7 Tips to Enhance Your Website Design to Get More Sales


One of the primary goals of setting up a website for your business is to encourage users to take the next step, either buy or inquire. So beyond having a lot of traffic on your website, there should also be a high number of leads converting into customers. Whereby the conversion rate does not match the high volume of traffic, then you might need to enhance your website design, and here is how to achieve it.

Based on my marketing experiences, I will be sharing these seven tips that you can integrate into your website design to help boost sales. Let’s dig right into it.

1. Add Videos to Your Key Conversion Pages

Including a video on your website’s landing page, can increase conversion by as much as 80%. Therefore, there is an increase in the number of times consumers engage with your site, allowing them to engage with your product a bit more. Despite these video marketing statistics that show a higher consumer preference for online videos, businesses are yet to tap into video marketing strategies fully or aren’t seeing the best results.

Since consumers’ brains process visual information much faster, they are more likely to watch a video on your website over reading a lengthy text. To take it a step further, including a shoppable video on your website can also be incredibly beneficial. It allows customers to interact with the business and see what’s on offer. If you wish to capture your visitors’ attention long enough for them to decide on making a purchase, then a video is an excellent site enhancer. A survey carried out by animated explainer video companies, Wyzowl, shows that out of every ten users, eight went on to purchase a piece of software or app after watching Wyzowl showreel videos. The same survey also showed that 96% of the users turn to videos to get more info about a particular product or service.

2. Create Relevant Content That Captures the Attention of Your Target Audience

Being able to create relevant content that your target audience finds informative is essential for converting leads. First, you will need to invest some time researching your target market and then create content around their needs. You can get such information by simply asking your existing clients or making use of tools such as Google Trends to help you keep track of the kind of information your potential clients are searching for using Google search engine.

Additionally, starting an interactive blog is another way to share relevant content that grabs your website visitors’ attention. Statistics show that brands and retailers who also have blogs get 55% more sales on their site. A good example is the essay writing service review website Best Writers Online. The website also provides its audience with informative blog posts on paper writing and review tips.

Besides, blogs also create an avenue for you to think of new content you need to develop continuously. Remember that your posts need to be timely and relevant so it can make an impact on your conversion rates.

3. Repurpose Old Successful Content

Look through your archives for content that generated massive consumer engagement and conversions in the past. Such material should be re-package for a different post or media format, like a podcast for example. Fear not, however, podcasts are easy to create, especially with the help of businesses like Lower Street. When you repurpose old content, it can help to generate more ROI. Most businesses fail to remember repurposing their most successful content when revamping their site. For instance, from the 2019 Content Management & Strategy Survey reports, we get to see that 72% of businesses find it hard to optimize repurposing their content without “a lot of manual labor,” while 27% do not even consider repurposing.

Here are some few tips on repurposing, you can use:

  • Turn articles, video or infographic into webinars or podcasts and vice versa.
  • Create pictures for Instagram posts using catchy quotes from your blog or podcast
  • Update older posts to keep them valuable and relevant to readers.
  • Revamp distribution methods by re-sharing evergreen content to different social media channels.

4. Make your content more Mobile-Friendly

In our world today, most consumers are always on their mobile devices as opposed to desktop computers. We have more consumers who are not only accessing the internet from their tablets or smartphones than on their desktop but also with more eCommerce intent now than ever before.

According to statistics from the 2019 busy holiday shopping season, two-thirds of all online purchases came from smartphone users. Thus, if you have plans on making sales from your website, it is essential to get your site content optimized for mobile device usage. To create a mobile-friendly website, you need to consider the mobile devices’ screen sizes and their mode of navigation. Also, keep your text simple and focus on direct links and buttons that lead the consumer to the most important pages. Etsy is a great example for a mobile friendly ecCommerce site. It has a very intuitive interface, large images and a great page loading speed.

5. Utilize Social Media Platforms

More than 45% of the world’s population is on social media, and the numbers keep growing. Thus, it is crucial to market your content on popular social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Likee, YouTube, so you get to reach more customers and turn leads to conversions.

When identifying content marketing and social media strategies that increase customer reach, you need to consider the following:

  • make use of social media platforms that align with your product or service
  • For a visually-driven product, Instagram is the place for your brand. And for video content YouTube, Tik Tok, or, Like will do. Oreo is a good example of a brand that shares a variety of detailed images, DIY projects, and a ton of recipes that make you reminisce about your childhood.

  • Utilize the Buy-Button; this button helps to generate sales, and it can create an automatic link to your website.
  • Engaging social media influencers that can get their followers to visit your site.
  • Grow your live videos and podcast content; the Live-streaming industry is growing exponentially ; by 2021, it is expected to be worth more than $70 billion.

6. Address Objections

Another way to optimize your website to generate sales is to address any objections or questions not answered in your content. A suggestion from the Harvard Business Review states that it’s more important to focus on keeping up with your customers, not your competitors. And I agree with this. Take your time and look at your site. Then make a list of any hesitations your visitors may likely have based on the information already available.

Do not rest on the assumptions that your website visitors know the answers. Also, ensure that everything is easily accessible to them. Once you’ve picked the likely objections, provide them with useful solutions. Besides increasing conversions across your site, it will also make it more user-friendly.

7. Create a Compelling Call to Action Button

A call to action button (CTA) indicates to the visitors on your website the next step you would want them to take. Whether it’s to click a button to add to cart, read a blog post, subscribe, sign up, or fill out a form. Please note that making use of generic CTAs such as “Sign up,” “Click to download or “Start trial” will not do much for your conversion rates. So you must make use of CTAs that make the user want to take the next step and give you better conversion rates.

You can experiment with different CTAs and positions on your website. Also, pay attention to the design and wording.


I hope these tips get the ball rolling by giving you ideas on how you can enhance your website to get more sales without shelling out the dollars on a complete redesign. Remember, the list is not exhaustive, so keep making the necessary adjustments to your site. Tweak and re-tweak it until you get a winning formula that works for your business.