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5 Trends in Internet Marketing That Cannot Be Neglected in 2022


5 Audio-visual Marketing That Cannot Be Neglected in 2022

There is not any platform or any aspect of human life the internet has not taken over. If not entirely, the internet is surely starting to dominate the business world. From mere human socialization to entertainment, it has now become an integral part of everyday lives. With smart devices in our hands all the time and a wide range of internet accessibility, nobody can escape the influence.

Marketing and the Internet

While technology makes its way through our lives, it is also true that one particular aspect of the business world has been drastically changed and continues to change because of internet marketing. Traditional techniques of marketing are now being replaced by the use of technology and digital means for businesses to reach out to customers. More than ever, it is important for businesses to have the best internet access that can be afforded to ensure that business can be carried out. Companies may want to seek services that can provide fibre internet Melbourne, or wherever their offices are located to ensure that no income is lost as a result of poor internet connection. Technology plays a crucial role in shaping our lives. the way we live and get on with our daily jobs and tasks.

Marketing along with the boom of the internet is going to take the entire marketing industry by storm.

Internet Marketing Trends

Internet marketing content such as blog posts and web content are now replacing older techniques like TVCs for marketing purposes. In addition, websites such as Studicus offer content writing services to help businesses develop accurate and effective marketing content.

There is a wide range of internet marketing trends surfacing in the market. The competition has become fierce as well with companies and brands competing at how innovative and technologically advanced one can get.

The focus is hugely shifting towards increasing customer-brand engagement through digital, technological means. Many businesses that first started with physical stores are now moving towards the new trend of e-commerce. Moreover, word of mouth and the use of traditional TVC’s to market a product are now being replaced by newer marketing trends such as social media advertising, video marketing and the use of personalized emails.

Let’s take a look at how internet marketing works and what are the trends that every business should keep up with to remain competitive.

The 5 trends not to miss

Whether you’re a new start-up or a multinational company, it is important to keep in mind the following 5 internet marketing trends that have become crucial for a business’s growth and competitiveness.


Chatbots are AI-based technology. As the name suggests, they are a computerized way of communicating with a customer. Their goal is to be highly responsive and helpful for the customer’s queries and questions. It is a digital means of real-time chatting and talking with your customer without having the need for an actual person to remain available 24/7.

Chatbots are becoming widely popular not only with businesses but also with customers. A survey conducted in 2018 shows that about 63% of the respondents prefer assistance from a chatbot rather than a real person. Some companies that already have started using chatbots include Uber and Facebook.

Statistics prove that people love dealing with a chatbot instead of a human to solve their problems and issues. People prefer to interact with chatbots in order to get the best resolution to their doubts and queries. Interacting with a chatbot ensures that your issue gets noticed and handled in the best possible manner.


In today’s advanced business world, the focus is now hugely on user experience and customer satisfaction. Therefore, a great way to revolutionize your marketing strategy to improve user experience is to employ the omnichannel strategy. The Omnichannel approach particularly uses all mediums of communication and user interaction all together at once. From distribution to selling to customer feedback, all channels are interconnected and form a strong link amongst one another.

Omnichannel helps improve customer engagement and also helps sales representatives to act instantly on all mediums where the user might engage with the company.

For example, restaurants use incentives like free food and discounts for every check-in their customer puts on their social media account. This way, your customer is fully surrounded by your brand and has more chances of being repeatedly reminded of it.

The omnichannel way of marketing will be prevalant and the most used marketing medium in 2022. People prefer to interact and get rewards as well as discounts for the things that they do. For example, shopping online can get you cashback and reward points that you can redeem for attractive prices and offers.

Social media pages

Social media is, perhaps, one of the biggest gifts, and the most dominating tool the internet has given us. Every person you come across uses social media in one way or another. Social media is now more than just about posting pictures and uploading statuses.

Businesses are making great use of social media as a means of internet marketing. By putting to use social media messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, businesses can instantly respond to their customers and ensure a good quality relationship.

Moreover, companies also use social media advertisements to bring more engagement and people to their brand’s existence. “Featuring” your customers is also a new trend that companies use to increase customer engagement.

A good example of this can be the brand “Cupshe” that helps its customers and followers use a hashtag in order to be featured on their page.

Lush cosmetics is also a good example to learn from since they brilliantly use customer engagement to create quality content for their social media marketing. Other than that, e-commerce websites like Amazon make great use out of social media marketing. It is not only social media marketing that companies can benefit from using, but also search engine optimization (SEO) can help businesses to boost their brand awareness throughout the internet. Companies like Socialmediaexplorer explains further the role of SEO and how it can be beneficial for businesses.

People love dealing with social media and therefore it will be the most prevalent channel of interaction in 2022.

Audio-visual content

By audio-visual content, we particularly mean video marketing. Video content is becoming hugely popular now with media companies like BuzzFeed, depending largely on video content to maintain user engagement and ensure a quality experience. From feature films to short vlogs, companies are adopting new ways of engaging their customers.

Internet marketing is very indirect. It does not rub promotional content on the customer’s face. Instead, it uses indirect means and mediums to eventually develop a sense of need and relevancy of their own brand’s products. That is exactly how audio-visual, or video content can help.

