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How to develop an app for android?


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To answer this question the first thing one needs to know is what does an app mean? Obviously, everyone knows this today, but how many of us know what is the procedure to create it and on what all tools or functions does it work upon!


Not many, reason being teens are fascinated by its visual impacts and features which makes them think using it with the world will make them look cool, and adults are just happy with its arrival as it is allowing them to make their work appear simple and easier.


But hardly anyone will get interested in knowing its way of creation other than the ones who are looking to move forward their business ideas to pursue a new layer in the digital field.


In recent times, along with the businessmen and infotech companies, this information is being googled more often and more actively. To run with a smart world one needs to sustain himself that smart and for that emerging of new business ideas is must which can be executed well enough.


With the emerging new traditions everything old got renewed, small black and white handsets converted into smartphones, applications used to run only in computers and laptops shifted their way towards mobile phones and digitalization reached its peak. Today instead of loading any application in personal computers we can easily install them in our phones through one single click. Its increased demand thus significantly gave fuel to its availability and charged it up with an add-on of great reliability.


If one goes in detail, apps are categorized into three types :

Native which includes –  iOS, Android and window phones.

Hybrid applications consist –  Xamarin based platforms, React Native, Ionic, Angular Mobile Sencha Touch etc and lastly

Web applications as responsive versions of the website to work on any mobile device.

Native apps are used for a single mobile operating system exclusively, therefore they are “native” for a particular platform or device. Application developed for systems like iOS, Android, Windows phone, cannot be run on a platform other than their own. In other words, you won’t be able to use an iOS app on any Android phone.


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Android app development
Android app development


If we take a survey, Android among all is the most widely used application running all over the globe. Main reasons lying behind this include mobility, variety, ease of updates, notifications, multitasking, easy to access and most importantly it provides all the features and advantages in a quite easy and achievable price.


Due to the increased demand, productivity and various innovative creations this race of mobile applications got very high where only the best can lead overall.


So if you think you are intelligible enough with your ideas and wants to enter into the world of marketing through this phase then along with the idea you need to work upon its execution as well.


To begin the journey first and foremost step one need to put on is –


Be precisely ready with the idea. Next according to the based idea do the needful market research and list out all the other companies following the same trend and see their market growth and observe what all inputs they are lacking to which you can work upon and can come up as a strong competitor to them.


Developing an app doesn’t mean create it at first go and face all its consequences later but a smart developer first keeps all the coming pros and cons in mind and then function as an analyst.


After doing all the research, take the next important step and start executing your plan practically. Master the computerized or code languages as our machines totally understand a different language than us and if you want to communicate with them you should be thoroughly ready with its language.


It is important to familiarize yourself with good automation tools and integrated development environment. You can use Android app studio IDE or the Eclipse tools or can use app-builders as they will make you learn the basics and will help in improving your codes. You can even go with Apache Maven, Apache Ant, and Gradle as they provide powerful sets of tools in helping and managing your builds.


At this point, it’s time to sign up for the stores. Create an account with Google Play so that you can get your app on market.


Make sure you make your application be potential enough that whosoever go over it surely download it. Your work is not over yet, after being downloaded, it must be smart and strong enough that it satisfies all the needs of the customer or the person using it. It should be filled with fascination that once after using this customer should not think of deleting or trying any other application.


Send your application for feedbacks, as you may think your app to be perfect but you need to know about your customer’s requirements at the same end so that you and your users can go hand in hand and make changes accordingly to balance and raise up the requirement.


After feeding enough feedbacks you will surely start getting some likes and subscribes to your app from people who are using it and that is the perfect timing for your application to get more promotions and advertisement.


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Another last important step you need to follow is starting updating your application with new features at least once or twice in a month and make users know about it by sending notifications so that they open your application more often which makes them start trusting you and think you are a successful app maker.


While making ios, Android app Nimap Infotech is the top leading company in making a custom mobile app development company this is a platform where you can join the course for learning and as well as you can get hire Certified ios developers and dedicated android app developers[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]