Angular JS VS JQuery

AngularJS VS jQuery: What’s the Difference



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Firstly, In the digital world, it is very essential for any business conducting organization to be present digitally with the features that tend to engage their target audience. The digital market is nothing but a collection of websites that we see scattered across the Internet. Secondly, Web development has become so complex and cumbersome with the arrival of new technologies in the market. This has made the jobs of web developers much more complex and challenging as the expectations from them has been increased in the terms of:

  • Building a richer User Interface
  • Codeless and provide additional functionality
  • Easy manipulation of the DOM (Document Object Model)
  • Usage of Dynamic templates
  • Providing Cross-functionality support
  • Animations
  • Features that are easily testable. 


There are several platforms in the market that aims to achieve these objectives with user-centric functionality. To design your dream website, it is essential to incorporate these features into your project. In this blog we are going to discuss two of the most popular web designing technologies that have helped many people create awesome websites and integrate the core functionality inside them, these are AngularJS and the other is jQuery.


What is Angular?

AngularJS is a TypeScript based open source web application platform that is used to design the front end for deploying Single Page Applications (SPAs). Angular combines dependency injection, end to end tooling and declarative templates as well as integrated best practices to solve the development challenges faced by web developers.

Firstly, Angular JS is a web development framework that is backed and supported by Google and it is used to create and develop single-page applications. Particularly, This framework was introduced and developed by Google and has a large community support. Secondly, All of the developer queries and issues are solved because of this community. The community is very helpful and considerate of all the issues faced by developers.

What is jQuery?

Particularly, jQuery is a fast and feature-rich JavaScript library that is easy to use as well as learn. It is cross-browser compatible and many modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, uses it

JQuery is a JavaScript library that is used to provide validation to single page applications that are created for the web. JavaScript can be used for more than just validating the user input. It is used to provide responsiveness and interactivity to web applications that are created using HTML, CSS, ANGULAR and other frameworks. JQuery was invented with one aim in the mind, that is to simplify the JavaScript interaction with web pages in such a way that programmers and developers did not have to write a huge amount of  code to achieve mundane tasks

Before we can move ahead, we need to make things clear about some fundamental terms- Angular is designed to develop SPAs. So What exactly is a SPA?


Particularly, SPA (Also known as Single Page Application) is the one in which a single page of HTML as well as JavaScript is downloaded from the HTTP server and it looks like it has multiple pages, the transition from one page to the other but in general is a substitution of the template elements in the DOM so that one page is a template and the other page is another template and so on.


Let’s compare AngularJS with jQuery:


AngularJS vs jQuery



Angular JS

jQuery was released on 26 August 2006. Angular’s latest version has a stable release date of 3rd May 2018.
jQuery is easy to understand and learn Angular can be tough to understand and is not beginner-friendly
jQuery is able to provide a consistent DOM API which is consistent across all major browsers Angular enables first-class support to create web applications using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML 
  When the need arises to bind the data between UI elements and the codes (that is JavaScript), jQuery provides rich interactivity and functionality, jQuery is unidirectional, which means that the data flow between the models   Angular is bidirectional which means that UI field is bound to the model dynamically in such a way that whenever the UI field changes, the model field changes with it and vice versa 
jQuery components are jQuery UI which is nothing but a curated set of User Interface interactions, effects, widgets and themes built on top of the jQuery JavaScript library For Angular, components are the building blocks for the UI in the application, it is a hierarchy of components. These components have a predefined template and  only one component can be initiated per element in the template 

-Cross Browser compatible

-CSS Manipulation

-Event Handling

-HTML/DOM Manipulation


-Ajax/ JSONP


-Angular directives which are an extension to HTML

-Dependency Injection

-Two-way Data Bindings

-MVC support

-Validation of forms

-Use of RestFul API


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Key Differences between AngularJS and jQuery(AngularJS vs jQuery):


  • jQuery is a library for any kind of DOM manipulation whereas Angular is a Framework
  • jQuery has nothing to do with models. Angular is used to create SPA’s or single page applications
  • jQuery does not have 2-way data binding functionality whereas Angular has key features like routing, 2-way data binding, models, unit tests, directives, dependency injection and many more.
  • jQuery becomes complex and difficult to maintain as the size of the project increases but in the case of Angular, things are completely different as they are manageable at big project size
  • Many times it happens that one has to write more code in jQuery to achieve the same functionality whereas Angular reduces these criteria as the codes are generally not lengthy as compared to jQuery


The Conclusion- AngularJS vs jQuery


The conclusion is always the most challenging part as it should have some objectives for its readers. In this article, we have seen the phrase “LIBRARY” and “FRAMEWORK” many times. So let’s discuss what this terminology actually means.


FRAMEWORK:-Has a rule-based approach on which applications are designed. But here the user can customize the things as per his need. He can manipulate it by adding and deleting things, BootStrap is a framework.


LIBRARY: The library is a collection of predefined components or models. It is a collection of behavior written in a specific language. It is used to execute functions and perform results. Example jQuery, Curl is a library


In conclusion, JQuery is the best option when you require a flexible and dynamic website. Angular offers everything you need to design your client’s application and it is important for you to choose when you need to design a single page application. If you’re planning to get the best quality website that can attract clients with your single page application then you can opt for angular. There always remains a hustle between Angular and jQuery(AngularJS vs jQuery) but it depends on what your client requires and what your clients project needs, as well as what would be the functionality to achieve the objectives. It also depends on the personal preference for implementing the functionality.

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