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9 Reasons Why AngularJS is the Most Popular Framework



AngularJS  Framework has been around for quite some time now and it has gained huge popularity in the Web development industry. The days of cluttered websites, broken links, as well as unresponsive websites, are gone. It is time to embrace the modern web development era. The websites are faster, more responsive, interactive, and have been impeccably created. These days there have been a lot of variables that make a website efficient. How the website displays the data is of utmost importance. This is where JavaScript steps in.

There has been an invention of many web frameworks developed to solve computing and web designing problems. Over the years these frameworks grew and developed popularity among the audience. In this article, we are going to take a look at one such framework, and it’s the Angular JS framework.



The arrangement of benefits presented by Angular Advances is what the two software engineers and business people love. For quite a while, this structure has been considered by proficient engineers as a ‘default’ front-end instrument for its flexibility and the capacity to join business rationale and UI components. It is quite possibly the most famous programming advancement innovation offering different elements that assist in scaling, enhancing, and accelerating stages on the web. Alongside specific portable advancement innovations, it is additionally utilized for building the front-end part of cross-stage versatile applications. These applications run on the two iOS and Android stages permitting entrepreneurs to save money and get more. If you have any desire to know what else Angular web improvement can offer you, continue to peruse this blog.


What is Angular?

Google introduced AngularJS, a sophisticated framework for web development. The intent behind developing this framework is to simplify the process of web development. In spite of the abundance of web development frameworks available in the market, web developers and owners prefer to use AngularJS development services.

Google maintains the open-source Angular front-end framework. This is a crucial component of the JavaScript biological system, utilized to develop adaptable and functional online applications. Nonetheless, while utilizing the most current Angular forms, designers don’t work with JavaScript, they compose with HTML and TypeScript – a JavaScript superset.

In this article, we will familiarize you with the reasons behind the popularity of AngularJS technology.


Here are 9 reasons why AngularJS is highly popular within the web development community:


1) Ease of Use:

  • AngularJS, a framework designed from the ground up, offers advanced features that simplify the creation of online apps.
  • Web developers can create user-friendly websites by writing the least amount of code. There is absolutely no need for writing setters and getters for applying different data models.
  • And since the integral part of the app code does not have any directives, it becomes easy for the team working on it parallelly to manage them.
  • Code writing mitigations means saving a lot of time and development effort.


2) The MVC Architecture:

  • Most of the frameworks that are available in the market are able to develop a web application. However, the biggest limitation of these kinds of frameworks is that they are unable to bifurcate them into the MVC architecture.
  • MVC is the shortened form for Model View Controller.
  • When you go for the AngularJS app development, you can make the most out of this feature. This is because it comes equipped with the potential to string or join the application code together.
  • It saves a lot of time required for development and it reduces the app’s time to market.



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3) Enhanced Community Support:

  • Since Google has developed AngularJS, it boasts a large community of active developers around the world who are ready to solve all your doubts and queries, as well as help budding developers, implement their solutions into web applications.
  • These developers have expertise in making improvements to the open-source framework.
  • They also organize regular conferences for Angular JS and invite IT companies from all over the world to learn about the latest developments in the technology.
  • Hence when it comes to finding web application development services for AngularJS, you shall never fall short of options.


4) Works on Client Side:

  • A front-end web development framework called AngularJS is useful for creating user interfaces for websites and web apps.
  • It works well on the client side. Hence it works on both mobile and desktop devices.
  • It is also versatile which means developers can use it to develop the front end of any kind of applications without making backend modifications.
  • Developers can use it for developing any kind of web application.


5) Offers Modularity in Coding:

  • Modularity is one of the prime reasons why AngularJS is popular among web developers.
  • It allows and enables web developers to create multiple modules for a single web application.
  • All these modules are dependent on one another and developers can easily combine them to create a single running application.
  • AngularJS recognizes that in order to integrate with other built application modules, a new module must be created.


6) Comes with Filters:

  • AngularJS’s filters are of big help when it comes to transforming the stored data in AngularJS responsive designs.
  • The AngularJS directory offers programmers and developers different filters for numbers, lowercase, uppercase, currency, order by, date, and much more.
  • It also provides options to create a custom filter by registering a new filter factory.


7) Two-way Data Binding:

  • The two-way data binding functionality in AngularJS is quite good.
  • As a part of the functionality, any changes that will happen to the application will have an effect on the user interface and vice versa.
  • With AngularJS the user’s actions, as well as the module changes, happen simultaneously.


8) Easy Testing:

  • When it comes to the AngularJS framework, testing your angular application can be extremely easy.
  • AngularJS is renowned for its ease of modification of various application components.
  • The module separation feature allows the developers to load the needed services as well as implement automated testing with a lot of ease.


9) The SPA Features:

  • AngularJS is renowned for its ability to create single-page applications.
  • AngularJS closely associated with the SPA is the reason why it’s popular.
  • They also offer validation capacity. This means that if the page makes use of the forms, the form controller can take note of their states.
  • With the help of this data, the developers or programmers can change the conduct of the HTML elements in the user interface.
  • AngularJS comes equipped with a built-in validator that helps to validate the HTML elements, it also helps in error handling. However, you are free to create your own validator.
  • You can show error messages for the entire form just for some selected fields, or for separate fields.



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The preceding points must have given you an ample idea of why AngularJS is the most sought-after web application development. When it comes to working along with web development using JavaScript framework, there’s nothing like AngularJs. Also, it is beneficial when it comes to making single-page applications for businesses.

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