Basic difference in Web Development with Core PHP and PHP Frameworks

Basic difference in Web Development with Core PHP and PHP Frameworks


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There has been an existence of several PHP frameworks that help with programming. PHP has been used for quite a while now and that is the language that most of the web is composed of. 

PHP has effectively lead to the development of server-side applications that are scalable and deployed to handle a huge amount of traffic at any given time. In this article, we are going to have a look at the difference of web development done using raw PHP language and the ones done using a particular PHP framework. We are going to compare and contrast the two techniques of web development and suggest which one works better in which situation and what are the drawbacks and advantages of each of these approaches.


Web Development is done using Core PHP:

This type of development is done by expert audiences who already have a strong grasp on the PHP programming language and know the ins and outs of the language. This type of programming approach demands precision and expertise at its best. This approach provides greater control between the modules being programmed and thus you have a higher degree of command on the modules. PHP programming using this approach can lead to a greater degree of command and that requires coding the programming logic that was previously not present.

The coding may also take time since most of the programming logic is built from the ground up and there is no concept of code reuse since the code is being developed from scratch. This type of programming is left for experts programmers who know how to program and code the basic programming logic inside their applications. Everything from the server-side programming logic to the rendering of the HTML page to the user’s browser needs to be hardcoded using a combination of PHP and HTML code snippets. This requires to be ascertained what the functionality is supposed to be and look like when using this approach.


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This approach is generally useful when certain functionality is supposed to be implemented or when a team of programmers is trying to achieve certain functionality. This approach is useful when trying to implement a certain kind of functionality such as an e-commerce shopping cart or an auction web software is being implemented. PHP programming is easy to learn and grasp, the functionality can be implemented without much complexity and the desired task can be done.

This approach demands coding precision and expertise such that each individual modules are programmed and implemented by each team member. This approach is beneficial if the coding logic is clear and the functionality to be achieved is distinct. Expert knowledge is tested and implemented in this approach and the reliance on pre-made code is kept to a minimum. This approach is used when the functionality to be achieved is simple and easy to implement. PHP being easy to understand and grasp, it becomes quite easy to implement user required features in the program.PHP is essential for any kind of  Web development.


Web Development using PHP frameworks

PHP frameworks provide a backbone for web development. There is n number of frameworks that can be used for implementing user-specific functionality or any kind of custom functionality be it an e-commerce application or an auction web platform. PHP framework encourages the reusability of code. Using PHP frameworks, the functionality can be easily called and implemented. It does not require the user to hard code the functionality because it is already present. PHP frameworks make it a lot easier to implement custom functionality because the provisions are already in place. And they can be implemented as simply as a function call.

There are many frameworks that make use of and encourage the reusability of existing code. The framework works as a skeleton on which different modules can be designed on created for having custom functionality. Compared to using core PHP for developing functionality, the modules and functions are already present in the PHP framework, it is just a matter of using them as and when required. 


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Conclusion: We have seen the major differences in web development using Just Core PHP and web development using PHP frameworks. The differences are subtle and noticeable. If you are thinking for Hire PHP Programmers then feel free to contact. You can also hire PHP developer in Dubai, UAE. However, there are their own benefits and advantages of using each approach. It all depends on the personal preference of the team as well as individual programmers.


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