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Ionic PWA Toolkit : 20 Things You Must Know About it


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1. What is Ionic : –

Ionic an open source SDK used to build Cross-Platform high-performance Mobile, PWAs, Hybrid mobile application. the original version was released in 2013.

The first version of Ionic was developed on top of AngularJS and Apache Cordova. Current Stable version is used Angular.


2. User interface : –

Ionic apps are made of using web components. Web Component allows you to quickly construct a user interface for your app.


3. Development Time :

Ionic applications are powered by web technology, most changes don’t require binary modifications and there for it allows immediate deployments. This is a massive advantage.


4. Performance :

The indistinguishable difference on modern devices with well-written code.


5. Clientele:

Ionic is getting stronger day by day as it additionally gives support of PWA which works platform independently on every device.

6. Stability:

A current stable version is released in January with the support of any Javascript including Angular, React, Vue and many more.


7. Speed : –

Since Ionic work with a web component, it is a bit quick to develop the app.


8. Cross-Platform : –

Cross-Platform Means we can create Application that works on Android iOS, and windows using single code base and here its HTML5 with CSS and Javascript to build beautiful front end design.


9. Ionic web Components : –

Infect Ionic web Components can pair with any Javascript including Angular, React, Vue and so on by just adding a script tag!.


10. Progressive Web App : –

Progressive Web App is a Web application that loads like a regular website or web pages but it offers additional features like working offline, push notifications and it gives access to devices hardware traditionally available only to native applications.

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11. Hybrid Combination : –

Hybrid means Combination of two things and here its Native Components and Web Components.


12. Native features: –

We can use Native features such as Camera, GPS, Mobile Flashlight and many more.


13. Use of Web Components: –

Use of Web Components in your app means to display a web page in your application instead of a browser. We can say that it wraps a web page inside a mobile application.


14. focused on UI and UX: –

Ionic is focused on the UI and UX of an app. It’s easy to learn, and integrate with other frameworks, like Angular, or we can use it standalone without any frontend framework using a simple script include.


15. Integration Support: –

Current Ionic Framework has official integration with Angular, and also support for Vue and React are in development.


16. Ionic app Building is easy: –

Building the Ionic app is comparatively easy since the framework is developed with simplicity in mind, and accessible to just about anyone with web development skills.


17. Helpful Commands: –

The official Ionic Command Line Interface is a tool that use to quickly building Ionic apps and provides a number of helpful commands to Ionic developers.


18. Standalone library in a single page: –

One of the main goals with Ionic 4 was to remove any hard requirement on a single framework to host the components. This is core components can work standalone with just a script tag in a web page. when working with frameworks it can be useful for larger teams and apps, it is now possible to use Ionic as a standalone library in a single page.


19. A community developed by:

The community behind the Ionic Framework is actively developed and maintained full-time by a core team, and its ecosystem is guided by an international community of developers.

20. More apps Developed Using Ionic:

MarketWatch, Diesel, just watch, McDonald’s Turkiye, Untappd and many more App Developed using Ionic


Steps to Start with Ionic : –


  • First of all Register with ionic to get full access to all features.

  • Install the latest version node.

  • Install git

  • Install ionic using node by typing following command to your Command line.

    • npm, install -g ionic

  • get the advantage of the additional services provided by Ionic you’ll have to log in.

    • ionic login

  • Create an app using one predefine temple that is blank, tabs and side menu.

    • ionic start myApp tabs

    • cd myApp

    • ionic serve

  • Create a fully functional app and publish the iOS application on app store and android application on play store.

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