Artificial Intelligence on smartphones why it’s important

Artificial Intelligence on smartphones– why it’s important


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We often wonder what machines can do for us. How machines work and accomplish and what we with our day to day tasks. Machines are being around us to augment and amplify our lives for doing tasks that seem to be difficult.

For example, using artificial intelligence Robots can understand and interpret human voice.

AI has been a hot topic of debate right from its implementation in Computer games. It has now made its way into smartphones and can accomplish a lot of tasks such as interpreting and understanding voice commands, Identifying photographs taken and naming places according to pictures taken. AI has also made the smartphone software sophisticated. Because of this, it can process and analyze the optimum settings required to take photographs under extreme lighting conditions such as low light and night photographs.

It also helps you automate daily tasks such as identifying photographs, automating communication with messages and boosting performance in games.


AI has been so much better at identifying and analyzing pictures that, now it can sort and organize memories such as Vacation photographs and tourist places. It’s a technology that can automate daily tasks and augment our lives for the sole purpose of simplification.


Let us discuss some Basics about AI


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence, AI for short is not a new concept in the world of technology. It has given the ability to think like humans. Using the system of programs and information or applications AI became a new concept in the world of technology. 


Using AI machines are able to perform a variety of different tasks which are mostly observed through human intuition such as problem-solving, logical reasoning, and gathering knowledge among others. It is like making the machines think smartly and basically giving them a human touch and in a way more human-like.

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AI has been a part of many devices in the past few years from smart homes to app inside your phone. Companies like Google and Amazon have come up with smart home devices that assist people with the day to day tasks with products like Alexa and Google Assistant.


Businesses having an online presence through company websites have also integrated chat boxes and online answering bots to automatically answer any customer queries depending on the given information.


How AI found its way into smartphones?


In order to perform human-like functions at a much faster and more efficient rate that has been heavily portrayed in the mainstream media. Creation of robots is associated with Artificial Intelligence. Because of AI, these machines learn things about the environment they’re in and carefully adjust and adapt to the situation to meet the needs of the users. Such a process is called machine learning.

With the process of development, machine learning has now not only just limited to AI robots. But it has branched out to what people are thinking, inquiring about and saying to other people. Because of the primary reason, that is Internet AI has made its way to other devices and is much more accessible to us. 


Machine Learning has now been incorporated into many home devices. Websites such as Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have used ML into their algorithms. The technology behind AI constantly learns about people and their behavior, their interests and day to day activities.


The newest devices that have AI integrated into them are smartphones. Companies such as Google and Apple have also looked into integrating AI into the processors of their newest flagship smartphones, namely the iPhone and the Pixel series of phones. In 2019, many brands of smartphone manufacturers have integrated AI into their phones. With the view of enhancing the user experience even further. Huawei and Asus have used AI into their smartphone cameras for smarter responses to the environment around the user.


It has been quite possible that the smartphones could also lead the transition of devices towards Machine Learning. And also using Artificial Intelligence in the near future.


What do we get from AI smartphones

Artificial Intelligence opens up a host of new possibilities for technologies. LIke humans in terms of processing insights and thoughts. What AI does is that it allows machines to learn more about humans. Such as that it tailor fits the processes and capabilities to match us, from smart applications to search engines. When treated properly AI can actually deliver better results and outputs. In a more efficient way of dealing with problems which people face almost every single day.

The only disadvantage is that in order to learn about the behavior of the user, AI gets access to all the data stored inside smartphones. It can lead and invade your privacy.

Since people access their smartphones at every chance they get. People who have knowledge about how AI works have the potential to abuse what they know. And can also use it for their own personal gain. Either through illegal activities such as cyberstalking, cyberbullying or online attacks such as hacking and phishing.


The Future of AI

2019 is looking like the year of AI technology with the unveiling of smartphones and revamped smart devices in order to upgrade the user experience. Artificial Intelligence provides you wide usage of possibilities across varieties of platforms.


For example, the use of intelligent cameras in smartphone prevents you from the hassle of adjusting the camera settings. It prevents you to change and adjust your settings for clicking the perfect picture shot. Sometime in the near future, AI could also exist on game controllers or mirrorless cameras to adjust according to your needs. Considering all the benefits that AI promises to offer we should be aware of the dangers of using AI to the fullest. As it can also lead to our careless actions.


Indeed the future is bright for Artificial intelligence- as long as we use it for the right reasons.