In addition, a new trend in video marketing is the “Live video”. Live videos give your users and viewers a real-time view of content such as “behind the scenes” of your product’s manufacturing.

These live videos tend to be highly engaging as they end and are removed once the session is ended. Statistics show that live videos will produce the majority of video traffic on the internet by 2022 (for more information about these internet statistics click here). Such videos also allow viewers to leave comments, ask on-the-spot questions and send and receive instant feedback.

People love consuming audiovisual content such as videos and this is going to be the no 1 factor of consumption in 2022. People love to consumer information through audio-visual mediums. Mediums like videos and graphics are beneficial and useful instead of reading a book or any textual matter.

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Personalized promotion

The most important and useful aspect of internet marketing is the availability of rich data about the users and consumers of your product. It practically gives you real-time access to valuable data such as locations, gender, age, social background, and even personal preferences. This data can help you personalize and design customer-specific promotional content.

Users find it vague and rather useless to see generic content that does not address them specifically. This is the prime reason why you need internet marketing to know your customers better and act upon the information you have. Sending personalized emails and discounts that target the needs of your customers, particularly, is a good idea.

An example of this can be cosmetic brands sending “birthday discounts” to their users. This helps your customers feel more dedicated, connected, and special by using your brand.

How and why is internet marketing important

Many conventional businesses that are already well-established often neglect and overlook the importance of internet marketing. While internet marketing maybe just a new concept and still paving its way through the business world, it is impossible to neglect its usage.

Companies like Amazon and Airbnb hugely depend on internet marketing. Airbnb saw an increase of 341 percent in their Instagram followers and interaction just through an online campaign. Clearly enough, to remain fiercely competitive in today’s dynamic market, internet marketing trends such as social media adverts have become crucial.

Here are some reasons as to why would a company change their conventional marketing approach:

  • Cost benefits

The cost benefits of internet marketing are commendable. Almost all companies and businesses that use digital marketing can confidently say that it is an effective yet cheaper, lower-cost solution to serious marketing needs.

Using conventional trends like making TVCs and billboards are obsolete, as well as costlier and only work for companies with greater budgets.

Marketing through blog posts and simple YouTube videos is a lot cheaper and cost-friendly. Marketing is such an integral element of any business’s journey for success that it cannot be compromised upon. Web content writing services, copywriting services and content development services are now widely popular at rather affordable prices. Websites like BestEssay offer some remarkable writing services at user-friendly pricing!

These websites offer writing solutions to you within a promised time frame, allowing you to update your website or social media’s blogs in a timely manner.

It is the foundation of your company’s relationship with its customers. For this reason, internet marketing is taking the whole business world by storm. It’s cost benefits are encouraging businesses to come up with brilliant marketing campaigns at lesser costs.

  • Convenience

A huge lot of energy, time, and money goes into traditional marketing techniques. Hiring a marketing agent or having a whole department sit together to come up with just one idea for a billboard is time-consuming and inconvenient.

Thus, new internet marketing trends play a huge role. It is a quick and efficient solution. It requires little money, and the execution of a campaign is mostly a one-person job. Trends like updating social media pages, using automated means to connect and engage with users all require lesser labour and time investments.

For example, running a marketing campaign on Instagram is a matter of a few clicks. For instance, Rolex uses extraordinary pictures of their luxurious, best-selling products and posts them regularly on their page. This keeps their followers updated and engaged. With very little time and money used, Rolex is able to be one of the most prominent, engaging, and intriguing brands on social media by simply keeping up with the new trends of internet marketing.

  • Customer engagement

Using the same example of Rolex’s Instagram page, the key factor that makes Rolex stand out from others is how it cleverly uses its page to engage with its customers. By the use of Instagram stories and polls feature, the company enjoys great customer engagement.

The customers today are more aware than ever. They are always welcoming updates and new information. Knowing about your brand and keeping track of the new product launches. Your brand’s journey is what the customers today need to see.

The use of internet marketing trends, such as social media pages, allows healthy and long-lasting customer engagement. It helps establish, grow, and maintain the relationship. With the use of chatbots and 24/7 online customer support techniques, you can guarantee greater customer satisfaction.

  • Global reach

If you go look up on the internet right now, you will find businesses ranging from small-sized to multinationals. Businesses that might not even be originating from your region can reach out to you and sell their product. Good examples of the global reach that internet marketing gives to businesses are Amazon and Alibaba. The new marketing trend of switching to virtual stores and retail outlets is being adapted to by all sizes and types of businesses.

These e-commerce websites solely depend on the internet to act as retailers for all sorts of products and goods. The reach of the internet is limitless.

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It’s clear that internet marketing is not something you can ignore or neglect in the future. Your future marketing strategy and business activity should largely be based on how your competitors are behaving. What your customers need.

By 2022, internet marketing will go through a few more changes and advancements. Customer-driven content on social media, personalized promotional content, and video marketing. These are just a few internet marketing trends that will hold a huge place in 2022. Major businesses are shifting towards a cost-efficient marketing trend; e-commerce. Small start-ups realize the importance of internet marketing and are therefore opting for online retail outlets over conventional physical stores.