Angular vs React vs Vue

Angular vs React vs Vue: Which Front End Framework to Choose?


This post is an exhaustive aide on which is maybe the right answer for you: Angular versus React versus Vue.

Only several years prior, engineers were principally discussing whether they ought to utilize Angular versus React for their undertakings. Yet, throughout the span of the most recent few years. We’ve seen a development of interest in a third player called Vue.js.

Assuming that you are an engineer beginning on an undertaking. We can’t settle on which JavaScript structure to utilize, this guide should assist you with settling on a choice.

Angular versus React versus Vue

Here we’ll cover different parts of Angular, Vue, and React to perceive how they suit your requirements. This post isn’t simply an aide on Angular versus React versus Vue however means to give a design to assist with making a decision about front-end JavaScript structures overall. On the off chance that another system shows up the following year, you will know the very thing boundaries to check out!



Nowadays developers have many options when it is about choosing a particular front end framework. But often how programmers define which one is the best for the project, is the easiest to learn, and provides you with many job opportunities. In this article, we will compare three popular front end technologies Angular vs React vs Vue in order to make the choice easier for you. Let’s have a look at the results.


Brief Introduction

Angular is a framework that has been developed as well as maintained by Google. It has been the most mature technology from the three. This framework has been existing since 2010. Angular makes use of TypeScript, which is an advanced version of JavaScript. The framework has been very comprehensive, so when you start working on it, you will not require any additional libraries or tools. This is a perfect choice of technology especially if you are working on large scale comprehensive as well as complex projects that need rich functionality.


React was created by the Facebook development team in 2013 as a cross-platform software that utilizes JavaScript. React is not a typical framework, but it is a library, so this solution is not as complex and self-sufficient as Angular is. However, React made to be more flexible, developers can choose themselves which tools and libraries to supplement it with.

Moreover, the mobile solution that React provides, the React Native is one of the major leading technologies for Android and iOS apps, that surpasses NativeScript for Angular and VueNative by a considerable margin. React used for building solutions of any type or scope, but it should mostly used for complex web development and native apps.


Vue, on the other hand, is related to Google, that is it was developed by the company’s ex-employee Evan You and was initially released in 2014. An open-source JavaScript framework used for building user interfaces. This solution being relatively new compared to others. The stable release was put out for the public on February 12, 2019. Vue is lightweight, however it is not as complex as Angular, developers need to set up some additional tools for customizing it. Vue is apt for building small and medium-sized web solutions as well as single-page applications.


Angular vs React vs Vue: Which framework has the highest popularity?

When you compare the stars that each of these technology has, React was a leader among the IT fans for about 5 years, until Vue recently surpassed it in September 2018. We are unable to tell if Vue will be able to hold this position in the future, but the current trend looks like the following:


Which Framework is used most?: Angular vs React vs Vue


However, Github shows only a single part of the story that is the most favored technology among developers at a particular time. In order to check which topic is the most trending among the general public, you can have a look at Google Trends Graph:


Statistics of Angular vs React vs Vue


We used VueJS instead of Vue to prevent conflicts with the famous Cinema chains having the name “Vue”. VueJS got a significantly lower interest in the past 5 years compared to  Angular and React. Angular, a leader for search queries until Feb 2018, when it got surpassed by React. Both these technologies have similar graphs indicating the interest in them.  Somehow they all should positively correlate.


Another interesting source that can be considered is the StackOverFlow Developer Survey for 2018 that sums up the insights for about 100000 programmers. This report indicates that the top 12 frameworks, libraries and tools that are the most popular. Interestingly Angular and React hold 2nd and 3rd place in the rankings respectively. The two technologies lost to NodeJS. VueJS did not manage to be in the top rankings here.


Which one has the strongest community support for users?

Because Angular and React backed by technology giants such as Google and Facebook.  They have strong support for increased growth, Both these companies work constantly for providing continued support as well as incremental updates and improvements, thus ensuring the sound development of these technologies.


Vue’s team, not so well known compared to these two, however, they also make regular releases and well-maintained migrations.


When we talk about the most famous and high profile users of these technologies. Angular, widely used and popular among developers in Google, Forbs, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others. React used by Facebook, Uber, Netflix, Twitter and PayPal and many more. Vue, a tool used by popular companies like Alibaba, GitLab, Baidu, and others.


When we take a look at the GitHub community, we are able to see that React is a favorite technology here, with 1282 contributions, Second place goes to Angular with 849 contributions and followed by Vue with 260 contributors.



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Where are more Job Opportunities?

When we compare these frameworks with the Job Opportunities that it provides, a popular developer skills organization, HackerRank compares these frameworks in their recent HackerRank Developer Skills Report 2019. Angular has been the most popular framework that developers know about. However, the percentage of respondents that indicated the knowledge of React increased by 6% compared to last year thus making it the 3rd most known framework. Vue.js holds the ranking in the 9th place which is not a bad result. It also means that there are not many developers that know and have the skills to use this tool and those successful in mastering this tool will have a competitive advantage over the others.


Report on Different Frameworks used by Developers


We gauge another interesting insight from this report. This is that React has been able to show the biggest gap in demand and supply. This is of the developers that know this tool. While the amount of developers skilled in Angular surly is high.  The demand for them is just slightly higher than leaves not much space for newcomers. On the other hand, Vue shows the biggest gap in the demand and supply. This correlation thats there is a big unsatisfied demand for coders working with this tool.


Statistics of how frameworks hiring managers wnat vs. frameworks developers know


If we compare the learning curves for these technologies, then we come to know that Angular is a steep one, which means that it is quite hard to learn. React is a bit simpler, yet complicated to learn, while Vue is considered to have the smallest learning curve, it is the easiest tool from the mentioned three.


Angular vs React vs Vue




Used for single page applications Used for web development and single page applicatoins Vue used for web development
Community is huge Community is huge Vue community is small
Backed by Google Backed by Facebook No company backing
Developers need to know Typescript Programmers and Developers need to know JavaScript Developers and programmers need to know JavaScript
Angular is a framework React is a platform based framework Vue is a web development framwork
Angular is used mostly for google products React is used for facebook products Vue is used for overall web development
No Native app designing is supported  Native app designing is supported by React Native framework No Native app designing is supported.
Angular was initially released by google on 14th september 2016 React was initially released by facebook on 29th may 2013 Vue was released on February 2014
Angular is a heavy framework and has a larger footprint React is a heavy framework and has a larger footprint Vue is a small framework and has a smaller footprint
It is used in web development and single page app devleopment. Used for Web development and single page app development. Used mainly for web development.
Developers and programmers have a steep learning curveq Programmers and Developers have a medium to steep learning curve Developers and programmers have a light to easy learning curve


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Conclusion: So which Framework is the best? (Angular vs React vs Vue)

The answer to this question depends on the type as well as the scope of your project.  The skills of your team, the budget as well as your personal preferences. Angular is more self-sufficient whereas React is more Flexible. Vue is easier to learn and shows a deficit in developer supply. If you prefer TypeScript, opt for Angular.  If your need is to build a single page application then opt for Vue.

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