Basic difference in Web Development with Core PHP and PHP Frameworks

Core PHP and PHP Frameworks with Basic difference in Web Development


There has been an existence of several PHP frameworks that help with programming. Web developers widely use PHP as the primary language in the majority of websites. Discover the key distinctions between Core PHP and PHP Frameworks in web development. Learn which approach suits your project best. Explore now.


This article compares raw PHP web development to PHP framework development, assessing their suitability in various scenarios and showcasing their pros and cons. It also compares the drawbacks of each approach.


Web Development is done using Core PHP:

Expert audiences with a strong understanding of the PHP programming language are responsible for this type of development. This type of programming approach demands precision and expertise at its best. This method enhances control over programmed modules in PHP programming, requiring the coding of previously represented programming logic.

Expert programmers code programming logic, which can take time due to code reuse and scratch development. They hardcode server-side logic, HTML page rendering, and user browser. This requires to be ascertained what the functionality is supposed to be and look like when using this approach.


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This method is ideal for handling specific tasks like e-commerce shopping carts or auction web software, whether solo or with a team of programmers. PHP programming is easy to learn and grasp, allowing for minimal complexity and achieving the desired task.

This approach necessitates each team member to code with precision and expertise, programming and implementing individual modules. It proves beneficial when there is a well-defined coding logic, distinct functionality, and the application of expert knowledge, minimizing the reliance on pre-made code. Developers use it for implementing simple and straightforward functionality. PHP being easy to understand and grasp, it becomes quite easy to implement user-required features in the program. PHP is essential for any kind of  Web development.


Web Development using PHP frameworks

PHP frameworks provide a backbone for web development. There are numerous frameworks available for implementing user-specific or custom functionality in various applications, including e-commerce and auction web platforms. PHP framework encourages the reusability of code. With PHP frameworks, you can easily call and implement functionality. It does not require the user to hardcode the functionality because it is already present. PHP frameworks make it a lot easier to implement custom functionality because the provisions are already in place. Implementing them is as straightforward as making a function call.

There are many frameworks that make use of and encourage the reusability of existing code. The framework serves as a skeleton on which developers can design or create different modules for custom functionality. The PHP framework already includes modules and functions, making it easier to develop functionality as needed, unlike using core PHP.


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Conclusion: We have seen the major differences in web development using Just Core PHP and web development using PHP frameworks. The differences are subtle and noticeable. If you are thinking for Hire PHP Programmers then feel free to contact me. You can also hire PHP developer in Dubai, UAE. However, there are their own benefits and advantages of using each approach. It all depends on the personal preference of the team as well as individual programmers.


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