A Successful App Is The One That Resonates With Your Users



So, you have a fabulous looking app, right? It looks good, captures your business essence well, and is the showcase of your products! You marketed it well.

Hey, but when it went out to the market, everything turned topsy-turvy! After a month of sitting out there, people just didn’t use it enough! Why? What could have possibly gone wrong?

A lot many things perhaps! Let’s take it from the beginning!

When you decide to outsource your mobile app development in India, here is what you should ask for:

Understand your target audience like the back of your hand

You are not going about to paint the whole world blue. Find a niche target and focus there. Once you know who, get into what they want. Get their likes and dislikes on to your mind. Be on top of their needs. Go over this info again and again in different ways, looking for newer insights. Talk to them, formally and informally. Time spent now will be cost saved.

Register first, use later – a big mistake

Does your app ask users to register first and use later? You will turn away more users than you can possibly imagine! People want to see the app, get a feel of it and then register if they like it. Use this mobile app strategy.

Long load time – a complete no-no

You got to be quick, nimble, and bug-free. Users lose patience with instability and app crashes can quash your app’s chances completely.

Consider the human gestures

Taps, pinches, and clicks on their smartphone screens – humans tend to do these a lot with the apps. Does your app react to these? When you hire a web developer, capture every gesture and respond quickly to engage better.

Attractive packaging never fails

Have you thought of a catchy and relatable name? Don’t be fancy, rather focus on one that can be remembered easily. The app icon, app logo and the app name, all three concepts work as entrance gates to your app welcoming users. If your icon can strike a chord, there is bound to be a higher click rate,

Keyword for an app? Yes, really

Move over the SEO concept from the web! An app’s data for its keywords will pull up its rank in searches. Meta-data for your app must contain these which can pull high traffic. Research well for these crucial keywords.

Visual screenshots are the poster-boys of your app

Capture screenshots from Google Play or Apple App Store. Use these in ads, banners, and marketing campaigns. Your app icon can have these shots as its neighbour when you want to say your story. People tend to recall images more, so use visuals from actual app for maximum realistic effect.

Test, test, and test

It is wonderful to be agile and send out your app for live feedback. But did you test it enough? If you didn’t and your app crashes on the first load, you can say bye-bye to a happy user acquisition! Strike a balance between being early and being thorough.

Life term or short-term verdict

Don’t be over judgemental and emotional about your app. Each app is there to serve a purpose. The life of an app may be short-term or it may be longer. Once you have got this straight, plan your app accordingly.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]