tour operator provide to him or her.  This amount justifies the reason why the user will be using your app in the first place. So if you want to increase your business ensure that you provide adequate discounts and attractive offers to the users.

There are some useful apps that allow customers to compare the different prices of various hotels and resorts on the set location. You can also compare the flight or travel expenses that the holiday reservation claim to offer. These offers are unbeatable and offer attractive discounts on airfares and such other important constraints.

It is crucial to know that the users and customers have become smarter and so you should be extra careful when promoting your offer for the best discount on such apps.


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Best-In-Class Personalized and Enhanced Services

Customized and personalized services can include tour packages for many different purposes. Whether you are going for a relaxing holiday or vacation or are on a business trip with your colleagues, you can always avail of such services.  These packages and tours offer the best experiences ever. So make sure that your app is able to provide such offers to customers.

Not only this but also the travel agents have also become smarter and quite conscious. They are conscious about paying special attention to the needs and requirements of the customers.

For this to happen, you need to keep a strict eye on the current demands and expectations of the market. And tailor-make your travel packages accordingly to suit the customer objectives.

Enables you to potential market your offers

Today business promotion being done online has become one of the most prolific and dominant tools to enhance your business visibility and boost productivity.

Did you know that some travel apps lack outreach while others always hit the limelight perfectly? This is because of the rugged and robust marketing strategy that companies follow.  You have to advertise your app in such a way that it appeals to the masses and your target audience.

One of the most efficient ways to do this is to stay in touch and connected with your customers as well as target the new ones.

Employing the social media buttons to share engaging and attractive content regularly with your customers is one way of promoting your business services to them.

Find out when your customer are planning for their next trip.

Reduce unnecessary paperwork and simplify the process

One of the major and stronghold advantages that mobile apps have to offer businesses are that it has minimized the use of paper-based processes. These are cumbersome and its effectiveness is low. Now is the age of digital technology where everything is digitalized and process-oriented. Therefore it is essential for you to follow the trend and provide enhanced services and support to your customers and clients.

Since smartphones are so convenient, you can save soft copies of the reservations, flight or railway tickets on your devices easily.

You do not have to physically carry them everywhere you go. After the release of such travel and tourism apps you can save your important documents in your devices which makes the trip convenient for you.  After such app launches, the formalities of travel booking have drastically reduced in favor of the customer.

One of the greatest gifts of mobile application development to the travel and tourism sector is the facilitance of online transactions.  It enables you to make payments using the internet to book your travel and vacation plans. You do not need to carry cash in your hand.  You can have easy access to such travel and tourism apps all around the year, without any downtime or failure.

Get real view pictures and experiences of the travel destination

How would you like to show your customers the real travel experiences of their destination? Wouldnt it be amazing if your customers got the first-hand experience about their travel and tourism plans ahead of time? It would easily be able to entice and arouse them and get them all excited about the vacation. They would indeed look forward to the vacation plan ahead of time. This is rightly possible with today’s travel and tourism apps. You can showcase your clients and customers the potential views of the vacation trips to them. This will help your customers get a feel of that place well in advance and would indeed look forward to the trip.  The app can also provide videos for a better experience for the customers.


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Three is without a doubt that mobile apps have become truly the most vital aspect of the travel and tourism industry. Businesses must leverage the benefits of developing mobile apps so that they can get on the right path for growth and revenue generation.

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